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  1. I have a small force that would be great for a starter. It's all painted and ready to hit the table: 10 scouts, 5 termies, land raider, predator and some other goo-gah that I can't recall off the top of my head. PM me if you are still looking and we will take this on the down-low 😉
  2. I actually liked the last one (8th?) the best. I generally liked all the previous versions for one reason or another, but always found a nearly equal reasons why I did not love those versions (over-powered characters; spells; army creep, etc...). AoS sure is cranking out some AWESOME looking minis though...;-)
  3. KIRBY

    Ordo Terrain Day


    I am not sure where to post this, but if the club needs more terrain for the OFCC, PM me and I can hook the event poobah with a lot of stuff.
  4. I have been trying to re-acquire a copy of Dune (Avalon Hill). My copy went AWOL many years ago and I know that it is a hard thing to come by. Do you happen to have one that you want to sell me? If anyone knows of a print-and-play version (like the notorious ilya dune board game print-and-play) that is already made -- I really am far too lazy to go through all the bother of the assembly of those files -- I would be all over that. I know that this is a long-shot, but I have faith in my fellow Ordos that they know someone who knows someone that can help a brother out.
  5. That is exactly why I am building this force, but I want to make sure that I am kosher with what the Ordo peeps are doing. I will just cobble together a no-"troop" list with Farsight and his various flyboys -- be patient, my Ordos...
  6. DOH! Looks like I am waiting until the official codex comes out. Oh, GeeDub, you are a bitch goddess that gives with one hand and takes with the other ;-)
  7. I have acquired the main box set and Labyrinth of Despair. If you have anything from my want list (listed in red in my original post) let me know and let's talk turkey.
  8. Acquired the main game and an expansion in a trade. I have edited my original post to show what I am now looking for as far as expansions.
  9. So, I just noticed that there does not seem to be a Farsight Enclaves specific list in the new edition. I am trying to reconfigure my old Crisis Suit heavy list to meet the requirements for the new rules and it appears that my old form of having Crisis Suits count as troops (rather than elite) is a thing of the past. Am I missing something?
  10. 2k has been my usual amount of points, but I wanted to make sure that is kinda the Ordo norm ;-) Thanks!
  11. So, what is the going points total for making armies in 8th? 2,000? 1500? 1850? so many options! I want to point out a force for bringing to the club, and since I hate making lists, I want to create an all-comers list and just do it once. Thanks in advance for your input.
  12. Let me know when the next entry time is open for a newbie to join. I have some Orks who need to crush all who oppose them.
  13. I know that I might sound like a commie on independence day and all, but if they are just gonna shlock this crap out as a stop gap why not just make them free pdfs and then we would have less reason to bitch about the [big bad swear word]e copy editing and whatnot since they were free. I would be pissed if I spent the $ on their crap and then it is just going to be supplanted by the shiny new official codex release in a couple of quarters. It has always annoyed me how GeeDub seems to rush things out without fully testing or proofing them...
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