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  1. Awesome, thanks guys. I have an inflatable mattress and some sleeping bags as well, so we really just need floor space. Maybe we can lock something down closer to the event.
  2. Hey guys, Jake and I will be coming down Friday night (maybe Gage as well, but it will be a long shot if he shows up) and were wondering if someone could let us sleep on their floor or something. Trying to keep cost down and dont want to get a motel unless we have to. thanks, Sherbert
  3. Hey guys, So I am going to switch from goblins to orcs for the blood bowl league as goblins...well... they just suck and im not having any fun getting smashed every week. Does anyone have an extra orc team kicking around that I can buy? preferably still on the sprue and with all the extra little bits like markers and such. thanks, Sherbert
  4. My game fell through for tonight. Anyone up for a game against a brand new team? Go gentle, I’ve only played one intro game.
  5. I'm throwing together some goblins for the league. Does anyone have a old doomdiver model? the one with the wings.
  6. I accept this, my shame knows no bounds.
  7. YES! I have two of those bags and always wanted more. Im throwing in some money for sure.
  8. Im calling Yarb out for a first round grudge match! Fight me!
  9. My schedule is open as well so i just got my ticket and hotel room. I'm bringing at least two more hamsters with so Bellingham will represent!
  10. I stumbled on Green Lung the other day. They have a good combination of stoner metal and guitar rifts.
  11. ill be down with my warband tomorrow. I have only played the first two missions.
  12. Just found these guys and am really digging them.
  13. move up here so we can play Mordheim, 9th age and go to metal shows.
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