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  1. 8pm Sunday should work if you're good with it.
  2. Hi @Russell Castronovo When you want to get this orc vs dwarf action going? I'm available most of the weekend, but will need a couple hours notice. Weeknights after 6pm generally work as well.
  3. @Spielmannsfluch how's your availability? I'm likely free this weekend with enough notice.
  4. As much as I'd love to slap around fresh teams, I'd feel just a tiny bit guilty doing so after making the finals this last season with this team. Plus I think I just have a player MNG so my TV should be higher IIRC.
  5. I'm in, Balloon-knot Bonanza (or whatever I called them), dwarf team for a second season.
  6. Thank you, and GG! The dwarves are coming back next season for sure!
  7. 3pm Saturday works for me. Shall we plan for that?
  8. Currently planning for Saturday, haven't sorted a time yet. @michaels thoughts or preferences for when I should flail at elves?
  9. @CountElmdor GG, and an OT ending no less! Dice were brutal at a couple spots, but at the same time I think you made 4 dodge rolls in series in your turn 15 without rerolls left; crazy odds! Well played, hope to see you next season!
  10. Ticket accepted. Looks like just @CountElmdor needs to accept for the Div 2 bracket. @Burk barring catastrophic results, I'll be running this team next season.
  11. Monday at 9pm can work.
  12. GG @Ish, some rough dice at a couple key moments there.
  13. 9pm it is, cya then!
  14. I can make Friday after 5pm work. After 8:30 is ideal but between 5-8:30 start time can be made to work.
  15. @Ish any updates to your availability so we can schedule our game?
  16. During the week can work, after 5pm for sure. Tuesday night isn't ideal but can work if needed. Preferences on your end?
  17. @Ish when you want some of this hot Dwarf action? I'm free most of this weekend except Saturday evening.
  18. GG @CountElmdor, sorry, can't chat well in game on my controller.
  19. Cool, cya tomorrow night!
  20. @CountElmdor Want to shoot for this weekend? I can likely do Sunday night if you're available.
  21. Can try for Sunday afternoon or after 5pm weekdays, except likely Tuesday. Let me know what works for you and we'll get it sorted.
  22. 8:30ish tonight works, I'll be home and available by then. Cya tonight!
  23. Live forever or die trying!
  24. Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon/evening are my best opportunities coming up soon. Otherwise most evenings next week. You?
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