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  1. If a Rogue Trader breaks their Charter, or betrays the Imperium or something, are they then called a rogue Rogue Trader? A Rogue Traitor?
  2. This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone: It's rare that I find a book to be as good as everyone says it is, but this is one of the where I did. I don't have the words to talk about it properly. Just beautiful writing.
  3. I was pretty spacy when I went to the dentist the other day. When the dental hygienist was doing the COVID screening and asked if I had a recent loss of taste, I replied "No, I dress like this all the time".
  4. Yeah, regardless of technique, using a true grey rather than the robin's egg blue that they try to pass off as grey is really a good look for SW. Because of disability issues (when I hit my limit, I need to be able to stop immediately, can't always deal with the cleanup an airbrush would require), I messed around and figured out the bigass brush as an alternative that was more workable for me.
  5. Alien Implant. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. I only stuck through to the end out of a sort of horrified trainwreck fascination. Looking it up afterward, I was surprised to learn that it's the 12th(!) film by this director, and actually, I was pretty surprised to find that it was made in the US, since the dialogue came across like it was both written and performed by people who only had a vague knowledge of English. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda: They finally acknowledged that Yancy Butler is the real star of the series and gave her the central role! Very fun capstone to both series,
  6. I did my SW working up from a black undercoat through Mechanicus Standard Grey, Dawnstone, and Administratum Grey. No airbrush, just drybrushing with a really big* brush. There are some pics here and here. Then picked out the details afterward. *As in, a brush normally used for doing trim on houses. Could easily be done with zenithal spraying/airbrushing for a cleaner effect, tho.
  7. Quite the opposite. I generally find Roth's films nihilistic and depressing. Not what I look for in my entertainment. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. A turn back up for the series. Yancy Butler delivers again, and Elisabeth Röhm is always solid. Lots of other good supporting character work as well. And at least the TDTL character is a teen doing stupid teen things this time. Also, after the first, the series took a lot of flack for the crappy CGI, and yeah, it is pretty bad, but I do like that they really started showing off how powerful the mutant crocs are supposed to be, with them haul
  8. That's unfortunate. I was interested in it, but I didn't know it was an Eli Roth flick. Lake Placid 2: Strictly a downgrade from the original. Betty White's presence is sorely missed. Lake Placid 3: One of the things I really hate is horror movies where a bunch of people get killed because they do something that the film considers really stupid, but then there's a kid who is seriously too dumb to live, and he survives. See also: Jack Frost. Yancy Butler and a number of the secondary characters make this one worthwhile anyhow, tho.
  9. Anaconda 4: The snek is really cute in this one for some reason
  10. It wasn't actually fire related. It was construction on the apartments up the hill. They really screwed up our water lines, too, to the extent that we've had basically fountains in the middle of the street, and found chunks of pipe that had just kind of fallen apart.
  11. Unfortunately, no. It's looking like it's going to be a matter of weeks, not days. Not sure how to best resolve the situation for the league.
  12. Not sure. Our internet has been out for a week. I'm on a neighbor's wifi now, but it's not a good enough connection for BB. It will hopefully be fixed today or tomorrow, but the chain of ridiculously improbable things that have gone wrong during the repair attempt so far* make me hesitant to try to schedule anything. I'll PM you when I have a solid connection again. *Seriously, the repair guy was on the verge of tears by Friday with frustration at how many things are going wrong.
  13. Oh, yeah, you're on Mountain time aren't you. Yeah, I was thinking Pacific time. See you on the pitch!
  14. Saturday is good. Preferably in the evening. Say, 8?
  15. WestRider

    Sad News

    Ouch, that's sad news indeed. He's been a great part of the Seattle GW community for as long as I can remember.
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