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  1. @Burk unfortunately I'm out this season. Being back in the office is crushing my free time outside of work.
  2. @Burk when you want to dance around my bearded disappointments?
  3. Want to try for Saturday night at ~8:30?
  4. Sending invites, not sure if they're getting thru, have had them go no where before
  5. Looking like 8:30 tonight works on your end?
  6. No worries, let me know what looks best for you when it's closer. Hope the next couple days go well, hurt kids are no fun.
  7. @Spielmannsfluch didn't hear from you on tonight and the wife wants to start a movie. Try for Weds after 8pm?
  8. Crap, sorryman; my night went sideways and this got completely spaced. Tomorrow after 8pm work?
  9. My brother showed up in town late yesterday, so tonight is not looking good. Should we just plan for noon Sunday?
  10. @Spielmannsfluch how's your availability? Most weekdays after 5pm (except Thursdays) and weekends in general are good for me. Saturdaymorning is a generally ideal time for me, after 8am.
  11. @dylanator looks like you've got dwarves to kill! I'm free almost all day/evening tomorrow (Monday), most weekday evenings (except Thursdays) after 5:30pm, and weekends in general. What works for you?
  12. All but guaranteeing I lose that piece of paper between when I bought the set and when it's finally available for use...
  13. @Russell Castronovo 9am Sunday it is, cya then!
  14. @Russell CastronovoShall we plan for Sunday morning? Before 10 am is ideal for me, but I can make other times work if that's not good for you.
  15. Sorry, been AWOL on the boards and missed these messages. This weekend work for you? I can also do Monday during the day if that works better with a limited exception.
  16. I'm in, same dwarf team as last season, Balloon-knot bonanza or whatever I called them.
  17. @dylanator looks like we're up, how's your availability this weekend?
  18. Sent a text, let me know what's good. Weekdays I'm busy until 5:30, otherwise fairly free.
  19. Crap, I must have missed this previously, I'll text Monday and see what lines up.
  20. What works for you? My only difficult window is 12-2pm and 6-8pm, can make most anything else work.
  21. Sorry, I completely forgot to set an alarm and spaced our plans while watching the kids this morning. Can try again later today or tomorrow if you're free.
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