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    Orkz is nevva beaten in battle. You touched my life in ways I can never express. Rest in peace my little grotty buddy.
  2. Thank you Huffy Puffy Burk, your over-use of periods is driving me crazy. Use one, or three (also known as an ellipses), not four, you heathen.
  3. You should capitalize English. It's a.... never mind. I see what you did there. Nah, it's not a product of the times at all. Like I said, I know you guys are doing what you feel is best, what was asked for, and what is best for the club. I SUPPORT you guys. Just the time table that I think is questionable. I love you too sweetums. <3
  4. My man, @Sugarlessllama while I agree with the spirit of your objections, stoking the fire and riling up folks wont solve anything. Let's come together and have a discussion, not a fight. I hear you brother, and I'm with you. 🙂
  5. That would not really be a Pollyanna, but perhaps an optimistic perspective from a single (and perchance privileged) point of view. There may be 31 factions to choose from, but your assumption is that each player at OFCC has access to all 31 of those factions, and enough time and money to prepare a brand new army from now until the end of July. Additionally, we have multiple teams (mine included) that travel over 2,000 miles at great personal expense to attend an event that we believe in, an event that I have pushed and recruited people for over a decade and a half. The ability to simply 'find more people' or 'switch up teams' is not easy for those of us that do not live in the hallowed PNW anymore (and boy do I miss it). Burk, you know I love you man. We've known each other for a while now, and you also know I wont censor myself. I know you, and for all the German jokes, you're one of the most caring, giving, and selfless people I know (unless you're playing Blood Bowl), and Ordo would be nothing without the endless dedication of you and the rest of the Senators. Thank you for that. With that said, perhaps this statement was meant a different way, but this came across, to me at least, as "sorry our late decision makes it so you can't play in the event you want to, but here's this standard 40k event that isn't the one you came here to play, play in this one". I understand providing an alternative is gracious as hell of the HOG and the Senate, but I really feel that for teams such as Ordo East (as an example), in a tiny town with a single store, where almost everything is shut down and no one can buy anything, and who have already purchased their tickets and in some instances reserved hotel rooms, that is a bitter pill to swallow. This is assuming that I am not misunderstanding the intention of this co-current event. If this is a part of the OFCC team event, and just is a way for Ringers to participate without a team, then that might work. But a completely separate event just isn't the same. I want to reiterate that this new limitation affects my team in no way, as we never double up on factions, and I LIKE the change and what it's trying to do. I approve of diversity and not just seeing a team of five marine players all with similar lists. It's just the short time frame combined with the current economic/pandemic situation that I am objecting to, and the fact that this decision will make it impossible for some players and even entire teams to not be able to participate. At a time like this, in the type of situation everyone is in with this pandemic, taking away something like playing in the OFCC team event for such a reason just feels against the spirit of what OFCC and Ordo Fanaticus is all about. That being said all, this is just one person's opinion, and I will, of course, accept the final decision of the HOG and Senate. There are hundreds of small details that go on behind the scenes that we team captains and players do not understand or know about, and there could be a LOT more to this than we know. In the grand scheme of things, the Senate has never made a decision that they did not feel was in the best interest of the club, and I trust them. I simply am expressing my thoughts and feelings. If I have offended anyone, I apologize, it was not my intention. I love all of you guys, I wouldn't save up several grand a year and fly 2,500 miles to spend a single weekend throwing dice and drinking if I didn't. This event and it's spirit simply matters a LOT to me. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and attention.
  6. Eager to come back for my 14th year at OFCC! Or is it 15th? I can't remember at this point. While this new team limitation doesn't affect Team Diversity very much (we always bring different armies for each person, hence the diversity), I feel that this will be quite a blow to a large number of teams that cannot afford to buy and make a new army at such a short notice. This announcement needed to come back in January, not April. With that said, I LIKE the change and what it is trying to do, don't get me wrong. My issue is the timing and the fact that there are many older gamers who cannot afford to/don't want to make a new army that come to OFCC as their only major 40k event each year. Any rule that restricts long-time members and participators out of hand without a recourse that doesn't cost 500+ dollars and/or 100+ hours of work painting and building cannot be for the good of the event. I feel that allowances should be made for some teams, like the Warhampsters who are all great guys and I love seeing them every year, to bend this new rule a bit. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to this event! Now to find a fifth member.... Khan? Skipper? Don? Gotta send out the all-call!
