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  1. Good in my mind. Very good. Rough start without watching some videos on how to do things, but there are tons of mods out there that make the game even better
  2. This is similar to what I have taken before, but with the points change I was able to add another Hive tyrant, and decided to bring a model most don't... a Tyrannocyte with 5 Venom Cannons! Hive Fleet Kronos 180 Hive Tyrant, Heavy venom cannon, Lash Whip and Monstrous Bonesword, Reaper of Obliterax, Warlord, Trait=Soul Hunger 210 Hive Tyrant, Wings, Monstrous Scything talons 90 Neurothrope 150 Hormagaunts x 30 160 Termagants w/Devourer x 20 160 Termagants w/Devourer x 20 135 Tyranid Warriors x 5 w/Deathspitters and Flesh Hooks 60 Deathleaper 117 Tyrant guard w/rending claws, lashwhip and boneswords 200 Zoanthrope x 5 191 Trygon Prime 208 Tyrannofex w/rupture cannon 135 Tyrannocyte w/5x Venom Cannon Basically Half the army comes in turn two (and I mean half by barley under 1000 points). Starting on the table though are 5 units that can smite and some decent firepower. The hormagaunts charge across the table right away to give you something to shoot at and kind of worry about with the foot slogging Hive tyrant and his guard following. The Warriors tend to hold rear objectives and deal with turn two incoming enemies with heavy fire support from the Fex. Never used a Flyrant, so will figure that out before OFCC hopefully LOL. The Termagaunts will come in turn two, one with the Trygon Prime, the other with the Tyrannocyte. Deathleaper is just for fun, he never kills anything important. If my opponent has lots of models and could effectively keep me from brining in my models on turn two, then I would deploy most at the beginning and still be effective. I have those great 40k movement trays from Marc the Maker so movement with those large units takes no time at all. Also with 60 shots from the Termagaunts, I use a dice rolling app if my opponent agrees that greatly reduces the time in my shooting phase. I'm proud to be part of the Infil-traitors (well minus the fact they are heritic scum! For the Emperor! Us Hive guys are just trying to save our brother from the Golden Throne and bring him back into the collective...)
  3. Bro G is looking at the goblins, so if anyone wants the Orcs, let me know!
  4. Okay this is what I've got. 16 Orcs on sprue 11 Night goblins on sprue 4 newer version of boars on sprue (minus the heads for some reason) 1 Standard Bearer Boar Boy on sprue 3 Fanatics 42 Hand Weapon Orcs 13 Spear orcs 3 Orcs with standards 23 Orcs with bows 1 Orc chariot with old style boars minus the walls 12 random painted Night goblins 3 metal Savage orcs Oh and a crap ton of bits. In the bags of bits I see a few more complete Orcs and goblins. All the weapon choices are in the bits bags so you can swap out pretty easily.
  5. Sweet Brother G. In the next couple of days I will compile a list of what I have for trade and post it here!
  6. My boy has started an Ork army. It grew way faster than we thought as we were donated some, got some for crazy low prices and then when he won a few raffles at Glimpses and bought some more. But what he is lacking is troops... minus about 40 gretchin, he only has 15 boyz. So does anyone want to part with a bucket of Orks? badly painted is fine or even ones missing heads and arms (need legs though). If looking for trade, then probably out of luck as I don't have much to trade. I have a bunch of Fantasy orcs and goblins (from 7th edition) that I would trade (not built or painted) though. Let me know!
  7. VonRuger

    Comic books

    My Daughter loves Squirrel Girl and the Fantastic 4 Molovent (SP?) story line, where invisible girl goes evil I guess (I should probably have paid more attention to her talking about it LOL). Got any of that? Her Birthday is in Late January so no Christmas rush to find it.
  8. Why did I wait so long to get this game? I was never interested in it and it came up free thru Epic. I downloaded it and 5 min in I was hooked. It is freaking beautiful, and fun, and so much more. I just found the last piece to build the big submarine and I about cried as it was built... a thing of beauty! Anyone play this and have the Frozen expanse that just came out? Wondering if it is good too?
  9. LOLO I forgot about the Index! And those are still viable per GW, thank you!
  10. Yeah the Little Vehicles are gone from the Codex
  11. I don't see warbuggies in the new codex. Are they Forge World?
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