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  1. I am trying to run this event and got some Ideas but need help. I have talked with Adam at OC-Geeks Games. They have Six dedicated 4x6 tables for miniatures and if needed he can add more. He's got more room since they have expanded. This would be more of a play event rather than a full tournament. A mix of "Lend-Lease" style (where the table and formations are preset) and regular play tables. So you can play as much or as little as you want, bring your army to play, or just use the preset tables. All wars, all periods available. To help, I need some Table hosts who have the books, formations, and know-how of the different games/scenarios. ie Great War, Arab Isreali War, Nam, Team Yankee, and of course Flames of War, maybe specific scenarios like "Hit the Beach". I'm thinking of 3-4 set-piece tables with hosts (of course I would be one of them with either Great War or Arab Israeli War) and the rest being open tables. May even add a separate painting competition on the side. Dates are flexible and I am currently leaning toward Nov 2nd or 9th.
  2. Since I've been struggling and not winning a single game this past month with airborne/glider, feels like I'm hitting a wall, I am doing a temporary change-up and will play around with LATE WAR US light tank company for a while. I am also bringing a 100 point PzGren company (w/halftracks) as a sparring list for anybody to use and can also be used for Eastern front.
  3. In my opinion, I'm coming across more people interested and liking 4th edition than the people interested and liking 3rd edition when IT came out.
  4. just trying to remember back to 2nd & 3rd edition. Wasn't 21st Pz div. originally found in the Villers Bocage? Was 21 pz div part of the SS (would it fall into the d-day waffen ss book)?
  5. not a problem. I have actually been bringing a German sparring army along with and a few people have used it.
  6. I have D-Day american glider rifle company
  7. Something tells me you want the US Tank Destroyer dice. Me personally, I would like a set of custom 325th Glider Infantry Regiment dice to go with the tokens I have.
  8. Lazarus and I were discussing this. We came to the conclusion that they both have approximately the same amount of area. Use either so long as the players involved are OK with it. We plan on practicing with the 2x8. would be interesting if anybody comes across in differences in game play between the two types.
  9. I got a practice game in the other night with my Glider co. Main thing I learned, make your airborne portion 60% and tank support 40%. That way you are least affected for the the airborne mission as you have DEEP - DELAYED - and SCATTERED Reserves. That way you can do Airborne drop with all your airborne and put the tanks in reserve because they aren't as effective at night (cause the first few turns are at night) and they have better movement to get into the fight after arriving. 60 points Airborne, 40 points of reserve could be 5x Veteran Sherman (76) and 4x M12 155mm howitzer.
  10. If you want, you can leave your FOW stuff behind, save you some effort. I have LW americans and a German sparring force too.
  11. Finally got the Late-War book I was waiting for. Ready for LW 100 pt battles.
  12. Most likely John W. It was on Table 2. Most likely the last game of the day on that table since the pieces would have been missed by the later matches. If anybody knows how to contact John W. send me a PM
  13. GREAT SCOTT !!!! Smoke Bombardment is back.
  14. The ones I found are American Airborne.
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