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  1. Yeah, I am the only Armada Owner I know too. I have piles of stuff and friends that are up for games occasionally, but absolutely no competitive experience. I do not think I can justify the cost for a game that I do not play much.
  2. One model (of all the models on the board) dominated the battle field (as in seemed way too powerful) (Hint: Brotherhood Paladin in T-60 with a gatling laser)
  3. Anyone get games in yet? We have had a few games down south, generally speaking it is pretty fun though one model dominated the game I personally played.
  4. Now all we need is more Armada players.
  5. @Douglas Thompson him me with an IM and we can discuss the details
  6. Wrong Jay! It was Christopher Spence who was there with Derk Kieft. 😛 I got that box in my garage as we speak.
  7. Waiting for my pre-order of the starter set. A couple of my friends did a game of the print and play and really liked it.
  8. dkieft


    Well, I still have yet to get it on the table. I am pretty sure my normal gaming group would lose interest after a few games. I did start a Risk Legacy campaign and we have managed to play it twice in like 8 months... so yeah.
  9. Any more info on this event? I am not sure I have a team... But I am interested.
  10. They run there promotions over the weekend and into the next week if that helps at all... Should kick off Wednesday and run into Monday or Tuesday (don't bank on it, but usually they do)
  11. Oh don't worry, in Malifaux there are a lot more things for me to forget for the whole game!
  12. dkieft


    2776 per a quick google search.
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