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  1. Once more unto the breech, ladies. This time against air mobile Space Wolves!!! Facebook Pic/ Battle Report link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/525021578038973/
  2. Another fight to the death! Battle Report to follow. This time against the dreaded Astra Militarum. Facebook pic/Battle report link 1: https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/523149911559473/ Facebook pic/batreport link 2: https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/523235164884281/
  3. Played Quadrant deployment, against Orks, using The Scouring as our mission. A LOT of Orks! He had the usual Da’ Jump, Green Tide, Tellyporta plan to overwhelm me while his Lootaz (I never killed a single loota) blazed away at me from the rear, Grots to protect them. One wrinkle was he had a Deffrolla tank with Nobz in it and a Warboss + Painboy. So that was cool. Hadn’t seen it done before. I deployed a little more scattered than usual in anticipation of the need to cut off his charges. It was the Scouring mission, and the 4-point objective was not in either of our deployment zones, so I knew it would be a scramble to get over there so I stuck an Exorcist and the Arco-Flagellents on the right flank to try and maybe capture it later, while the rest of the force was FAR to the left. Seraphim in reserve (Please God, Please help me remember to deploy them). 1 He won the roll and chose to make me go first, so that he could gank and squat on objectives. Adroit decision. Because he was so threat forward, I decided to dump everything I had into his foremost ork squad and pray I could kill it all without letting it Green Tide on me. I moved the tanks to cut off deep strikes and poured every Exorcist and bolter into the squad, using the Vessel of the Emperor Stratagem to add sharply to my accuracy and with the Canoness among them… Good times. The result was that he lost 18 of his 25 orks to the fusillade but more critically he was too far from his Warboss to maintain order and the unit exploded. This was quite a blow, as he otherwise could have resurrected that entire squad and brought them in to support his efforts. On his turn, everything advanced as fast as their ork legs would take them. One blob streaked towards the 4 point objective in the far northeast quadrant along with some characters, while another Ork unit surged forward and another Banded together to form a 40 man Ork Squad, which then was JUMPED right in front of my sisters firing line, Evil Sunz ready to charge. The Lootaz bracketed my Exorcist which had moved forward to cut off deep strikes and to get to the objective in the southwest quadrant ruins, though it still had a ways to go. The Orks made a fatal error here and shot my Red Squad, which lost five members. This increased the charge distance considerably and even after a re-roll, the orks failed to make the distance they needed (they needed to roll 11). It was a very big moment. 2 Celestine leaped forward to lead the charge and the Seraphim dropped from the skies onto the Southwestern objective. The Arco0Flagellents snaked forward into “maybe” range of charging the oncoming orks who wanted the northeastern 4 point objective. The Sisters of Battle, elated to be able to shoot, moved up into firing position while the Exorcists continued to take up space and block off lanes for deep strikes as best they could. En masse , The Sisters of Battle annihilated the 40 boy squad with Bolter fire, Melta fire and determination. They even had the extra shots to whittle the Boyz squad behind them to a significant degree…but I knew full well that he would Green Tide them if I didn’t finish the job. So Celestine rushed into them with a 9 inch charge, and through her strength of Faith, was able to attack twice! The orks adroitly used 2 command points to interrupt her. She got EXACTLY enough wounds to kill the whole unit to an ork after the brutal Bolter fire. This left the Arco-Flagellents with work to do. They made their charge and even the Missionary made it on an 11. The result? 54 attacks (plus the Missionaries) being re-rolled, STR 5, -1 AP. The entire Boy squad was annihilated to an ork. Again, no possibility of Green Tide. The sudden loss of so many orks was demoralizing but the ork characters were resolved to continue Krumping. The Psykers tried to kill her in the Psyker phase with Smites, but her Act of Faith protected her from the Mortal wounds. Once that failed, they tried to shoot her to death, splitting the fire of the Lootaz between her and the Red Squad that was damaged earlier. Red Squad took losses but Celestine stood, taking 4 wounds. Almost gone. One boss charged Celestine, and brought his Klaws unerringly to bear. She would have been destroyed if she hadn’t rolled 2 6’s for her Shield of Faith right then! She ended up having only two wounds left, unscathed. She then dropped her holy judgement upon the Ork and but could not kill him nor attack twice of course at this point. The Bigmek in the northeast quadrant also smashed into the Arco-Flagellents and managed to kill FOUR of them in one go! Oofta, only two left! The response was 12 attacks (I didn’t have the Command points to power them up anymore) and caused three wounds to the Ork. Tough dude! His Deffrolla found a hole in my network and drooped in into my backfield, but could not do much more than prepare for war. Its hull rattled with the impacts of orks ready to rumble within... He was sort of forced to place it 9” behind my Exorcist in the northeast quadrant because nothing else was really open. It charged the Exorcist, which planted 5 wounds on it before it was a slag heap. The Deffrolla did its job admirably. 