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  1. Who is that fighter posing for...its not like they have cameras and I'm sure there's no painter out there.... 😉
  2. Heh, I'm still working on my army list. I actually subscribed to the GW app so that I could get the list builder...but then noticed they don't allow you to build a Crusade list there. Typical. Anywho, I think I'm starting to get the hang of the Crusade list. I actually don't need to purchase units in the context of a detachment. I just need to purchase an array of units that will allow me to fill detachments. But when I get a force together for an actual game, then I'm bound by the detachment and point restrictions of that game and my units fill those slots. I am slowly getting there. I a
  3. Hey Guys, For those of you still playing FoW, what do you think of the current state of the game? Flames used to be my favorite game. I thought 3rd ed was fantastic and my armies really grew during that edition. 4th came out and I had trouble with the loss of so many units and the change in direction it seemed to me, to a more tank-centric game. My collection has been gathering dust and I've not played a game in years. That pains me as I really enjoyed the game. One of the things that BF promised was that over time, they would release rules for the units left out of the first releases. So
  4. I've offered suggestions that do limit summoning and still applies cost to it. And its fine that you aren't going to use it. I don't have a problem with the rules you set. It just means I'm not going to run CSM.
  5. if the players are being dicks, then yes, it can certainly be abused. I don't think anyone here is advocating for that at all if you have read the posts. No one is asking for unlimited summoning. But there are still ways of having summoning without screwing over the chaos players.
  6. I guess we'll just disagree here. I think that the ability to summon those units is built into the cost of the army/character. By taking it away, you are removing an inherent ability of the army. It would be like taking away And They Shall Know No Fear, or removing the Reanimation Protocols. There is a cost associated with Deamonic Rituals, it just isn't points. I've offered quite a few suggestions on how to balance the ability. As much as I'd like to play my chaos, I don't feel particularly great about having to remove one of my army abilities or hamstring my force to use it. I think for
  7. I've been putting models together. They are pretty fantastic. Also push to fit which is nice. This is the first Warhammer Quest game I'll own, so hopefully it will be fun to play.
  8. whoops..double post. Another thought on how to further balance summoning. Cap summoned units to 25% of the total game size. i.e. if we are playing 500pts, only 125pts of units can be summoned in total during the game. That will eliminate the GD fear for lower level games as well as removing summoning spam.
  9. Please excuse my ignorance, but I am not sure I understand this statement. From my understanding of Crusade, we all start out with 1000pts for our army. We then have the option of spending RPs to increase that army size (1RP - 100pts). We then purchase units that will fit within that cap for our army. Those units are static once purchased unless RPs are spent to change them. My understanding of reinforcement points is that those points come out of your army limit for that game. So if we are playing a 500pt game and I want 100pts for reinforcements, my army on the table will only be 400pts
  10. I agree with Salty. What's the point of having an ability in the army if it puts you at a disadvantage to use it? I'll have to find a different army to play.
  11. Well actually, in the very first post you said no to summoning unless opponent agreed, and then use the system where you pay for summoned units out of your army allowance. So did I misunderstand? is it you can always use the "buy summoned units" system, or if you opponent allows, use the normal rules? As I pointed out, paying for summoned units is not balanced. I could pay for a unit of 30 deamonettes, but then not get the roll to ever put them on the table. So not only did I just lose those points in my army, but the character who made those attempts gave up movement and risked wounds. S
  12. I'd say based on the praise that the Drukhari book has gotten in 9th compared to its power placement in 8th, I think you will just have to wait for the 9th ed version. It seems GW has learned that if you make everything in an army decent, then they sell more models. So I say play with what inspires you, and hopefully when the book comes out, you'll still have a decent army.
  13. To my understanding, the risks/costs are as follows: I'm giving up movement of that character. So yes, they could become a summoning machine, but they aren't going to do anything else. Also, the summoned unit appears within a limited distance of the summoner. So if I'm hiding that character somewhere so that he can't get shot, then the range of his summoning is going to be restricted. The random dice roll determines failure and degree of success. So yes, you may want to summon that GD, but perhaps you don't roll well enough to do so? Not only that, but max of 3d6 using ritual summon
  14. if that is the case, is it really worth it to have summoning? As I understand it, it isn't guaranteed for multiple reasons. Your character could get killed who can summon and you can fail the summoning roll (or even kill your summoner with perils). Not only that, but with chaos, you have psychic powers that affect summoning as well, which means they become useless too. It just amazes me because I am a long time undead player for WFB and no one ever thought summoning was broken in that game. So basically, I'm taking points away from my force on the table for the possibility of having
  15. That really depends on your target build. For example, it is important for me to be able to make good warmaster sized minis...so a 4K is pretty much what I'll need. However, if that scale is not your intent, then a lower rez should do fine. Look at the wash and cure requirements. There are a few machines out there to do that process for you and aren't too expensive. Again though, based on the size and scale you want to build. I also looked heavily at reviews. I was near certain on getting an Anycubic at one point due to the prices and such..but then I kept seeing issues with their su
  16. Mantic-fest also revealed some new stuff for Armada, including an expansion book already and some new ships.
  17. Can you expand on this a bit more. I'm thinking of going with Chaos Marines and have models for summoning deamons. So is this a blanket "cannot summon units" rule? or does it mean something else. I'm new to 9th and crusade.
  18. Warlord Games is actually selling stuff from Armada for 50% off. It seemed too pricey for my tastes for the number of ships you got and the size of them. I guess I got spoiled by Dystopian Wars. They finally got a new edition now that they are under Wayland Games and it looks good...plus, new plastic fleets. But to actually answer your question, I've glanced at it, but that was about it. I didn't like the price point so never invested further. I hear it shares the same ruleset as one of the sailing games from Warlord, hence them carrying the product.
  19. Just checking to see if anyone out there has this for trade/sale. Looking for unpainted, current range. Also would be in the in the market for an archon that is not the current plastic. I have one, but not thrilled with the model. In lieu of the above, a previous Getting Started with Drukhari box would do as well. I have lots to trade or $ is always possible.
  20. I warned my wife that there was a good chance I'd be picking this army up again. Going to start with the Patrol Box. Would love to get my hands on the Blood of Phoenix models too. We'll see where it goes.
  21. I'm sure I have some around. Toss me a PM to help remind me to look for them.
  22. Oh man, I've bought and sold the DE twice now. I really don't want to go for a third time. Quick, say something bad about the codex!
  23. Against my better judgement, I finished the movie yesterday. Going back in time to fix things? Really? Best you could come up with? And then it still went on for another 20+ minutes after that?? And for what, a preview of something that will never be? Oh, and lets toss in MM just because we need to extend this film? I wasn't a fan of the first cut either, it seemed like a poor version of Avengers. The second version is a pure ego trip. And you are really complaining that the Snap was undone? Like that would somehow make the MCU better? Tell me what other superhero movie have you seen wher
  24. I'm sorry, you complain about the MCU bringing back everyone when characters actually did die at the end of it? And the DCU just brought back the only person it had killed, ie Superman with a moronic "lets use these mother boxes" plot line?? Give me a break.
  25. 2 hours worth of ZSJL? Does that count? It was long enough for me to see that it was not worth going another two hours. Ugh. Sorry to the ZS fanbois out there...but christ..that was bad. If you are really going to spend that money to redo it...then make it better. Don't tack on two hours and meander along with stupid stuff. Just ugh.
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