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  1. Please note that the start times for ACAA Crush Combine and Bazaar Bash have been moved up to 10a and 2p respectfully.
  2. I'll be there, would prefer to play some Blitz Bowl, but if not, I'm in for board gaming or a Blood Bowl league friendly.
  3. The winners! First, Blitz Bowl: Most Points Scored (42): @ZorconDark Elves Hotter than July Champion (3-0-0): @Burk Chaos Chosen Street Bowl: Best Offense: @scotthartman Tomb Kings Best Defense: @ROGRE Orcs Most Casualties: @Patriarch of Sigmar Necromantic Horror Hotter than July Champion (2-0-1): @Zorcon Chaos Renegades
  4. Weav

    Ordo BB2 League

    Shane and I will play in the next day or so
  5. Weav

    Ordo BB2 League

    Just waiting on @kb10r...he’s been MIA recently
  6. Sorry Scott, I hope you got home okay.
  7. Round two results: David’s Necromantic Horror drew Burk’s Necromantic Horror 1-1 Mike’s Norse def Shane’s Chaos Chosen 1-0 John’s Chaos Renegades def Amado’s Chaos Dwarfs 1-0 Jesse’s Dwarfs drew Jason’s Orcs 0-0 Scott’s Tomb Kings drew James’ Dwarfs 0-0
  8. Hotter than July Street Bowl round one: James’ Dwarfs def Shane’s Chaos Chosen 1-0 David’s Necromantic Horror drew Mike’s Norse 0-0 Jason’s Orcs def Burk’s Chaos Chosen 1-0 John’s Chaos Renegades def Jesse’s Dwarfs 1-0 Scott’s Tomb Kings def Amado’s Chaos Dwarfs 2-1
  9. Final round: John’s Dark Elves def David’s Dwarfs 12-0 (Sudden Death) Scott’s Chaos Chosen def Jesse’s Dwarfs 14-2 (Sudden Death) Amado’s Elven Union def Shane’s Humans 23-11 (Sudden Death) Jason’s Orcs def James’ Dwarfs 21-12 Burk’s Chaos Chosen def Mike’s Skaven 17-7 (Sudden Death) Winner to be announced shortly
  10. Round two: Burk’s Chaos Chosen def Jesse’s Dwarfs 16-5 (Endgame) John’s Dark Elves def Scott’s Chaos Chosen 14-3 (Sudden Death) Mike’s Skaven def David’s Dwarfs 11-3 Shane's Humans def Jason’s Orcs 19-11 James’ Dwarfs def Amado’s Elven Union 16-14
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