3 The Seraphim moved with all speed north, as the Exorcist and a Dialogus took station on the objective they had secured. Celestine leaped from combat with her well armed assailant and rushed towards the Seraphim and the Lootaz. The Seraphim pistols seemed to bounce off the resilient hides of the mighty Gretchen who defended the Lootaz ,and they held on as long as they could, absorbing the charge of two Seraphim Squads, one of which made an improbably long charge to get there. The Gretchen morale broke but not before raining many blows down on the intruding Seraphim. In the end and they ran, leaving the Lootaz exposed. Still, those Gretchen were highly notable in their defense of their betters. The Sisters of Battle moved forward menacingly and finished Celestines Target and the Wierdboy who stood behind him. Most of their firepower was wasted but they did manage a few stray shots ta the Deffrolla I nthe backfield while trying to move away from it as much as possible. The two remaining Arco-Flagellents finished off the BigMek, and consolidated with the Missionary. Purple Squad came out of hiding and shot the Deffrolla as well but really to no effect. Its contents would be on their way quite soon. The last two exorcists poured shots onto the Deffrolla and left it with 2 wounds remaining. Disappointing number of shots! One of the HK’s did do some work though. There was little else to do. The Lootaz stood alone nad exposed on the Northwest quadrant facing Seraphim and Celestine judgement. The one Wierdboy hid behind some ruins in the north central area of the enemies deployment and then there was this Deffrolla issue… The Lootaz realized their danger and they had the Weird Boy Jump dem to the 4 point objective in the northeast. D’oh. This left the Seraphim and Celestine stranded and out of the fight. They fired down on Red Squad trying to finish it, and wisely not firing at the nearest target (Teal) this time. The Warboss, Painboy and the Nobz all rushed from their Deffrolla fresh from killing my Exorcist. The Warboss and Nobz made their long charge into Green and Teal Squads. Teal took the worst of it, losing 10 of their number, but Green Squad only lost two. The Act of Faith saved the Teal squad from deserting. One Nob died on overwatch, as they had charged everything within 12” and so the Overwatch was not inconsiderable. 4. The orks conceded at this stage but the Deffrolla was going to die to Exorcist fire and the Nobs to melta and Bolter fire in my round. The Arco-Flagellents would not likely have been enough to survive the trip into the Lootaz but that was going to be what they tried., along with the missionary. Celestine would leap over and kill the Wierdboy. Seraphim would advance ot midfield to prepare to melta any incredibly lucky Nobz. That the Canoness and her coterie did not. By turn 6, likely tabled. Brutal fight, but the biggest issues I saw were: 1 No KFF. This one thing would have made ALL the difference in his ability to keep ENOUGH alive to then Green Tide them. Different game then! 2 Putting the Warboss too far away or else taking casualties too near the Warboss. Either way it cost him his first mob. That was huge and something he will not do again I am sure. 3 Shooting the unit he needed to charge. I think we’ve literally all done this at some point and realized “oh crap” right afterwards when the shooting goes a little TOO well. Lol. This was really the big tactical issue which triggered everything else. 4 I would have forced the issue by putting the Deffrolla on the table and using it as mobile terrain to advance behind. Deep Striking boyz, tellyporting them and Green Tiding them is very effective and I think his fighting strength would have gone a long ways if he had simply not taken any wounds at all, and saved his Green Tide for the pivotal round 2, where all the donuts are made for orks. 5 Going second was a decent move because: objectives and Da Jump. So I totes might have done the same. Going first does however allow you to bring in your triple threat that much faster and tie up the shooting before the enemy can do it in round 2. So there was something to be said here for taking the initiative when it was available. I am torn on this decision but I think if the Deffrolla had been deployed, you definitely go first. So that Deffrolla was the key deployment error I think. Everything else was as it should be but that probably would have made him going second look like genius. Great opponent though, great game and he will come back with all those things in mind to defeat me.
