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  1. Greetings all, I’m looking to acquire some old Rackham Confrontation. Mostly looking for a nice copy of the 3.5 hardcover rulebook to start but would also consider miniatures with English cards. NIB preferred. I know this game was a big hit up in Vancouver. Anyone want to clear some closet space? i have a few 40k Genestealer Cult and Space Wolves items for trade or cash depending on the price. Thanks!
  2. Looking to sell the pictured Crossbows & Catapults game with Castle Outpost expansion made by Lakeside Games back in 1983. From what I can tell, the core game is complete or only missing one small stone wall but I believe the expansion is missing a couple of figures and caroms. I wasn’t able to find a good archive resource so double check me on that. Asking for $125. Only trade items I’d consider is old school Magic the Gathering (Beta/Arabian Nights/Legends kind of stuff)
  3. Thank you for the response. I sent a message on Facebook for more details.
  4. Bump. On the the hunt for older Magic cards.
  5. 8th edition has caught my eye and I've decided to build a AdMech/Skitarii army. If anyone has any for trade, hit me up.
  6. Thank you for the interest but I'm not looking to separate.
  7. Looking to sell/trade some space marines and/or Raven Guard. Retail on all of this is over $400. I'm asking $150 or would trade for old Magic the Gathering. Older the better. 4x Assault Squad (20 marines, 10 are assembled with magnets) Predator Thunderfire Cannon Aegis Defense Line Imperial Armour Volume 8 Army Transport with foam Raven Guard Shoulder Pads Raven Guard Dice
  8. Looking to sell my Oni army for the old Rackham game AT-43. These are very rare as this army was released shortly before Rackham closed it's doors and production was low. Have: Oni Army Box - loose Light Enforcer - loose Army Book Oni Tape Measure Ebay data is sparse but i've kept an eye on them for a few years now. I would like to avoid shipping and the ebay experience altogether if possible. My best estimate if I were to split these up and sell online would conservatively be $350, likely more. My price: $200 cash. The only trade I would consider would be for old action figures from the 70's & 80's, nothing newer than that. (Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, etc.) Thank you and Happy New Year!
  9. I have one an avatar if you're interested. Pestilence http://www.trollandtoad.com/p114989.html
  10. I'm looking to expand my Game Boy collection. Mostly looking for games, swag or possibly the handhelds for the original or advance eras only. Not looking for DS or later. Have some unused 40k miniatures, mostly Space Marines (nos) and some of the Forgeworld Imperial Armour books. Also, plenty of Magic the Gathering. Message me with what you have and I'll be happy to dig them out and return with details myself. Thank you
  11. Greetings. If you end up with cash, hit me up. I started a Raven Guard army that needs a new home. I have plenty of assault marines, their FW book and even the Shadow Captain Korvydae. Plus a bunch of other marines things. I'd consider a partial trade for Magic the Gathering and/or action figures from the 80's. Aaron
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