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  1. Finally got the Late-War book I was waiting for. Ready for LW 100 pt battles.
  2. Most likely John W. It was on Table 2. Most likely the last game of the day on that table since the pieces would have been missed by the later matches. If anybody knows how to contact John W. send me a PM
  3. GREAT SCOTT !!!! Smoke Bombardment is back.
  4. The ones I found are American Airborne.
  5. I went through page by page comparing the new LW copyright 2019 rule book to the original MW rulebook looking for changes. Here is what I found. 1. Main body of rules are still intact. 2. country specific special rules were updated to include Americans and Russians, to add LW specific special rules and take out MW only special rules. the biggest changes are in the Missions area 3. NEW definition of HOLDING OBJECTIVE 4. NEW method of determining winner for each Mission 5. Chart added for determining who is attacker and what mission to use (all based on each players choice of attack, mobile, defend preferences).
  6. So this is how it is formatted now, interesting. In past V2 & V3, I Think the Normandy german platoons were modeled with with 6xMG teams, then choose either Cmd Knacker or Cmd Faust team. I wouldn't be surprised come bagration that the LIMITED 1 rule would be taken out.
  7. Almost seems like points levels will be more about 65-85 for normal games. 50 at low end and 100 at high end.
  8. Going through the NEW V4 Flames of War Rulebook they rolled out with the Late War (copyright 2019 inside the cover), I was looking at the missions and spotted some clarification. Look at the missions and at the bottom WINNING THE GAME (ex.FREE FOR ALL, p106) "A player wins if they END THEIR TURN Holding one of the Objectives that they placed on the opponent's side of the table". Now turn to p102 HOLDING OBJECTIVES You are Holding an Objective if you START you turn with a Tank, Infantry, or Gun team within 4" of an Objective, and end it with no opposing Tank, Infantry, or Gun teams within 4" of that Objective. (so now this concept is official and no longer derived from the MORE MISSIONS pdf posted on the webpage) Objectives cannot be Held by Tank Teams that are Bailed Out, Aircraft, Transports, or Independent Teams. Nor can these teams prevent the enemy from Holding an Objective. (pay attention to the key words at the top of the unit cards) Teams that Moved at Dash speed cannot take an Objective nor prevent the enemy from taking it. (that's now "too little too late" so no racing over to keep the game from ending)
  9. If anybody wants to learn how I paint the little dudes, come on out, I found an old US Para Platoon to practice or hone their painting techniques. I have all the paints, brushes, & tools available. They are primed and some are painted to show the different stages, and there is plenty extras that I will get them painted to various stages for people to practice the various stages.
  10. Talked with Adam at Oregon City Geeks Games. He is opening a box or few boxes of the new Fury starter set and will have tables available for people to stop by throughout the day to come learn to play the new Late-War. He will also have his BBQ grill available...I just might get some beer brats going. I think I have a US Para platoon still sitting around, if I find it then I'll plan on bringing brushes and paints and demonstrating how to paint these 15mm guys.
  11. I think I will stay home this Thursday. There are a couple of shows on OPB+. (again, thats OPBplus, not OPB tv. 10.2 on antenna channel) 8:00pm D-Day 360 - using LIDAR to map the battlefield. but more important is a show about the 82nd airborne's battle of La Fiere Causeway at 9:00pm https://watch.opb.org/show/seize-secure-battle-la-fiere/
  12. I have always been interested in the Airborne drops. (go figure, coming from a paratrooper) But, I have only been able to do a german glider platoon landing a few times. It's always been hard to find anybody else interested especially for someone to play the non-airborne side of things. Guess people don't like to get surprise attacked at night. The same kinda goes for the beach landings, people don't like getting mowed-down trying to get off the beach. Beach assault - Germans get to have fun mowing down the enemy as they appear. Makes it hard for american/brit player. Airborne landings - American/Brit get to have fun causing chaos and being very exploitive. Germans get frustrated trying to keep their forces rallied together. Both of these are difficult scenarios that need practice with the learning curve. Once the D-Day Americans book comes out, I will be dedicating more of my Thursday (Guardian Games) and Tuesday (Oregon City Geeks Games) to doing Airborne landings and possible Beach assaults. Will also need to concentrate on building up my german proxy forces for anybody that would be willing to help me.
  13. Will try showing up this saturday with a german sparring list. For tonights thursday matchups, I brought Germans for puttings something together for the stalingrad end of June, and West Germans for Team Yankee.
  14. While picking up my terrain table, I found some infantry in a couple of the buildings. Table 2. Desert table in front of Steve mccuens work table. If you played on this table or know who did, let me know.
  15. Try using the community card for the su76 formation and get about 3 battery's of 5x su76 each. For their points, they have AT9 direct fire and can do bombardments, making for a decent all purpose light tank. https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/CommandCard-SU-76.pdf
  16. After winning last years tournament, I have invested wholeheartedly into the Stuart Light Tank Company, 1/13th Armor Regiment, 1st Armor Division. I have bought all the new stuart 3s for 2 companies along with other historically correct pieces. Everything is all painted proper, with yellow stars, and marked to easily identify each unit. Been working on this project since last year. I am looking forward to having fun with playing some good fast well played games. No Stuart Horde this year, only 1 company, but they brought some friends and holding to the mantra "Strike Fast".
  17. Great movie. Essentially, they found a bunch of excess film from when the made "Memphis Belle" back in 1942 and used modern technology to enhance and clean it up, along with adding in sound, interviewing the few remaining 8th Air Corps veterans and piecing everything together to create this new documentary. At the end they showed some side-by-side of the before & after...just amazing.
  18. I have matts and terrain for 2 tables. 1x eastern front and 1x north africa. Could use some more desert terrain stuff, I have about 3/4 coverage so just a few more items.
  19. I am bringing american tanks. I need some practice with them.
  20. <--------<<< This guy is interested. Will play Germans for food and warm clothes. I don't have an extra force, but I do have extra German & Russian pieces available to help.
  21. Cool. I too will be there with 90 pts US tanks, or 90 pt German DAK infantry.
  22. Good. With the points being adjusted, I've got at least a half dozen lists to narrow down.
  23. I will have had all my practice time by then, but I can still put up German infantry or tank company as a sparring punching bag for anyone needing practice.
  24. I am planning on running it. Currently in beginning thoughts. date: tbd (prefer sometime in november) place: Oregon City Geeks Games Going with the "Lend-Lease" idea where each table is set-piece, meaning, the mission and pieces are already set for the table, players just need to bring their dice, rulers, templates. A couple guys ran a tournament like this about 10 years ago and it was a blast. Participants were informed about being extra careful with using other peoples miniatures and there wasn't any problem as everybody really enjoyed getting to use something different. So far, I have an idea for 1 table, Great War, something along the lines of Villiers Bretoneu. I am looking for help with other tables, FoW MW & LW, Team Yank, Vietnam, Arab Isreali War. If anybody has ideas, game pieces (you are willing to let others use), missions, or would like to sponsor a whole table, etc... PM me.
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