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  1. There are a few give aways that @evil_bryan has authorized me to give away!
  2. All you need is a single silhouette 2 model or anything the size of an a Imperial Guardsmen.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sunday the 22nd is Death Match action. Bring a single model and we will help you with the rest. Players will run the table trying to gather loot and kill opposing players. If your model dies, you respawn and start again. The Doors open at 3 PM at WOW! 717 SE Main Street in Portland. The event is FREE! Pub afterwards! I hope to see you there as well as @Hirangren @OtterProper, @Muskrat, @Exile, @Sgt. Rock, @Jay, @Justjokin, @dataentity @PaladinX, @Pyre Warden, @Mack
  4. Sunday is the Intro: Death Match Game! Come one. Come all. Bring a Mini and a 20 side dice and we will introduce you gaming fun!
  5. @PaladinX, can you help the man?
  6. Forest Park or Tyron Creek State Park for local in town hikes. Cannon Beach is nice.. The Gorge can take a full day. Bonneville Dam is a good stop.
  7. That would be me! I was just talking about re-watching it last night!
  8. Sunday! Annihilation - New Rules Style! 300 points 3 pm
  9. 1983 Thermos Co, Lunch Box
  10. Raindog

    ITS Season XI

    Tactical Awareness is a boon to TAGs.
  11. Raindog

    ITS Season XI

    The Unknown Ranger is finally a wild card! And Wild Bill is a Grunt!
  12. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    Thanks to @Sgt. Rock, the Marut is on a fancy Death Ray Designs base with a of a kit bashing of bits on it. I added raw earth metals to the base. I added magnets to the Rudras Gunbot as well.
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