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  1. Deploy the lesser tanks just ahead of your most destructive battle tanks and force your opponent the option. 1. shoot the easier to kill magach 6 that is about get on the side armor, or 2. shoot the merkava that are beating the crap out of us. That's how try to play the LEO1 and LEO2 with each other. Sort of like my FOW US tank company with stuarts and shermans.
  2. I don't know yet, haven't thought about anything. Work has slowed down but still getting some hours. Been home a couple days so far and my dog keeps wanting long walks every 2 hours and she won't let me hobby. Might try working on 2 (gaming with homies). Most likely alot of 3 (painting) along with some 5 (terrain). Pondering 11 (creative approach).
  3. This would definitely help the West Germans since they never could add just a Plt of LEO2 or LEO1 without adding another formation. With the new rule I would be able to add a plt of LEO2 to a LEO1 formation or vice versa. With the old system I usually ran a LEO1 formation AND a MARDER formation just to get 1 platoon of LEO2s to go with the LEO1 formation. This added an additional 8 pts of mandatory infantry. Having the infantry isn't bad, but when working lower point lists it was really awkward to work around.
  4. Still only $5. Worth it. I bought the mission pack when they first came out with them and I used them all the time, very handy. The original mission cards seemed a little abbreviated and didn't have any of the clarification rules since V4 first came out. The differences would be in the applying of the "More Missions" + Errata from the Mid-War release and adding in the New missions from the new D-Day books. So they may have the new definition of "HOLD THE OBJECTIVE" as shown in the LW rulebook.
  5. Yes, I like the event list. Awesome James for posting it, and thanks to everybody taking part in creating it. I am going to print it out and have extra copies in my game box to hand out to interexted peeps.
  6. If anybody is thinking that this event is getting more strict, i.e. paint requirements, time limits etc., at Barca's December 28 meeting, we discussed the possibility of this event becoming a National Qualifier. Most likely not this year but this is something we can practice with and get more used to official tournament standards. Already we are pretty close to Battlefronts tournament format & requirements. Let's see if we can make this the Northwest's Official Sanctioned Battlefront National Qualifier. Then we can get more sponsors and more swag. In exchange, we have been and
  7. If any body is going to GG this thursday, I will be packing Flames-o-War LW americans & germans.
  8. Well... I have a box of Finns, guess I could wait for the Finnish books to come out. Might do a Desert Storm list of M1a1 abrams, Bradley's, and Apaches and head down to 73 Easting instead of hanging around An Nasiriyah with the Desert-Storm sickness chemicals. Other than that, I'll be waiting till Bulge series.
  9. I can give it a whirl. I've also come up with a Veteran Stuart list as well.
  10. cool, I too am bringing US tanks and German Stugs.
  11. I got some stuff together. Mostly a mix of different stuff. Basic Infantry formation with lots of mobile support.
  12. When I was looking at this last Thursday, the rule book was vague on the matter, but when I looked at the back of the us rifle platoon card the bazookas slow firing and pinned down is more defined. Battlefront always has the card over-rule the rulebook, but that doesn't mean it will be that way for all similar weapons. Nice to see someone got a response.
  13. I am out of town this week, but I can help you next Tuesday. Is there any particular type of formation? ie infantry, tank, light tank?
  14. I don't have a problem with the points level and time required. Late war tends to be more destructive (more kills than bails or pins) and I make sure that I get at least a half dozen practice games in to reduce time spent figuring stuff out or looking stuff up. Also, since there are time limits, it requires a different play style than just the casual weekend game and it's one of the reasons why I tend to run attack oriented lists so that I can do my best to come to quick enough decision as to who is winner.
  15. Sorry, didn't see post till way late. Will post something on Mondays, except next week I'll be out of town.
  16. I hope people are looking forward to this. I keep bumping into people at Oregon City Geeks Games that are interested as well as others elsewhere. This event is for players at all skill levels, beginners to experts. Even if you haven't played and are interested in checking it out or playing, there will be at least 3 tables setup with preset missions, game pieces, and instructors to help out. These tables are also available for experienced players to try their hands with a force they don't have and would like to try. This is not an organized tournament but rather an all day gaming event.
  17. I don't get into the online campaign stuff, but I have no problem helping out those that do. If you need games, I'll see what I can do to accommodate.
  18. I was wondering the same thing. I would like some help with the new Airborne mission. I have stuff for both sides so you won't need to bring anything. I tried it last night and the germans were a little under-powered, so I made some changes and I would like to try the Germans so just need somebody to play the Airborne.
  19. Just saw on the Flames-of-War website some new D-DAY missions. I will be hosting the Airborne table and will give the "SEIZE AND HOLD" mission a try.
  20. I am doing an airborne mission table. I am putting everything on the table. Terrain, forces, gaming aids. Barca is doing a beach assault, and Nelson said he can do caen. Essentially, we are supplying everything but warm bodies. If all you want to do is terrain, and play games that's fine too. We are mainly trying to help beginners and/or play games out of the norm as well as having some regular games. P.s. I am also setting up a desert terrain table and anybody else wanting to help with table terrain is more than welcome.
  21. There was a conversation about OC Geeks and Games not having this scheduled. I have confirmed the date of November 9th with Adam and we are good to go. Also, could use some help with table terrain.
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