  4. Another report!!! Lots of pics. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/519833851891079/
  5. Yup. But either way, i had a long but fun experience. It was gratifying to do well with Sisters at a major. And I could have done more, which is equally satisfying
  6. I really think it was personal. While I have not played him (I dont think) he is friends with a couple people who just don't like me. Sooo... I don't think it was his back. He seems like a sturdy fellow to me. But one hopes you are right.
  7. TSHFT RECAP Twas a long weekend. 6 games in one weekend is quite the marathon and it can tax your resolve to play on, but most of us made it to the end. I had never heard of Jim Vesal before yesterday and the room seemed to have this weird fanboy vibe about him. Turns out the number one player in the world was there and I didn’t even know his name. The room was filled with names you know. A BUNCH of top 5 guys from the various factions were there. Jason Ryder, Jason Byrd, Sean Morgan, myself, Paul Winters, Jonathan Kohatsu, Collin Sherman, and a host of other heavy hitters. Good turn out. First things first: I didn’t forget to deploy the Seraphim in any games, even though it was super close on my first game. A win already so I could have been happy with just that. 1 First game was against Matthew Bombard, and his Steel Tempests with Blood Angel allies. We played Dawn of War Mission 1 and he had infiltrators as his engineers. We both experienced fairly terrible dice rolls, but I could afford to have bad rolls more. He lost his ability to score Engineers almost immediately and wasn’t able to get upfield as quickly as he wanted to for other objectives, while I couldn’t make a save and lost entire units at a time to barely more than one round of shooting from his Deathwatch units, even despite my numbers. Since Celestine jumped to the fore and ganked some characters early before dying I didn’t have the ability to keep invuls on anyone beyond turn one, but that’s extremely normal for the way I play her. It just happened to occur when I rolled cold as ice. Likewise his saves were no better and the Arco-Flagellents were excellent in taking out three units in a round after an initial charge and some softening. I was able to score consistently with Objective secured troops. The final result was 28-21, so it wasn’t a blow out or anything and he was doing very well. He got forced to rely on characters too much near the end, and that allowed me to pick up points in rapid succession for Secondaries which was really the difference I nth game. Once the Seraphim finally got involed (took til turn 4 for them to fire a shot on anyone but they did work the last three turns and we were able to finish 6 turns which further underscores how close the game was given the score. 2 I played Joseph Darbison next. This game was destined to go poorly. There was simply NO line of sight blocker in the middle. None. Just a broad avenue you’d have to trek down in order to approach his T’au Empire castle, and some buildings and such in the corners… It was absurd and I kinda’ knew I was in trouble. I got to go first and so I was intending to kill three small drone units and gank objectives to take an early lead and force him from his castle. Instead, he seized. Just for any chance at all during the game, I advanced aggressively into that meat grinder with nowhere to hide and hoped my saves would preserve me. I used Celestine as bait and he took it, firing on her and preserving some of my units, which was a coup for me. My Seraphim made some attempt at getting to him from the flanks as those buildings were very conveniently located and I did kill some fire warriors wit hthe Missionary and Seraphim. Mostly the ability to ignore line of sight played big, allowing him to pour shots into those small units and kill them. I did kill his Command suit when It came to assassinate my characters and did deny him points that way after I rolled 2 6’s on saves!!! I was able to deny him a lot of points actually, just by using what little I had and by offering less important things as targets but the game was just an effort on my part to score as many points as I could before the end. THE BEST part though was Yellow Squad got to his lines and charged in to take th bonus points 2 rounds in a row. Man that one little member of Yellow Squad that survived was a champ and was tenacious, giving me two bonus points on her own. So epic. Final score was 27-19 