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  1. I should make it down by one or shortly thereafter. If you all aren’t at Dark Tower then, leave a trail of breadcrumbs!
  2. I sense a disturbance in Cascadia .... what is this? The weaklings from the south send an emissary to treat with their brutal overlords from the north? Very well. I know of this ... Yarb. Ill be coming off of a long jag of visiting relatives, but I can escape on the 7th! Afternoon games, beer, and dinner sound good? What are you playing these days? I’m happy to do board games if it means including more folks, but I’m also up for just about any mini game you could imagine. It’ll be great to see you!
  3. Obviously, the fault is Emo Sherbert's, for an untimely self-sacrifice. should have seen that coming! Spent some time hunting down old fonts and digging up old files. This should work for those hunting logos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G7TXEfdme6cpu5Ep1I1WghOcpHDLHBnp Can't find a plain hamster, but I'll try to recreate it. FWIW, Inkscape is a free vector graphics program in which all of those .svg files were created.
  4. Sorry you won’t be able to make it Bobby. I was looking forward to seeing you! the only expansion I’ve played with is Prelude. I share Bobby's sentiment. It’s wonderful!
  5. I think Brendan and Brad are playing Twillight Struggle.
  6. I’m in! I’m terrible at the game, but I love it. Mostly I toss asteroids at people. I can be down between 6 and 6:30.
  7. Blech. This whole business kind of makes me sick. I’m still not clear on the details of what happened. Since I haven’t heard Corey’s side of things, I have to go with what I’ve heard. Apologies if I’m making assumptions here. It sounds like Corey was accidentally left on a signatory to the Warhamster WECU account, and WECU policies changed to make it easier for signatories to access money in group accounts. Then Corey emptied out the bank account to the tune of close to $400 to commission artwork and print a banner and stickers? It sounds like there wasn’t any communication with others about w
  8. Thanks, all! It's been really fun to learn to cast resin, find new ways to scratch my creative itch, and run a small business. While it's something I might come back to in the future, it's a good time to wrap it up. Thanks! That did go pretty quickly!
  9. First off, thanks so much to all of the customers of Worldsmith Industries. It has been an absolute joy to have had the opportunity to create and cast resin terrain for all of you over the past 4 years. Because of work, family, and other hobbies, I unfortunately no longer have the time to continue casting terrain. As such, I'll be shutting down my webstore shortly. Before I do, though, I have some inventory to unload. For a limited time, everything in my webstore is at least 50% off. Inventory is limited, once it's gone, it's gone. If you'd like to pick up some terrai
  10. Awesome article about a non-existent band: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/jered_threatin
  11. Noooooo!!!!! Events conspire, I won’t be out tonight. You live for another week, witches!
  12. I’m still here! Need to get my fourth game for my witchhunters tonight. Any takers?
  13. Awesome! I'll be bringing my Mordheim, but will be fully prepared to play board games with you instead. If you're interested, some of us usually go out to Bayou on Bay afterwards for beer and food. It's our NYP replacement!
  14. With family coming in tomorrow, I think I'm out for tonight. I'll return next week!
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