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  1. Clickable link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-the-fluger-family-fight-spinal-cancer
  2. It's a White Wolf Changeling: the Dreaming set. All D10s
  3. So I'm going through my dice the other day and I find out one of my sets is missing a D10. One single little D10 that is impossible to find anywhere on the internet. Anybody have one of these lying around? I just need the one...
  4. Hemsworth is on record saying he would continue to play Thor as long as they keep writing parts for him. He loves it. Johansson is going to be back when Black Widow gets her solo movie, which is going to part of Phase 4. I think the only ones that are actually done are Evans and RDJ.
  5. Just got home from this. I'm still stunned. Amazing. Best MCU movie by far.
  6. That's your own hang up dude. They're a simple conversion or a conversion kit sold officially from a GW company for $100. They're no more broken than a Leman Russ Punisher, for more points and get no regimental traits.
  7. Why? Forgeworld offices and employees are all in the UK.
  8. 1. Yo, been running one for a bit 2. It made me rely on Valkyrie drops more 3. Not sure about this one 4. Shoot them a lot from close? 5. There's a couple of traits and relics for MT that can deny psykers. Loota spams just need to meet Vultures. Fly around grot screens and punisher cannon them.
  9. 3 Valkyries and a Vendetta for transport, and 2 Vultures for fire support. Only airplanes start on the table. It's fast, hits super hard, and dies to a stiff breeze. It's like Dark Eldar for humans!
  10. Check out the Tempestus Drop Force in the first Vigilus book. Stormtroopers get some cool tricks. Add a Vendetta and or Vulture for Air Support and they are pretty well rounded and fun to play. My Stormtrooper army is 2 HQ, 1 Command Squad, 6 10 man squads, 6 airplanes, and support characters. It's a blast!
  11. Dark Angels are great because they can re-roll 1s to hit if they don't move. Which is pretty standard for a gunline. Also their plasma guns are wicked with the trait and stratagem.
  12. What IG Forgeworld stuff do you consider "busted?" It's pretty commonly held that FW stuff is underpowered and expensive.
  13. Saw Captain Marvel last night, and it was pretty awesome. Great fights, great CGI, much better humor than I was expecting. Brie Larson nailed, Samuel L. Jackson of course nailed it, and Goose the kitty was the best. 8/10 Time for the Endgame.
  14. Scouts are where it's at for troops too. They're cheap, flexible, and same offensive shooting as tacticals.
  15. KevinC! Holy hell, how ya been man?! 1) Dunno. 2) BA are considered one of the strongest SM chapters now, especially with the "smash captain" load out. 3) Command points are pretty important. Stratagems are the new hotness, and at 1000 pts you should be able to squeeze out at least 8. More than that at higher points if you can mess with your detachments. 4)With SM it's usually better to go double battalion, then try and get the brigade. Some of their slots are just sub optimal. 5) I'm not sure much on BA or SM in general, but the Slamguinius or Slam Captain is super powerful and popular with Imperial players all over. Glad to see ya back in the nerd world man!
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