and I was really pleased about making it to turn 6 and still getting 19. As before, given it was 6 rounds, I was pretty happy with how many points I DIDN’T give up in this one. TO apologized about the table and assured me that if it happened again they would come over and fix it, so that was cool. I wasn’t mad, but I did want to make sure I had an answer if it happened again. The Triple-tide plus Broadside list is a load, and had a good chance of winning anyways but it still stings to sort of play a game with really no chance. Scoring 19 points nad limiting him to 27 was a definite win though 3 Game 3 was against Justin Whitton and his Harlies. I have seen them very very rarely and so I was quite lost on the rules for them and had to ask a lot of questions. He helped me out a lot. He had three decked out troops with Kiss’s and Fusion, 3 Star Weavers, Masque, Shadowseer Troupe Master, solitaire, more troops with crazyt weapons… In other words he had a lot of AP that could get to you very very quickly. We had Hammer and Anvil Deployment mission 3. Justin had a broken arm so we had to do some cooperative gaming to help him get his stuff where he wanted it. On my turn I shot a couple of his bikers with Exorcists and then the rush was on. His initial approach was successful and he got to Yellow Squad turn one, but they managed to bounce it after taking serious losses. Then the Arco-Flagellents exacted revenge while the Skyweavers were ripped apart by Exorcist fire and then the occupants torn apart by Bolter fire. He assaulted hard, but because Celestine never really had to leave to attack anything she was able to harden their armor and make them bounce hard. Now in range of much more of my firepower, I brought it to bear hard, and it was not long before it was a very close up, very intense battle of his melee and me pulling away to tag him with shooting afterwards. The Seraphim played a vital role, coming down to take objectives and then at the end killing some sniper character and another. Finally they tracked the last model down to its lair and butchered him in the last round which we quickly played out just to see if it would happen in round 6. I was honestly surprised that the Harlequins were so incredibly fast, and they had some cool shenanigans. An elite type army would have been vbery sad to face it (and probably was). The final score was 33-16 Sisters of Battle. 4 Trevor Quan was my next opponent, and he brought Forge World. THREE Knights, and a minimal detachment of Admech to get the CP’s but he did use it to add two Onager Dunecrawlers. He brought a singular Armiger Helverin of House Mortan. His Cerastus Knight Acheron, Cerastus Knight-Lancer as well as his Knight Crusader were all of House Krast . We were on Hammer and Anvil, Mission 4. To make it fun (in retrospect I was being an idiot) I was like “Lets make this more fun. Let’s put MY last objective literally as far as possible from me and see if I can get it! With Seraphim”. He was all for it of course. So I stuck it at 6 inches from the corner as far from me as possible knowing the Seraphim would be the only ones who would ever reach it. I don’t know why I do these things. He went first, RUSHING his Knights up and smashing one into Red Squad. I had gotten too cute with their placement and he just got in there. One I could free myself I destroyed both of his Cerastus Knights with an ungodly fussilade of Meltaguns. His Crusader blew up a bunch of stuff in return and charged in, locking two units but taking wounds on the way in. Again I backed away and cut him but didn’t kill him this time. My Seraphim went after points in his backfield and rolled absolutely terribly, first failing to kill a character in a ruin with their pistols and then failing to kill him in melee. Similar luck awaited the Seraphim in the succeeding rounds as the Sisters thenfinally blew up the Crusader and he used his Command Points ot make it explode killing FOURTEEN Sisters of Battle and wounding or killing a lot of characters. He scored a lot of points with just that explosion. My Seraphim finally manged to get to his back end and get to his troopos there and a battle ensued between them that would last the rest of the rounds, and one lonely Seraphim just like from Yellow Squad earlier, battled and tried to kill them. She failed. Yeah. I could have easily scored that bonus point 5 times that game and instead: I didn’t. Lol. Anyways, the final score was 31-22 Sisters of Battle. 