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  1. I had thought about making a "Travel Flames of War" game set using GHQ 6mm stuff. The conversion is very easy, instead of Inches use centimeters. So, the table would be 36cm x 72cm instead of 36"x72". But, I like the idea of using Bolt-Action rules and FOW pieces, that way won't have to buy all new 6mm models and all new 6mm terrain. Will have to look into it !!! I don't know Bolt Action rules. To convert 28mm to 15 mm, If the system measures by inches, then simply replace all " (inch) symbol reference to cm. This is actually pretty close to the correct ratio.
  2. Good clean models! Nice color shading & highlighting. Good job on blending the decals with the paint job. Liking the blue uniform for the tankers.
  3. I am still playing. There have been limited weekly games in Oregon City on Tuesday nights. Recently put together & painted "Death or Glory" boys squadron (MidWar Brit). I started with the formation in the Armored Fist book, then used a couple command cards. In the end, it's the same pieces acting the same manner as they did in previous editions. Everything is more ... ala-cart. As for 4th edition play style; - If you are more into Fun, this is better as the rules are less boggy and the Unit & command cards are awesome. - If you are more into historic
  4. To help offset the points of the T80s you have to go cheaper and more specific on your support options. To build this list I would start with a more specific support strategy. example: cheapest arty option (carnations) + cheapest AA option (gaskins) + cheapest recon (brdm2) + maybe a cheap infantry option This would be my preferred minimum. Then, with the points left over, see what I can do with the T80 tanks. And hopefully with a few points leftover to improve the support options. Yes, this may/will change your play style. Maybe play it closer to a nato style ???
  5. Looks like there is a scourge of warsaw going on. I just finished collecting 2x Polish tank formations (19x polish T72 & 19x polish T55am2) each formation with their own arty, recon, and AA.
  6. Hanging in there. Making it through. FOW - Got done painting "Death Or Glory" squadron (flames of war Mid-War british) along with a North Africa themed Motor Squadron. Love how it came out. TY - got all the Poland stuff together, and halfway painted. played one game so far. Couchpilots (Wings of Glory) - finished collecting the bombers. since Mike B. passed Nov-2019, our group is lacking the big birds, thought I would help. Battletech, I have concentrated my collection to Kurita and Spirit Cats, got almost all my Kurita painted and based, still collecting stuff for spirit
  7. Oregon City Geeks & Games has been running only 2 tables for FOW / TY on tuesday nights usually about 6 to close. They've had to curtail the in-store gaming for the short term. When the tables are available its usually FOW one week and TY the next, unless somebody requests something else. I'm still collecting and painting. I now have a British MW tank army beautifully painted, working on Polish Team Yankee along with AUS/USA TY and German LW Armored PanzerGrenedier co.
  8. Deploy the lesser tanks just ahead of your most destructive battle tanks and force your opponent the option. 1. shoot the easier to kill magach 6 that is about get on the side armor, or 2. shoot the merkava that are beating the crap out of us. That's how try to play the LEO1 and LEO2 with each other. Sort of like my FOW US tank company with stuarts and shermans.
  9. I don't know yet, haven't thought about anything. Work has slowed down but still getting some hours. Been home a couple days so far and my dog keeps wanting long walks every 2 hours and she won't let me hobby. Might try working on 2 (gaming with homies). Most likely alot of 3 (painting) along with some 5 (terrain). Pondering 11 (creative approach).
  10. This would definitely help the West Germans since they never could add just a Plt of LEO2 or LEO1 without adding another formation. With the new rule I would be able to add a plt of LEO2 to a LEO1 formation or vice versa. With the old system I usually ran a LEO1 formation AND a MARDER formation just to get 1 platoon of LEO2s to go with the LEO1 formation. This added an additional 8 pts of mandatory infantry. Having the infantry isn't bad, but when working lower point lists it was really awkward to work around.
  11. Still only $5. Worth it. I bought the mission pack when they first came out with them and I used them all the time, very handy. The original mission cards seemed a little abbreviated and didn't have any of the clarification rules since V4 first came out. The differences would be in the applying of the "More Missions" + Errata from the Mid-War release and adding in the New missions from the new D-Day books. So they may have the new definition of "HOLD THE OBJECTIVE" as shown in the LW rulebook.
  12. Yes, I like the event list. Awesome James for posting it, and thanks to everybody taking part in creating it. I am going to print it out and have extra copies in my game box to hand out to interexted peeps.
  13. If anybody is thinking that this event is getting more strict, i.e. paint requirements, time limits etc., at Barca's December 28 meeting, we discussed the possibility of this event becoming a National Qualifier. Most likely not this year but this is something we can practice with and get more used to official tournament standards. Already we are pretty close to Battlefronts tournament format & requirements. Let's see if we can make this the Northwest's Official Sanctioned Battlefront National Qualifier. Then we can get more sponsors and more swag. In exchange, we have been and
  14. If any body is going to GG this thursday, I will be packing Flames-o-War LW americans & germans.
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