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  1. I hear ya. Before I sold my business at the end of 2019, I had CONSIDERABLE time to game because I could schedule it whenever I wanted and therefore could play with people with all kinds of schedules. I have to say: I miss that freedom. The new reality is considerably less cool from a gaming perspective. Being a Wage Slave again sucks. I opened another agency RIGHT after selling my other one and...COVID two months later. Talk about bad timing. Luckily I had suitors.
  2. Basically its just three guaranteed games. Pretty sweet.
  3. That was commented on frequently and with mirth during the event. I kept having to say "No, uh...lemme see which Jeremy that is..." when doing pairings and all that. The rise of Jeremy HAS begun.
  4. 12 players, 1 Drukhari https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/r/n2hpfxdp
  5. lots of event pics https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/944906686050458/
  6. Format inspected: @2021-04-25T06:12:29+00:00 Damocles Gulf Conflict Invitational ++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adepta Sororitas) [88 PL, 1,692pts, 10CP] ++ + Configuration + Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) Detachment Command Cost Gametype: Matched Order Convictions: Order: Valorous Heart + Stratagems + Open the Reliquaries [-1CP]: Additional Relics of the Ecclesiarchy + HQ + Canoness [3 PL, 50pts, -1CP]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword, Heroine in the Making, Null Rod, Relic: Litanies of Faith, Warlord Trait: 4.
  7. Took the list to tournament Saturday. Game 1 was against the Death Watch sporting two high volume of fire Dreadnoughts (13 wounds or something like that), and the usual firepower you come to expect, along with the 4 wound bikers whose name always escapes me led by the Biker Chaplain. He went first. I scout moved my Dominion to the left side objective, with some of them in cover, with the Retributors and a Sisters unit behind them. Death Watch moved both dreads from behind cover and fired a huge salvo into me. Thanks to ignoring -1 AP and a few of them being in cover I weathered it
  8. New Battle report with the new incarnation. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/941832916357835/
  9. Basic Outline, modified from the original 8e incarnation because of blast weapons: 2 Canoness (free miracle die and for the Save Buff, re-roll 1's is a given), Palatine re-roll of wounds, Celestine for the 4+ invul buff, Missionary attack buff. 10 Arco Flagellents: because forcing 46.5 saves at -1 AP against T4 is in fact good against every single thing. Transhumans will still take 35 at -1. Still epic. That they are two wounds with FnP is also pretty boss. Glassy but effective. 5 units of 10 Sisters of Battle, all with 3 Meltas in each squad. 15 meltas in all. Obsec. 8
  10. Dominion are good and affordable speed bumps. thinking of adding one unit to put RIGHT AT at the enemy movement rate to slow them down.
  11. Been busy with the Bloody Rose for a while now. Very little has changed. It still performs excellent in the new and evolving meta. My question is, What kind of an army does one want against DE were one expecting that sort of contest to come up quite soon.
  12. yup. it coulda been somebody. It's still good, just not as good as i thought it could be. 😃
  13. I was bummed that he couldnt take the Mephrit warlord trait. I used him wrong in my first game cause i didn't realize his weapon wouldnt work with it.
  14. I played with an army made up of just the Necrons, as many of them as i could fit. It did pretty good. Plasmamancer guys are the bomb (kind of literally). i need one more of those. 3 seems pretty decent. With all the new stuff, it seems almost like I'll be forced to do two detachments JUST to fit the multiple characters in there. Lot of characters for Necrons that are worth taking multiples of now.
  15. There's an extremely active discord for it.
  16. JUST figured out how to get a 9E board going. A lot of instruction videos shot past the most important part. Lol.
  17. We have a Sisters of Silence player here locally. He's been scoing 22-25 points in every game but not winning much. Maybe it will be better in 9E. Iay. it's worth noting that his denies people from scoring quite a bit with it as well and opponent scores arent all that high either.
  18. If I showed you the pictures of mine it would awe you. Lol.
  19. Sure but why do this ahead of that? Not a necessary step. As it is, or so it appears, this is for GT's only so.. i mean... i dunno. Seems an extraneous move
  20. yeah that works well. Had a guy run maximum Smasha guns against my Sisters once. I did table that guy but those smasha guns were such a scary weapon against sisters. I could see after that game why people liked them. Had to really play coy against that dude. I guess smashaguns kind of replaced lootaz in a lot of lists after the lootaz lost their ability to do maximum cheddar. Their proverbial moment in the sun. GT rules seem like a lot of fluffy stuff will recede for a bit. The Vigilus rules really gave life to some out of favor factions. VERY surprised they are making that move.
  21. Yeah I kept meaning to get around to adding one but I just never seemed to need it badly enough for what i would have to give up. But a ton of my lists are super fundamental type lists. Like the orks I have are 60 Gretchen, 90 boyz, 6 Traktor kannons, 13 Lootaz, a Trukk and the various characters (3 wizards, two warbosses, and a KFF). 176 models, add gear. Green Tide Forevah!!!
  22. Yes I recall. they could basically just be taken as like a unit. Witchhunters was actually my favorite and by far the longest lasting iteration of Sisters. I hate that they separated them like they did in the lore. Be that as it may, they are one of my two favorite factions to play.
  23. Yeah. i cant think of too many power combos per se, but i have learned to use them adeptly, and competed at a very high level despite their... shortcomings. I have never felt they were as low tiered as most people did. But I suppose when you play anything enough times, you simply learn to work around that stuff and maybe the skill part overcomes some of the inherent challenges. Its why I didnt play with Crisis Suits since basically 4th edition. They were low tier until 6th, and winning with Crisis teams had been and still is pretty rough. There are too many other ways to play that are m
  24. Thats some high speed Calculus-Hammer. I never once used the Shokk attack gun for my list, and so I dont think its that big of a loss. It was cool, but it surely wasn't mandatory, or so I felt. Now Night Lords... Oofta. they got nerfed into oblivion by that. So i guess in GT's specifically, its just not gonna' be a thing. =( I am super sad becuase i was having real fun playing them recently on Tabletop Simulator and I own all the models for that list for sure.
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