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  1. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/228051/warhammer-40000-heroes-black-reach AS I am now in a situation where I don't have room to paint/model and getting out to play is not going to happen for awhile yet. I thought I might get a fix with this game.
  2. well I will take die fighting over don't worry about getting addicted to the morphine.
  3. Update. I now have care set up and proceeding in Bellingham. Sadly y'all can't come and be my chemo buddies right now. Even the Mrs can't do that.
  4. So long story short what I thought was my ulcer being cranky was not. It was a nice tumor on my pancreas that is making buddies. I have been to the oncologist already and will be on chemo every 2 weeks till either it goes away or I do. What I need help with is someone in the Seattle area who can be a backup chemo buddy for me so the Mrs isn't the only one stuck with the duty. I will need to watched for 2 (3) days. I have the chemo treatment then wear a pump for not sure what drugs for a day then go back again to have that removed and get IV hydration. I will be treated on First Hill. So I can pay you and bonus if you have a spare room I can crash in for the duration. I can find other accommodations if required.
  5. I have been sucked into Minecraft. It is more fun than I ever would have thought.
  6. So I picked up Sleeepwalkers from the library as one of my online buddies elsewhere has 2 seconds of screen time (dragged out of a classroom by his ear by his dad) and well his brother directed it. A fun interpretation on vampires. See it for SoCal mountains in the background of 'rural Indiana'. See it for cameos from Stephen King, Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper, John Landis and Joe Dante. See it because the cat is the hero of the film. But mostly see it because it really is a competent and well done horror movie that is a lot of fun. ETA Saw Godzilla King Of The Monsters on the big screen as well. Much better balance of monster fights and human drama this time around.
  7. As stated in the 40K forum I am moving and I think most of my extra stuff will go to the warporch as I am happier to see it get actually used. However I have some old stuff, 25mm ral partha samurai minis. A whole army that has been sitting for too long and as paypal long ago decided to not like my credit card and I don't really have the time to hassle with a new card and piecing stuff out but cursory search does show it goes for something worthwhile.
  8. Only if you are feeling up to it. Take care of you. I am getting my stuff packed up faster than expected so I may have a day to come visit.
  9. Well that sucks. If I had free $$$ to spare I would toss a bit over, well after the house sells I will. Now it is all wrapped up in paying for storage, special boxes, and house prep. That said [big bad swear word] CANCER! IN THE EAR! WITH A CACTUS! If there are any Seattle folk that could take the box of terrain goodies and hold it or forward it down to the warporch on a game day I would appreciate it.
  10. Which is exactly the sort of info I was looking for. I may get a box just for the deal on the new super sized marines though.
  11. We will be out of the house at the end of the month so it can be painted and have the floors done.
  12. So between having that job (don't ask it didn't go or end well) in Iowa, then a year back here with a 12x3 schedule three days on and three days off an I then got moved to a new position which was so so so much not a good fit so that didn't last. With the market saying I will have to relocate for a decent sysadmin job and the spouse wanting to move back to Canada the house will be up for sale and I will have some time to dive back in while we get settled and I wait for my work status up north. Other than rebasing all my marines ( mostly cause I have been unhappy with my old bases for a long time and some of the new options are really nice ) and a new rule book and codex. What all should I be looking out for? Also will be posting over in Rouge Trading to pare down some of what I have left and looking over my shoulder may just be my old space hulk stuff. Anyone interested in tiles, counters, and rules from 2x1st edition, Genestealer, Deathwing, 2nd Edition and the campaigns book? Fluger sorry I never made it down with the terrain stuff. It is still available. I am up to my ears in packing and errands right now so you would have to come get it or arrange for someone to grab it. Also anyone want to buy a house in North Seattle?
  13. I am pretty sure my Sgt Centurius saw all of one actual game.
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