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  1. Anyone check out heroforge recently? I don't plan on ordering a lot of miniatures any time soon but I love the app.
  2. Dark Star Probably tied with They Live for the strangest of the John Carpenter projects. This movie lampoons the sci fi genre hilariously even before most of the familiar entries existed. I re watch periodically out of nostalgia. Really clever if you appreciate a combination of subtle references and low slapstick.
  3. Not if my space marines are life size.
  4. New Game Room Yo. Still needs insulation and furniture.
  5. Man, that's even worse. You've managed, somehow, to make me like this movie even less.
  6. Yeah. That's actually the worst aspect of this movie... the ostensible 'message'. Which, I think, would be something like 'no matter how good a guy is women will find a way to demonize and torture him for no reason'. I suspect it's very popular in certain, ahem, internet communities. All that said, there are movies I like with no redeeming moral value so I can't high horse about it. If you dig Roths stuff in general you may get something out of it that I didn't. Sometimes I miss the point.
  7. Knock, knock. Honestly, don't bother. Third rate thriller from mediocre director Eli Roth. Half credit for ditching the gore porn format and exploring a new theme but that's about it. None of the performances are remotely believable. Totally mis cast. None of the twists are remotely surprising. The 'money' lines get delivered in such phone in repetition that they lose all meaning. If you really need to see Keanus Reeves butt I guess give it a spin. But blecch.
  8. Sorry to welch. Hopefully gaming warms up again soon. Anyone want a game in cornelius?
  9. That's a sweet model. The original twin were cool looking but OOP by my recollection. I remember whole hills dropping on my units from elf magic.
  10. I'd love to drop by and see everyone. For boardgames or bourbon or whatever.
  11. I remember her stint on Masterpiece Theater.
  12. Depends on the total league synergy. In our leagues there would be frequently be a fairly high casualty rate making the recycling of non optimum players difficult. Certainly if you have excess players this is a good option.
  13. This seems unlikely. The current set has most teams developing in a fairly linear progression. Most teams spam the same skills based on availability. The chances of this occurring randomly seem pretty darn low. I think it could potentially be a very effective leveler. You can still spam your linear progression if you want but you will be facing zany teams with random skills while you hoard points for your guard spam.
  14. It's just a trailer but, holy jesus complex..... DUNE. I'm struggling not to jinx it with my anticipation.
  15. I can agree with the spirit of this but am also unaware of the particular division. I'll do my best to be a good citizen.
  16. Do you feel a lot of coaches will opt for random skills? I think I would do this just for entertainment. Also, is TV still based on total SPPs? If that's the case than random skills could be a big advantage. If we have the same TV and I have thrice the skill ups... This is the bit I'm excited to see unfold.
  17. Also, fair warning. Hot peppers are delicious when smoked but it makes them even hotter.
  18. Hopefully we close on our new house this summer. If so I've got designs to replace our grill and smoker with a large clay pit.
  19. I like the option of taking random skills for a lower spp threshold. One thing I got really bored with was the virtually identical skill progression of any team that wanted to stay competitive. Hopefully this means we will see a more interesting mix of team concepts. Bashing might be slightly less effective but its impossible to say for sure without figuring out the total synergy. More hybrid teams is cool. More teams in general.
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