5 We were getting near the end and I was starting to wear down. Getting up at 4 AM when you’re used to 8AM can definitely make you feel it! My opponent was Rob Hartford. He had Grotesque spam and air plane spam in a nutshell. I can honestly say I’ve never been to an event where a guy forfeited, but this guy gave up before it started. As I cannot ever remember playing him (or maybe we did once and it was in the ancient past) this was super odd. It is what it is. I would have bounced his lis pretty hard in any event. This is a list type I have seen before, and perhaps he saw it that way also. His 3 Crimson Hunters would have to come to me and I’m pretty resistant to them. The Exorcists with 4+ invuls would be too (their likely targets). There’s only so much room to circle. The Razorwing fighters would have done better since they are nice fits against my infantry but whether they would last long is another matter as they would be the primary target until the Grotesques start to trickle in from the Webway. The Grotesques would have been a challenge on the charge but there again, the volume of fire and the Accuracy my Acts of Faith give me (+1 to everyone for shooting afterwards!) would have made close quarters rather difficult on them afterwards. Also I do have the Arco-Flagellents and the Canoness and Celestine. So all in all, I was not super worried about the matchup, as I’ve seen it before. We’ll just never know now. All one can do is speculate how it could have gone. I accepted the concession and away we go to Round 6 36-0 Sisters 6 Jason Rider ended up being my gateway to a 5-1 finish and the big big top 8. Our battle was brutal. At one point I killed two bike squads in one go, and he in turn was pounding me with Hammers, though my tanks weathered that pretty well. I was playing hard to the mission since he had me outclassed with his list. I used all the covers to try and stay out of his reach until I could get better shots. Seraphim jumped in to try and gank his Assassin while others jumped out and got their efforts in and were helpful in killing characters. His saves were pretty on point and 3+ invuls were everywhere so a lot of the oomph from the Seraphim was dissipated by that but I still have a lot of melta to offer and that at least was good against his various multiwound models. Unfortunately I went first, making the objective taking uphill given my attempts to avoid the worst of his firepower and draw him in. THAT was what really ultimately gave him the edge: he could simply mach-speed to the objectives at the end of any turn. And he could kind of even things up easily, ganking bonus points like a mad man. Lot of characters in that army. The big fail was when I got my sights on Bobby G and couldn’t down him. Had all the shots we really needed for it, but two wounds shy of the promised land and he did work after that. I also allowed my units to be waaay too close together , which cost me a lot of shots, and I didn’t stripe them as I probably should have to avoid the pile in stuff. So there were good take aways from it, and good reminders of how to do it better next time, but it was so much better than the first time I fought that list. But it’s just a REALLY solid list with a REALLY good General running it and there was no shame in losing to him really. I think he’s like the #1 best Space Marine player in the world currently or some such. 36-30 I placed 12th overall out of 88 and that’s not too shabby for Sisters of Battle. They now stand at 38-6. One more event to go to, on the 24th, and then I change armies. It would be cool to cap it off with a win at the event, so we'll see if we can do it. It's a 4 round event. Should be fun.
  8. well its just crazy how many times it has happened. about 25% of the time! No joke, look back on these reports. its almost 1/3. I'm beside myself trying to figure out why it's happening to me. Something just is wrong with my brain or something. They are a good part of the force, and often do work for me. Just bizarre that I wouldnt be champing at the bit. In some games I brought in some and not all of them even. That's almost worse. If youcount all those times, it probably IS a full 1/3 of the time.
  9. It's really not a terrible idea. Lol. As you can see in many of these battle reports, I have utterly forgotten them. Some weird mental block. Dunno. Top table is the entirely wrong time to forget 250 points of your army. And to be fair: there never really IS a good time to do that.
