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  1. savion47

    Ordo BB2 League

    I can do this weekend. Prefer mornings. Want to do Saturday at 10am?
  2. savion47

    Ordo BB2 League

    We still need to play correct?
  3. Travis and I will be playing Tuesday I believe.
  4. To far out for me to commit at this time, but it is on the list of things I hope to commit too.
  5. savion47


    As someone who has dabbled in playing Ogres I have at times yelled at my models to "go." They tend to ignore me though.
  6. @sfoster, can you play this weekend?
  7. savion47

    Ordo BB2 League

    sounds good. I would prefer earlier Saturday at like 10am if that works, but can do any time that works for you.
  8. savion47

    Ordo BB2 League

    Sorry, I was away for work. Let me know what works for you this week and I will make it work for me.
  9. savion47

    Ordo BB2 League

    sorry. ticket accepted
  10. savion47

    Ordo BB2 League

    Will take care of this tonight.
  11. I plan to head up there around 3:30.
  12. see you this evening for our game.
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