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  1. I’m confused! Is this an in person gaming thing or an online gaming only thing?
  2. Site is telling me I can’t upload anymore. How do I delete old pics to make room for more?
  3. Any interest out there for some 1986 metal BB teams? Orcs, Goblins, Dark Elves, Skaven, Chaos, Star Players to include the Thrudd the Barbarian BB figure? Most are bare metal. A few primed and a couple are painted. Original plastic Orc, Human, Dwarf and Wood Elf from BB game and Dungeon Bowl expansion new and unassembled too. Also have some early/mid 90s metal teams - High Elves, Wood Elves, Norse, Skaven, undead/Necromatic (unassembled, no paint or primer).
  4. Doing some spring clean out. Have a ton of infinity Terrain for sale. A few items assembled, but most is unassembled and still in its original seal. Have an assortment of manufacturers from TT combat, top down terrain, laser craft, impudent mortal, micro art studios, black sheep designs, and Bandua to name a few. I even have the impudent mortal Rylos space station table set with gaming mat unassembled. If your looking for something please let me know.
  5. New in box, unused GW OOP terrain for sale. Cleaning out the game room! Mighty Fortress set (HD Foam) x2 $150 ea Temple of Skulls (unopened) $100 Magewrath Throne & Balewind Vortex set $80 Eternity Stair & Dreadfire Portal set $80 40k Wrecked Rhino Terrain kit (assembled) $50 Non-GW: Fat Mat Swamp w/ bag $70 Fat Mat Industrial w/ bag $70 Fat Mat Alpine w/ bag $70 More to follow as I rearrange.
  6. No-Go for me. Its Drill weekend as usual! Ill stop by and watch afterwards though.
  7. Looking for new or very gently used Nighthaunt warscroll card set for a gift. I’m not interested in the cards from the Soul Wars boxset as I already have them. Thanks.
  8. Well that kinda sucks for a new product but par for the course with GW. They never could proof read. So do you think it’s worth it or should I just get the main box set?
  9. Is the intent of the new head coaches handbook set be used for players who do not wish to pick up the core box game? It looks like you get the rules and the templates in the set. The core game will give you rules, templates, teams and pitch. Just curious as I have teams and pitches but not the new rules and templates.
  10. That is actually an incorrect statement. There are base size rules intended for matched play. GW states it is a suggestion and there is no requirement to rebase but there are rules and the actual size of bases for each model. Go to Warhammer Community, Downloads, AOS, Base Sizes -dated 21 Mar 2019. There you will find lists per army and model type with the size of the base for that model.
  11. I’ll be there as soon as I get back into the country!
  12. Possibly towards the middle! You guys will have to teach me how to play again!
  13. You know I’m just going to expect more don’t you! 😎
  14. Nice. Thanks for the report.
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