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  1. I'm tempted to drop my kickstarter pledge. Not sure if I have the bandwidth to do resin printing. 😞
  2. Do you need the gang books to play?
  3. Just curious if anyone else noticed that. The new ork models are really pale compared to the color pallet GW used previously. Might as well use some glow in the dark paint now for them. 🙂 I'm sure its just because it contrasts better with the darker colors they use for everything else, but still....not sure I'm digging the lemon-line ork scheme.
  4. I don't have solid plans yet. I have been gathering STLs for a while from raging heroes and archvillian so I do have some big models that I could print. Then there is also washing and curing to consider. What is it going to take to finish those large prints? The appeal of the anycubic is that they already have a wash and cure machine to go along with the DLP. The appeal of the Elegoo is that I have many more options of what I can print and how many of them as well as its a better deal. I'm saving about 43% through kickstarter compared to about maybe 15% or so with anycubic. I think I'm leaning towards keeping the elegoo. I've already spent the money and I hate losing out on a good deal. 🙂 But I'd still love to hear any pros and cons for either printer from those that know better.
  5. Need help 3D printer dudes. So right now, Elegoo is kickstarting their massive Jupiter printer. Also, Anycubic is kickstarting their DLP printer. I've secured a Elegoo, but been having doubts if this is what I really should get or not. Its huge and I'm a bit concerned that its way more than I need. The Anycubic looks great, but not sold on their brand (heard of issues before). Small window where I can cancel my Elegoo backing and switch to the Anycubic, but before I take that leap, would really like to get some input from you guys.
  6. @ish I don't really think that is true. The only time you have massive tech issues in BA is with armor. But in most formations that is so limited that it would not be hard at all to make sure you and your opponent were on the same page. That is one of the big reasons I love BA, for the most part, anything you can have, I can have. Now if you want to play some really obscure unit that has very limited armaments, then you just need to make sure your opponent understands that.
  7. There are a few of us that play about once a month. I think it is a fantastic game and you should really give it a try.
  8. You may have a problem... 🙂 wonderful collection.
  9. So I was watching a Battlereport on W+ yesterday and it really struck me how rerolls are kind of ruining the game. Whether its from some unit/character ability to a command point thingy...rerolls just suck the random out of the game. Not sure who at GW decided to add that nonsense to 40K, but it was the worst. It makes me feel like if/when I ever play again, I'm going to have to have house rules out yin-yang just to make the game playable. I'm going to have to go back and look at one-page rules again. maybe that is the way to go.
  10. Playing with friends is always the best time. I recall quite fondly getting friends into WFB and the fun games we all had learning together and enjoying that pace. I kind of wish my competitive side had not drawn me to the tournaments and such. My time would have been better spent getting games in with friends.
  11. A full set. and I'm trying to keep it around $500 or less.
  12. That is the whole reason I'm getting the sets. 🙂
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