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  1. Not quiet wide enough for most mini-gaming, but great for RPG's, board games, card games. Just too big for our room! Details here: http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/fuo/5283454526.html
  2. Thanks for answering Pretre! 100% correct. Spellcasting is complicated. But, it works well in practice and is pretty similar to how 1e/2e worked, except that you don't need to 'prepare multiple castings' for a single spell.
  3. When in doubt, I get to decide ;)
  4. Oh god...I'm usually a really good sport. Blood Bowl has succeeded, once, at making me get so pissed off that I threw dice. Sorry for the (indirect, bounced off the wall) dice to the face, Shane! The passing template is needed to determine who can intercept, if you are being competitive about it. In a 'friendly' game, you can just wing it. Blood Bowl is fun, and I wish we played more of it. The league a few years ago was going strong for a while, but kinda fell apart. Depending on how the OFCC schedule is this year, I kinda want to do either Rat City Rumble (if they are still going) or SPIKE this coming year. I think putting together and/or converting your team is a really fun part of it. I made a Norse team, the Isefjord Pillagers, from GW marauder bits and some Reaper minis. If you want a second team to have friends play, Orcs is always a good choice. Humans get a bit of everything too (that's I'm sure why Orcs v Humans are the teams in the old retail box). Depending on the version of the computer game you've been playing, you may or may not be familiar with the latest rules that most of the tourneys use, the CRP, along with the extra teams. With the release of a bunch of LotR and Hobbit sets, I may have to look into putting together my custom Lego High Elves again... Let me know if you get stuff together, I'd love to play. I have a team and lots of dice; just no pitch.
  5. LotR is much closer to 25mm scale (vs. Warhammer's 28...30...32mm creeping scale). Brets are much closer to scale than a lot of other WH stuff though, so no idea how it'll fit in. There are a LOT of options for historical 28mm figures, too.
  6. Did anyone go? How was it? (the experience, not the special - it's terrible)
  7. I'm 'cautiously excited' about more of a historicals approach to army lists; here's a bunch of units, here's a few army lists that you can build armies from to represent different areas, times, and special story/character things. An elf book with a bunch of elf units, then lists for High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves (pre reconciliation), lists for the opposing armies of Malekieth/Teclis and Tyrion (spoilers), and one for the forces of the new Phoenix King. The same for the armies of Chaos. Separate, combined, ones for special characters or situations. A book for Armies of Men and Dwarfs - Empire, Bretonnian, Dwarfs, combined, etc. No idea what will actually happen, of course. In summary, neither super-hyped nor super-dismal about it. We'll see.
  8. Or both lucky and good. 7-token Comet of Cassandora, anyone? It managed to kill all but one of my guys and yet only 3 of your peasants :D
  9. Oh yea - trust me, I wasn't seriously suggesting that, I was mocking it. Since we're talking food (and sorry I can't really help with coffee that's indoors - on the occaision that I get it on the way in to Ordo, I get it at the Dutch Bros drive thru nearby), Green Dragon over Pacific Pie? How's the food at Green Dragon?
  10. There's a Bikini Brew a block away, but that might not be all that warm...especially if they make you wear the uniform ;)
  11. Did you get a good spoon too? I generally have a far better chance of winning that ;)
  12. Yyyyyeaaaah. I'm going to try to get the shrine done for the Rampage this weekend. Nothing else will be done, but dangit, I want to show it off, and it needs to be nearly finished to be glued together, so it's getting done!
  13. But don't mix up the two!
  14. Sigh. In a move possible like throwing oneself into a volcano, I've also made a submission. So at least they're be two of us, minimum ;)
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