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  1. Depending on my work schedule, I will most likely play British from the British book.
  2. This was a fun game. The sniper unit I took was really worth its points. Handing out pin markers, managing to kill a few troops, plus it keep the Ities artery occupied. More units and larger infantry numbers were very important too. Good practice for the upcoming league.
  3. You lucky dog! Did you get it direct from Mantic or did you get it locally? I'm looking forward to getting my copy!
  4. I'd like to join in, I have regular Brits & Brit Paras plus some other guys to put together. I'll stay tuned.....
  5. Kings of War 3rd edition is on the way! https://manticblog.com/2019/07/01/kings-of-war-third-edition-coming-october-2019/ They are also releasing a 2 player starter set https://www.beastsofwar.com/kings-of-war/two-player-starter-set-kings-of-war-3rd-edition/?utm_source=Beasts+of+War+Subscriber&utm_campaign=4efe4d0532-Fantasy_RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9e687f4a36-4efe4d0532-396239649&goal=0_9e687f4a36-4efe4d0532-396239649&mc_cid=4efe4d0532&mc_eid=01348acee0 Looking forward to playing this version.
  6. Vanguard is 28mm just like Mordheim was; so should be really usable (some of the larger models may not be able to enter a building?). Plus I have some which I'm planing to use for Vanguard; Plus the terrain that is coming with my bundle of goodies! The models look really nice; check out the Northern Alliance warband here: https://manticblog.com/2018/09/19/my-warband-my-story-martins-northern-alliance-warband/
  7. Mantic is set to release Vanguard it's fantasy skirmish game. I have a bunch of models coming in mid October from their kickstarter (which is early from their original estimate of November!). So, I'm anxious to read the rules and start playing once everything arrives. Check out the latest news here: https://mailchi.mp/manticgames/newsletter-july14-970613 They are also saying that they will be sending out a lot more info about Vanguard over the next month.
  8. Bummer, I have relatives in town that weekend. I'll try to catch the next one...
  9. Gilgamesh, I'm interested in what other events are going on for KoW. Perhaps, you could post them here. Sorry you had to cancel the event though.
  10. I like the undead paint. I could consider using that on my Abyssal army especially the gargoyles.
  11. I still play (at least want to). I currently have a KoM army (assembled) and Abyssal Dwarfs and Forces of the Abyssal waiting to put together.
  12. Mantic is accepting late pledges through the end of the month (28Feb18). The giant model is brand new and is looking really cool. Linky: Mantic KoW Kickstarter
  13. Mantic's Kings of War Skirmish game is on Kickstarter now. Looks like a lot of fun and it's very flexible in terms of One off game/Campaign/Tying it into a KoW game. $85 gets you the game and bunch of goodies (2 player or 1 warband & scenery) or $30 for just the rule book and token/dice. Here's the link: Mantic Vanguard Kickstarter
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