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  1. Eh, we played at 800 points. Next table over had a Hetzer and an M10 (M10 died to the opening shot of the game, but the vet US army came back for a strong showing). IMO, my M4 was my MVP (mobile armored machine gun fortress) despite not firing the main cannon all game and failing an order test at one point. US Army managed to thin out the horde at range despite a few critical setbacks and bunkered in their own deployment to win. Inexperienced Russian infantry was a significant factor, forcing Scott to hunt for 7's a lot more often than I was and his mortar only managed to hit once in the game. That said, it almost went the other way when my infantry completely whiffed at unloading on a 4-man SMG-wielding anti-tank squad early game. Fortunately, I got 1st-dice for turns 2-4 despite being outnumbered almost 2:1 on order dice early on.
  2. @Ish how's your availability?
  3. Doh, I wondered why you didn't Apo the death, sorry about that. Didn't know you were distracted/AFK or we'd have paused/waited. Hopefully the next game things go better!
  4. Bosco


    Only Bob Bifford League, as in you don't even consider other star players since you only want Bob Bifford.
  5. Cool, I'll be online and gtg!
  6. Week 3: Scenario 1, 700 points 4x4 tables.
  7. @Burk, @scotthartman, and @Maxwell Christian had talked about possibly showing up to play BA.
  8. Monday at 7pm it is, cya on-line then!
  9. Everything over 150k is added to TV. Level your stadium, hire/fire players, etc. to trim.
  10. Early on Sunday is best, or Monday after 7pm?
  11. I will be there but likely not until after noon as I have prior plans that morning.
  12. The Scenario for week 2 league games shall be Scenario 3: Key Positions to be played at 600 points and on a 3-4'x4' table. Please use d2+1 objectives rather than d3+2.
  13. 3pm. I'd offer to head down and make sure you've got a game setup, but I woke up on the uphill side of the crap my wife is getting over and don't want to spread it thru the club.
  14. Myself, Burk, and Scotthartman were there, I played Burk and then Scott, ties in both games. I'd brought no anti-vehicle assuming they were unlikely at 500 points; Burk had a half-track, Scott a half-track and an armored car... Had hoped for more players on the first night, but off to a start all the same.
  15. The Mission for Week 1 shall be Scenario 2: Meeting Engagement (p.135 of the 2nd edition rule book) at 500 points per side; this should be played on a 3x3' space at minimum, but no larger than 4x4'. Please report your game using the online form from this link.
  16. 7pm should work well for me, maybe a little later if needed. That good for you?
  17. @savion47 when you want to kill humans? Obviously Tuesday is not good for me, but I'm free after work most other weekdays, generally available on weekends.
  18. Either way is fine, just need to get a general heads up for player count to make sure we're covered
  19. We allowing stadium enhancements in this league? I've got extra gold to burn up, not sure I want to add TV with another player.
  20. @jollyork I think I play @savion47 after you do so hook him up with "the business" if you can...
  21. Ahh crap, I meant to tag @Maxwell Christian, but your name was stuck in my mind from the BB2 thread I was looking for his handle in at the time. My bad!
  22. @Ish, @Mack, @Gordianus, @AgentP, @Spielmannsfluch You guys expressed interest previously (other thread or conversation), anyone else interested?
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