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  1. I am sorry to tell you but... this season is never going to end... or at least doesn't feel like it will.
  2. lets do 10am if that is ok.
  3. @sbr any chance we can get this game done this weekend? It appears my desire for the league to be over was not the case.
  4. apparently I saw what I wanted and I was wrong
  5. This season has not been great for my undead. Glad to be at the last game... oh and I love Blood Bowl... it is a great game.
  6. I hope this is not the last year as I unfortunately cannot participate this time.
  7. @scotthartman It looks like we are playing. Is there an evening that works for you?
  8. Lets do Monday at 7pm MT if that is ok
  9. @Burk I can do sometime this weekend. Earlier in the day actually works better for me.
  10. dumb, but I guess I need to "delete" some money.
  11. Does the online version add in your treasury to TV in some way?
  12. sure! Send me a message if the time needs changed. Otherwise we will murder some humans. I don't have enough zombies yet.
  13. Lets plan for Wed evening. Is there a time that works for you? I should be able to make most times work.
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