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  1. taking a break on my end. Have fun everyone.
  2. Sure. Lets do sunday at 10am?
  3. Always wanted to fire him but did not have the heart. Guess I just have the 1 ag4 blodger now
  4. Lets do 10am as I want to believe that I will sleep in a bit (but I doubt that will happen)
  5. Is there time on Wed that works for you? As of now, I just have a morning meeting so I can work around the game.
  6. Sorry everyone. This was my bad for not reading the rules. I was hoping to save my team for future games this season. Will not happen again.
  7. Let's to Tuesday at noon. Should not have any meetings that day.
  8. Cannot today, but let me know when you can play this week and I will make it work.
  9. Hey, not sure if something came up or what ojn your end. Let me know if there is time this week we can play. My schedule is a bit more open this m-f.
  10. sorry everyone in div 1 for holding things up. Please throw your rotten vegetables at me from at least 6 feet away.
  11. Lets do 11am on Sat if that works for you.
  12. Is there a time this weekend we can play? I cannot do during the day this week.
  13. I will start a new team to even things out if that is easier
  14. same team as last season.
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