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  1. I'm pretty excited too. First the D&D magic set, and now Warhammer? Very cool.
  2. Let me check by bitz box. I actually might have a box or two... Edit: Sorry, just have quad launcher and heavy mortar shells. Seem to have lost my Medusa ones.
  3. Tanith 1st with Phantine Air Support, army built as seen in the Guns of Tanith during the battle for Phantine Colonel-Commissar Gaunt, Brin Milo, Doc Dorden, Beltayn, and Brostin Colm Corbec Major Rawne and Command Squad Third Platoon
  4. All the infantry always count as being in cover too, and that 18" rapid fire! Rules aside though, I just want it to be fun and fluffy.
  5. Well it took forever to finally gather up enough of the old GW metals to build/convert this list. I think I finally have it ready to go though! Just to note, all bolters I play as lasguns with opponent's permission, or just call them lasguns with Hot-Shot packs if they refuse. All Heavy Bolters are modeled as heavy stubbers as well. The army is built as they were portrayed at the Battle of Phantine from the book "The Guns of Tanith." All planes will be painted up as the Phantine Air Corps. Tanith 1st Astra Militarum - 2,000 pts Doctrines: Wilderness Survivors, Disciplined Shoo
  6. OFCC is not a normal competitive event. It's a fun for all gaming experience. Not a chance to find out who kicks face the best. ITC is different. Bring everything you can to beat everyone else.
  7. Unless you really want the new Death Rays, I'd stick with the old one. The new Monolith is now more expensive, a Lord of War (so it costs 3CP to even add to your army,) and isn't much better than it used to be. The new model is even a bit smaller than the old one:
  8. My poor guard... losing so many things to Legends. At least I don't play Death Korp of Krieg though...
  9. Inside Imperial Armour: Compendium This Friday sees the release of the new Imperial Armour: Compendium. That means that your favourite models from Forge World will be returning to the battlefields of the 41st Millennium with rules that are bang up to date. Today, we’re taking a look between the covers of this book and showing off some of the contents within. Speaking of contents, let’s start with a look at those very pages. Wow, that’s a lot of datasheets! A whopping 191 in total have been updated for the la
  10. Core Units and Characters In last weekend’s epic preview, The Codex Show, we showed you a few brand-new datasheets that feature in the upcoming books, one being that of the Heavy Intercessors. Some of you eagle-eyed readers out there noticed the introduction of a new keyword – Core – and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about it and the impact it will have on the future of Warhammer 40,000. Core Units The Core keyword is used to identify units tha
  11. New Boxes. New Rules. New Codexes! That’s right – the title says it all! There’s loads of cool new stuff on the way for Warhammer 40,000, and we can’t keep it to ourselves anymore. Here’s the low-down on what you can look forward to over the coming months. Now that we’ve all had a bit of time to get our heads around the new core rules, the next big shake-ups will come with this edition’s codexes. There are some big – and we mean full-on seismic – changes on their way. The upcoming range of codexes will
  12. You go to Advanced Search and you can search by seller. Or I can just give you the link here: https://www.ebay.com/usr/brki_5369?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  13. Missed Indomitus? We’ll make you one! As we’re sure you noticed, the Indomitus launch set for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 sold out incredibly fast online this weekend. On the one hand, that’s really exciting news for Warhammer 40,000 fans everywhere! It’s amazing to be part of such a passionate and engaged worldwide community. As Warhammer goes from strength to strength, it means there are more games to be played, new friends to be made and more memories to be created. On the other, we’ve heard quite a few of you had
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