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  2. Here's a blast from the past - pics of my old Eldar + Kroot Merc army that I brought to OFCC. Glad to see that I still have a pic of the Kroot Wraithlord!
  3. I'm moving some of my excess bits and such - giving locals first dibs. located in Issaquah (near Seattle) and can meet between Renton and Woodinville. Prices are for inperson sales, shipping is extra. Selling only, no trades - not even for backrubs so don't ask. Cash or Paypal accepted. https://imgur.com/a/OSfXonZ Warhammer 40K 8th Ed Hardcover Rulebook, excellent condition $30 Barbed Venomgorse bits (alien terrain) $10 Primaris Reaver / Inceptor bits lot $10 Shadespire Ironskulls, still on sprue. Primed White, complete $15 BIG Eldar and Terrain building lot - great for scenery and basing. Includes resin skulls, an Eldar Waveserpent cockpit, flying bases, TONS of Eldar heavy weapons, Eldar heads/helmets, couple of barrels and tons of stuff to spice up your battlefields. As you can see, it's heavy! $20
  4. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Painted-Warhammer-40K-Eldar-Exodites-Army-Nausicaa-Theme-/292690287823 Here you go!
  5. Taking offers - they’re listed on eBay for $600 starting bid.
  6. I've had some interest in buying individual units so I may be willing to break these up if I can move the bulk. Would like to keep the bug-related models (ohmu, spider, beetle, walkers, dark reapers) together
  7. I just don't have time to play anymore and would rather it stuff not sit in boxes if someone else would like to own them. I did play them awhile back at my FLGS. Thanks!
  8. Hey all - selling my Painted Warhammer 40K Eldar Exodite army with a nod to the Nausicaa anime. Nearly every model has been lovingly converted in this unique and striking force. Tournament ready, can be run using the Craftworld rules for Biel-Tan, Sam-Hain or Alaitoch if you add some Rangers. 95% well-painted, just needs some of your finishing touches here and there. Infantry and War Walker models have magnetized bases for easy transport. BIG DISCOUNT TO ORDOs - $700 in the Seattle area, $730 shipped. No trades. USA only. https://imgur.com/a/y7bcL2W Avatar of Khaine (Alarielle the Everqueen with custom base) Eldrad Ulthran Jain Zar (Lelith Hesperax conversion) Karandas Farseer Female Farseer / Warlock (Lhamaean conversion) 5 Howling Banshees + Exarch, 6 total (Scourge/Reaper helmet conversions) 5 Striking Scorpions + Exarch, 6 total 5 Striking Scorpions + Exarch, 6 total 8 Fire Dragons 6 Warp Spiders (Ghost Miniatures from Russia) 5 Dark Reapers + Exarch, 6 total (Nausicaa Ohmu conversions + Fire Dragon exarch conversion) 3 War Walkers (Nurgle Drone conversions with War Walker canopies) all with Star Cannons Wave Serpent, twin Star Cannons (Ohmu model from Ban Dai, Raider howdah and Vyper gunner conversion) Wave Serpent, twin Shuriken Cannons (Ohmu model from Ban Dai, Raider howdah and Vyper gunner conversion) Falcon (Alarielle's Beetle, Raider Howdah and Vyper gunner conversion) Night Spinner (Arachnarok, Raider Howdah and Hvy Weapon gunner conversion) Newest Eldar Craftworld Codex, hardbound. Excellent condition Extra Sprues of GW Bracken, painted (for repairs) Paypal or cash accepted. Will ship via USPS with tracking. Will do my best to wrap in bubblewrap and dunnage, some bits are likely to come off in transit though. No returns, unless I've grossly misrepresented anything. I love happy customers so please contact me first! Thanks!
  9. Hey, looking to sell a 2250+ themed army for Kings of War (Trident Realms + Undead Allies) but can also be used for Warhammer, AoS, and other Fantasy Games. Units are multibased into an awesome underwater shipwreck scene, complete with pirate and lizardman zombies raised by necromancers to join the Neritican forces in defending their realms. https://imgur.com/a/BC2rGIe Want $260 Shipped / $230 in person (Issaquah, WA). Paypal or Cash only, no trades. That's over half off of MSRP $528ish Everything is primed black and some still unassembled / stuck on with sticky tack so you can continue customizing to your liking. Extra sprues and models included! Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion (Idoneth Akhelian King, $40) Naiad Wyrmrider Horde (Idoneth Ishlaen Guard, $50) scenic bits to make some Tidal Swarms if you like Placoderm Defender (Wrath of Kings Deepman Kaxes) Naiad Standard Bearer (Wrath of Kings Deepcaller) 2 Thuul Mythicans (Wrath of Kings Gutter Friars) Thuul Troop (Wrath of Kings Sevridan Gutters) Naiad Ensnarer Horde (Wrath of Kings Guardians) Gigas Horde (Wrath of Kings Nephrodons) 2 x Knuckers (Wrath of Kings Neritic Horrors) Kracken (Wrath of Kings Immandin Kraken) (Wrath of Kings items estimated MSRP $165) Necromancer (Hordes Bog Trog Mistspeaker, $14) Zombie Legion (Hordes Bog Trog Shamblers, $75) Wraiths Troop (Warmachine Cryx Ghost Raiders, $65) Gloomtide Shipwreck ($40) Barbed Venomgorse ($60) Mantic Large Movement Trays ($18) Shipping to the US only. Will ship the most economical way possible via USPS including tracking. Insurance is extra at the buyer's expense. No Trades, Paypal only. I have rep on other trading sites if you'd like. Shipping from Issaquah, WA. Thanks!
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