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    Blustorm reacted to Weav for a calendar event, Rosenstadt Rumble - Two Saturday Blood Bowl Tournament   
    Welcome to the RUMBLE!!!
    Rosenstadt Rumble is a NAF-approved, resurrection-style, four-game, two Saturday Blood Bowl Second Season Edition tournament at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse in SE Portland, Oregon. Games one and two will be held on April 10th 2021, and games three and four, as well as awards, will be held on April 24th 2021. Both days begin at 10am PDT, and should end around 4pm PDT each Saturday.
    Rosenstadt Rumble is limited to the first eight participants in order to comply with the Multnomah County moderate risk guidelines. COVID-related precautions, including mandatory mask use, will be enforced. Coaches who refuse to comply will be asked to leave, and will not receive a refund. 
    Coaches are expected to bring:
    •          Their painted team, including coaching staff
    •          Dice, tokens and other in-game indicators
    •          A BB2016 or later pitch, dugouts and templates
    •          A BBSSE rulebook
    •          Five copies of their approved roster
    •          A great attitude!
    Each game will be limited to two hours and fifteen minutes. If coaches have not begun the second half by one hour and fifteen minutes, both coaches will have a mandatory four-minute turn timer; if the time expires, the coach may finish the active player's activation and then their turn is done. All models on your team must be numbered to your matching roster, and all added skills must be clearly marked. CTV will not be calculated before each game, and the inducement phase is completely skipped, including the Prayers to Nuffle table. 
    The tournament winner will be determined from tournament points, which are earned from each game. Points are scored as follows:
    •          Win: 30 points
    •          Draw: 10 points
    •          Loss: 0 points
    •          Bonus Points:
         o          Won by two or more TD’s: 5 points
         o          Inflicted three or more casualties: 5 points
         o          Finished before time is called: 2 points
    Awards include: Rosenstadt Rumble Champion, Best Offense, and Most Brutal.
    Coaches have 1.2M gold crowns to build their team. Coaches may choose any team from the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition (BBSSE) rulebook, the most-recent Teams of Legend document, or from the most-recent NAF-approved team lists. Coaches may purchase players, Team Re-Rolls, Sideline Staff, and Dedicated Fans as stated in the BBSSE rulebook, and as their team rules allow. A coach must purchase eleven players, and a Star Player may be your eleventh player. Teams with the Low Cost Linemen receive no benefit at Rosenstadt Rumble. The following inducements are also eligible for purchase, at the quantities, cost and restrictions listed in the BBSSE rulebook:
    ·      Temp Agency Cheerleaders
    ·      Part-time Assistant Coaches
    ·      Weather Mage
    ·      Bloodweiser Kegs/Babes
    ·      Extra Team Training
    ·      Bribes
    ·      Wandering Apothecaries
    ·      Mortuary Assistant
    ·      Plague Doctor
    ·      Riotus Rookies
    ·      Halfling Master Chef
    ·      Star Players (only BBSSE Stars)
    ·      (In)Famous Coaching Staff: Josef Bugman and any Staff from BB2016 publications
    ·      Biased Referee
    Players may not purchase any inducements not listed above which includes special play cards and Wizards. 
    Coaches will have 36 SPPs to distribute across the players on their team. There are no restrictions on how these SPPs can be distributed; in other words, go wild! Do you want a player with two chosen secondary skills? Awesome! That will cost you 26 SPPs, and likely hinder the remainder of your team. Coaches are allowed to purchase random skills and characteristic improvements, but will pay the cost associated with the choice they made. Example: an Orc Blitzer will pay 18 SPPs for a random characteristic increase, but if the coach rolls a PA improvement, the coach may select a skill as stated in the rules, but will still pay the full 18 SPPs for the chance at the characteristic improvement. All random skills and characteristics will be rolled in front of the Tournament Organizer during registration, and are static for all four-games of the tournament. No subsequent random skill or characteristic rolls are made at the beginning of game two, three or four. 
    Purchase your entry in the Ordo Fanaticus web store
    Facebook event page
    TheNAF.net event page

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    Blustorm reacted to Weav for a calendar event, New Years Blitz! Season Two - Blitz Bowl Tournament   
    It's a new year, and a great time to Blitz! New Year's Blitz! Season Two is a four-round, Blitz Bowl tournament held at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse in SE Portland, Oregon. New Year's Blitz! Season Two will feature all the new rules and player rules, stats and skills from the Blitz Bowl Season Two boxed set. All official Games Workshop released teams are available for play. If you use any of the new teams from Blitz Bowl Season Two, you must provide your own cards. COVID precautions will be in place, including mandatory masks, socially distant pitches, no dice sharing, touch your own miniatures, and hand sanitizer at all tables. Purchase your entry here.
    Rounds begin at 11am. Each round will last one hour. The scheduled is posted below. At the end of the event, we will acknowledge the Overall Champion, and Most Points Scored. Tournament scoring mechanism is shown below. All Challenge decks will include additional new, custom cards designed for the event. Want to learn more about Blitz Bowl? Watch this video.
    House rules:
    *Chaos Chosen Blocker* special rule change: Indomitable: The player cannot be Knocked Down. If they would be, make an Armour check for them - if it is passed, they remain standing. If they had possession of the ball, it will scatter from their square as if they had been Knocked Down. If the Armour check is failed, they are injured. Halfling special rule changes: Slippery Little Runt: When this player is the target of a block action, and the result of that block is a Miss, Shove or Tackle, their coach can choose to ignore the result and this player makes an immediate free Sidestep action; if they are unable to make the free Sidestep action, the result of the Block stands. Very Well Fed: Once per this player's turn, while this player is on the pitch, they can make a free Block or Mark action. Sudden Death victories are not in effect for this tournament; all games are played until the end of the Challenge deck as normal Schedule:
    10:30a Registration 11:00a Blitz Bowl round one 12:00p Break 12:30p Blitz Bowl round two 1:30p Blitz Bowl round three 2:30p Blitz Bowl break 2:45p Blitz Bowl round four 3:45p Break 4:00p Results and Awards Blitz Bowl tournament scoring:
    Round Win: 15 tournament points Round Draw: 5 tournament points Round Loss: 0 tournament points Bonus: one tournament point per ten points scored in each game; ie, 22 game points would be two bonus tournament points Notes:
    Teams will receive one bonus tournament point for each ten points scored each game, rounding down; example: 17 points scored in the game would add one point, regardless of W/L/D Tie-breaker: total points scored across all games  
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