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  1. Just found out about it and it seems like it might be worth a pickup? But not sure.
  2. Just looking for some more good gaming sites to go to. Looking for places with good reviews and discussions about the major games out there, including RPGs and such. I hope not everything has moved to facebook...ugh.
  3. The one big problem I had was I couldn't do full screen video on my PC. I am very used to seeing an icon on the screen in order to go full or not. I actually wrote an email to the support team about it. You can do full screen, you just have to double click on the screen, or left click and choose the option. It did solve my issue, but I admit I wasn't happy that they went with such a non-standard format. Unless that is how Apple does it? I actually finally spent my voucher this weekend too. Man...it was really hard. I looked through almost every army and finding something I actually wanted from GW and worth the money....took me two days. 🙂
  4. I am a current subscriber. So far the value has been there. I've really enjoyed the new videos they post up, and between the apps included, free model, and voucher...so far it has been worth it. I really like the blood angel series they have. Can't wait for more episodes. I'm a bit back and forth with Hammer and Bolter. They all do fall in the grim dark I guess. Anyways, was just curious if other ordites are watching it too.
  5. Well the good news is I found the 6th ed files and the 7th ed files in my archives. The bad news is they need to run on AB2.2 which I do have the installer for, but apparently the code I have no longer works and I don't know where the old CD is. So basically I can only run it in demo mode. I'm reaching out to wolflair to see if they can give me a code that will unlock it since I have actually paid for AB both back then and currently.
  6. Just curious if anyone has these or knows where to get them. Not sure if they are compatible with the latest AB program, but might as well take a look.
  7. I still have my cars from when Z games used to run those races...don't know what scale that was though. Not sure if that qualifies as "slot" either.
  8. I need my zombies and skelies and raising more. I really need some WFB undead armies going on. My banshee's wailing and my grave guard killin'. I miss my vamps!
  9. unless you start buying merchant licenses for the the STLs..... 🙂
  10. I have to say I always felt a bit overwhelmed by the 8th edition rules, and 9thAge has the issue of being just as complicated, but now different terminology that has to be learned (ugh). Playing 6th ed armies over 7th ed rules seems fun.
  11. rules in WD? dang. I didn't even look even though I have them..I'm so slack.
  12. I pulled my 5th edition rules out and was fondly remembering those games (my real starter edition to WFB). I really enjoyed the magic system. Compared to the dice stacking you can do in later editions, the simple 2d6 for # of cards meant magic was there, but not overwhelmingly so. Of course I could be looking at that with rose colored glasses. It was over 20 years ago. But damn I miss those days of gaming. I also miss the discussions we'd have on the forums over the rules and such. Seems so odd, you'd think with this pandemic, that we would have more activity in the forums. That said, feel free to ping me for any Old Edition Warhammer games. I'd be down.
  13. I have the starter set and the terrain assembled. I haven't started in on the rules yet or built the two gangs. I saw a review on the "compendium" and it wasn't very promising (other factions basically getting bare minimum rules to play them). That being said, kommandos vs IG still seems really cool. I'll try to focus on getting those models built so I can at least play. Once the sisters hit, I'm hoping to get my wife in on it too.
  14. What is the review of the new edition? I didn't play the first one though, but was curious.
  15. I'm tempted to drop my kickstarter pledge. Not sure if I have the bandwidth to do resin printing. 😞
  16. Do you need the gang books to play?
  17. Just curious if anyone else noticed that. The new ork models are really pale compared to the color pallet GW used previously. Might as well use some glow in the dark paint now for them. 🙂 I'm sure its just because it contrasts better with the darker colors they use for everything else, but still....not sure I'm digging the lemon-line ork scheme.
  18. I don't have solid plans yet. I have been gathering STLs for a while from raging heroes and archvillian so I do have some big models that I could print. Then there is also washing and curing to consider. What is it going to take to finish those large prints? The appeal of the anycubic is that they already have a wash and cure machine to go along with the DLP. The appeal of the Elegoo is that I have many more options of what I can print and how many of them as well as its a better deal. I'm saving about 43% through kickstarter compared to about maybe 15% or so with anycubic. I think I'm leaning towards keeping the elegoo. I've already spent the money and I hate losing out on a good deal. 🙂 But I'd still love to hear any pros and cons for either printer from those that know better.
  19. Need help 3D printer dudes. So right now, Elegoo is kickstarting their massive Jupiter printer. Also, Anycubic is kickstarting their DLP printer. I've secured a Elegoo, but been having doubts if this is what I really should get or not. Its huge and I'm a bit concerned that its way more than I need. The Anycubic looks great, but not sold on their brand (heard of issues before). Small window where I can cancel my Elegoo backing and switch to the Anycubic, but before I take that leap, would really like to get some input from you guys.
  20. @ish I don't really think that is true. The only time you have massive tech issues in BA is with armor. But in most formations that is so limited that it would not be hard at all to make sure you and your opponent were on the same page. That is one of the big reasons I love BA, for the most part, anything you can have, I can have. Now if you want to play some really obscure unit that has very limited armaments, then you just need to make sure your opponent understands that.
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