  7. SOrry, i'm being silly. I think my second challenge is Ash if SOtW isn't taking their third slot, and Dark Trainer and I wanted to challenge each other's teams.
  8. wait.. who challenged me?! I do what where who when? How die this do what now? Who wants to fight!?
  9. Huh. Never thought of it that way. I guess I'll just run you out of town on Sunday night or Monday morning, whichever is most convenient for you. 😄
  10. Gosh darn it @VonVilkee. I'll take you to task, take you down, take you out and run you out of town. You're on!
  11. YEah, around here money is thin on the ground, so they have to wait and save for about a year to go.
  12. Hah. It looks like two teams this year, with Don joining one of them. And... four more people talking about saving up to go next year. People are super excited.
  13. I would definitely play in a doubles event. The goal will once again, have it be Team D 1 vs Team D 2 in the finals!
  14. Don, Team Ordo East has got your back, trust me. I think they're looking for a guy. I'll talk to the team captain, they're a great group of guys from Ohio. Who knows, maybe we'll face each other!
  15. So for the remaining week of Kill Team, we're doing 200 points, with commanders. Then we'll be playing a few weeks of 40k along side Infinity. we're taking it light, but it should be fun!
  16. So, at this point, It looks like we might be bringing Team D, as well as two or maybe THREE more Ohio teams to OFCC. Our unrelenting lobbying and bullying is paying off!
  17. Thanks everyone for turning out for a great event. Everyone had fun, we had a good showing for such a small town, and the missions went down well.... with the exception that almost everyone forgot that frostbyte was limited insertion. OH well, watching a final round with everyone making a list in ten mins was certainly interesting to watch!
  18. Infinity Soldiers of Fortune Tournament When: 10-27-19 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm Where: Phoenix Nest Games What: Three-round Season 10 Infinity Escalation Tournament using the Soldiers of Fortune alternate rules. SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE This Extra allows players to include Mercenary Troops in their Army List. • Players must respect the Availability within the Troop Profile, ignoring the limitations established by the Army or Sectorial. • Each player can include up to 75 points of Mercenary Troops in their Army List. • The Mercenary Troops can be different for each of the two player Army Lists. • Fielding mercenaries in this way costs 1 SWC in that Army List. • The use of this Extra does not allow duplication of Characters. NOTE: Proxies are allowed within reason for mercenary models that the player does not own, but must be approximations. Run any questionable proxies by the Tournament Organizer. Each player will develop two lists for each round, and choose from them once finding out the faction identity of their opponent. Round 1 100 points: Biotech Vore Round 2 200 points: Deadly Dance Round 3 300 points: Frostbyte
  19. Check out the pinned message at the top for the rules of the league!
  20. Alright folks, here are the rules. First off, I want to have some prizes for the league itself this time, so if you can, please pay $5 for entry into the league. If you cannot afford it, that's fine, the prizes will be coming out of my pocket, so I just want to recoup some of the costs. The league starts at 100 points, and goes up by 50 points per week until the league finishes with a tournament. The tournament itself will be an escalation tournament, first round is 100 points, second round is 200 points, and third round is 300 points. In the tournament, the Soldiers of Fortune rule will be in effect, so everyone may spend 1 SWC and take 75 points worth of mercenary models. For the first week of the league, you will play 100 points. The limitations are as follows: No Total Reaction or Neurocinetics, only one Warband model, no fire teams. During the league you will be required to stay within the same general faction (ie. N2, PanO, etc) but you may change sectorials. You will be rewarded with points for having anew model painted each week. Everyone is required to play two games a week, and makeup games are allowed. If you can't make it, or fall behind, that's fine, just do your best! The reward for top three league participants will be revealed later
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