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  1. so I had a scheme for a base for my dwarf BB team and it just doesn't look good. so I want to remove it from the base and save the base, and go a different direction. Is that possible where I don't destroy the base? or do I have to destroy the base to get it out. I want to get rid of the slot attached to the mini and just pin it. I should have done this from the beginning but I had a scheme I liked, but once I saw with the minis, I really don't like it. Also if this is the wrong forum, I don't know where else to put it, admins please move if in the wrong forum.
  2. I learn from both, I just found that interesting. I could never put it together with just articles, I was always part way there but something was missing. I didn't put painting together until I saw the videos but I read plenty of articles. I had to see how they did stuff to put it all together. Now I'm still terrible, but at least my techniques are right!
  3. Interesting. I read articles for years before I came back to the hobby last year. Didn't have youtube back then and I feel like in the six months since I started watching these videos, I understand painting a TON better. I just couldn't get from print what they were trying to convey.
  4. neither do I, but these Rumbleslam miniatures come like that. as they are fantasy wrestlers (wwe), I'm not sure what an appropriate base would be.
  5. no I did contrast and then painted blue over the top of that. my experimentation is on my "other" minis. I think the combo works. I could never achieve this type of results with just black paint. While I didn't do any transition here, it still looks more like a highlight, whereas when I try this with just black, it looks like blue paint slabbed over black. I don't know how else to explain.
  6. Been a while since I've updated. I've bought varied miniatures to experiment on (and hopefully play one day) so I can learn and do better for my bloodbowl teams. Here is a recent Rumbleslam Ogre:
  7. Thanks guys. I will be looking to get one next payday.
  8. thinking about getting one (would serve other purposes than just miniature painting) and man, it's a huge topic to wrap my mind around. Does anyone have recommendations? realizing I'd be new at it and top of the line isn't necessarily what I'm going for unless it's something that crap brands will just be more of a headache than a good thing. Since it will be used for other things, I want to make sure first it can do miniature painting. And as for a spray booth, I do wood working so I have that covered.
  9. it's works pretty awesome Brother Glacius. I was surprised at how well it actually worked.
  10. Reposted using imgur. Google images is hit and miss on it working.
  11. So saw this on a video, so I'm not taking credit for it. But I had saw that if you used basicilum grey over metal, it blacklines it. It does work. Here are my experiments with it using x101 from combat arena board game:
  12. So I'm still experimenting with them. I did buy some Marines, painting one in each chapter colors that are different to see how the various colors work. This is my Black Templar I did (ignore my markings, I would normally use a transfer for it, but I was just rying to complete him to see how he'd look)
  13. Side note: Anyone got a good place to upload files to? I have pics but hit my max here, so looking for a photobucket type of service ( but not them, they've screwed me over in the past).
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