  10. Some catchup reports. Took the Sistaz out for a spin again at a Tournament. First Opponent was Forge World heavy, with Death Korps of Krieg horsies outflanking me and tougher than any horseman has a right to be. It was a unit I had never actually seen before on the table arrayed against me. They fought alongside a False Celestine and Sisters in Repressors coming up the middle with a Canoness. bringing the 4+ invul aura with them. An Assassin popped shots off at me as well for a couple CP. Points see-sawed back and forth, and it was a close game. I prevailed 20-18. The Arco-Flagellents were key in destroying his outflanking horses, which was pivotal. Had the game gone on, it is fairly certain there would have been little left of his army, so the close score doesnt really tell the tale. We did not make it to the end. Second round was against...more...Forge World. Grrrrreat. Good news is the opponent was very awesome. He had TWO Daredeo Dreadnought or whatever they are called. Never seen them either, but I have heard of them. He had a Darkshrous and characters buffing him and hiding him, a Tech Marine and a Chaplain Dread (I'm seeing those all over the place these days) as well as Hellblasters which did work. It was Hammer and Anvil and a really big rock dominated the middle. I went first. The Exorcists had him outranged and so I let it do my dirty work. I swung my army to the other side of the rock to minimize his shots on me and then for two rounds I just pounded his Forge World Dreads to dust. The Sisters eventually advanced up to start killing things, and eventually get to the fight. Rounds three th Seraphim joined in and slaughered more The Sisters of Battle actually took pretty heavy losses later in the game despite him losing all his armor. He had some very good melee characters and of course hellblasters were on point. I failed a lot of saves. That being said the outcome was literally never in doubt in this one and at the end of the day, we had smashed all but some Snipers way in the back and his Vindicare, plus four Scouts on the other side I just never finished. I wanna say is was 33-14 or something similar to that. The third round was once again against Zachary Nelson (35th in the world currently) at top table. He had essentially the same list as before: Character spam with 60 plague bearers and some Pink Horrors to drop in later. His terminators were as brutal as ever at shooting and he used cloud of Flies Stratagem to hide them also although I used yellow squad to smash into and hold the line of his Plague bearers so that his terminators could neverget around his own mass of dudes. They never struck a single blow. Most of his damage was Termie shooting which was frighteningly effective (and my saves frighteningly poor) and his Daemon Princes ( he had three I think). As I OFTEN DO, I forget to bring in my Seraphim after I had dispatched most of his Pink Horrors and locked them up with an Exorcist. Like all my Seraphim,. ALL. So I had nothing to get his characters and even the odds. Net result: a loss. I wanna say 34-19. I did think of some pretty cool ideas during this game, and was particularly proud of the Arco-Flagellents again. I'm really not unhappy with how I did. Character spam with T4 Plague Bearers just is what it is: if you don't have snipers, you may never kill him and he'll get the jump on you. If my army had 3 Vindicare Snipers I think we'd have a very different game. Again and again I have considered them but that makes my army "Imperial" I believe which I don't want. Sisters without help do have a matchup issue here. Forgetting entirely to field the units that could have eaten his characters from behind probably did not help me. Le sigh. Total overall with the list: 33-4. Two of the losses were to #35 in the world (Zachary), one was from 53rd (Colin). I'll take it.
  11. This time a 1650 or so game. This one was more of a refresher game for him so it was a training exercize while he reacclimates. It was fun though. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/510697152804749/
  12. Modelers should be happy with the possibilities
  13. Hmm. More weird flavors to raise money with...
  14. Here is another. Battle report. We played vanguard Deployment, Big Guns Never Tire. Final score: 15-0 https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/507841343090330/
  15. Another Battle Report with pictures, this time Red Corsairs. Interesting army. Hadn't seen it played before. There is an easter egg in this one. Did you figure out the answer to the question? Final score: 32-14 https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/508802306327567/
  16. Automated Repair Systems has ALWAYS worked on vehicles. It can actually be used at the beginning of both your turn and the opponents by FAQ. A Stormsurge is one. So... Point Defense Targetting Relay works on him also.
  17. Yup. Never leave the drone controller out your list
  18. Riptide is pretty standard as long as youre not spamming it. Ones fine. And I dont think T'au are difficult to build fun lists for at all. So you should be able to come up with fun effective versions.
  19. the video of Fluger torturing two children for his own gain.
  20. That video is awesome. We need to post that. .
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