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  1. It's a White Wolf Changeling: the Dreaming set. All D10s
  2. So I'm going through my dice the other day and I find out one of my sets is missing a D10. One single little D10 that is impossible to find anywhere on the internet. Anybody have one of these lying around? I just need the one...
  3. Hemsworth is on record saying he would continue to play Thor as long as they keep writing parts for him. He loves it. Johansson is going to be back when Black Widow gets her solo movie, which is going to part of Phase 4. I think the only ones that are actually done are Evans and RDJ.
  4. Just got home from this. I'm still stunned. Amazing. Best MCU movie by far.
  5. That's your own hang up dude. They're a simple conversion or a conversion kit sold officially from a GW company for $100. They're no more broken than a Leman Russ Punisher, for more points and get no regimental traits.
  6. Why? Forgeworld offices and employees are all in the UK.
  7. 1. Yo, been running one for a bit 2. It made me rely on Valkyrie drops more 3. Not sure about this one 4. Shoot them a lot from close? 5. There's a couple of traits and relics for MT that can deny psykers. Loota spams just need to meet Vultures. Fly around grot screens and punisher cannon them.
  8. 3 Valkyries and a Vendetta for transport, and 2 Vultures for fire support. Only airplanes start on the table. It's fast, hits super hard, and dies to a stiff breeze. It's like Dark Eldar for humans!
  9. Check out the Tempestus Drop Force in the first Vigilus book. Stormtroopers get some cool tricks. Add a Vendetta and or Vulture for Air Support and they are pretty well rounded and fun to play. My Stormtrooper army is 2 HQ, 1 Command Squad, 6 10 man squads, 6 airplanes, and support characters. It's a blast!
  10. Dark Angels are great because they can re-roll 1s to hit if they don't move. Which is pretty standard for a gunline. Also their plasma guns are wicked with the trait and stratagem.
  11. What IG Forgeworld stuff do you consider "busted?" It's pretty commonly held that FW stuff is underpowered and expensive.
  12. Saw Captain Marvel last night, and it was pretty awesome. Great fights, great CGI, much better humor than I was expecting. Brie Larson nailed, Samuel L. Jackson of course nailed it, and Goose the kitty was the best. 8/10 Time for the Endgame.
  13. Scouts are where it's at for troops too. They're cheap, flexible, and same offensive shooting as tacticals.
  14. KevinC! Holy hell, how ya been man?! 1) Dunno. 2) BA are considered one of the strongest SM chapters now, especially with the "smash captain" load out. 3) Command points are pretty important. Stratagems are the new hotness, and at 1000 pts you should be able to squeeze out at least 8. More than that at higher points if you can mess with your detachments. 4)With SM it's usually better to go double battalion, then try and get the brigade. Some of their slots are just sub optimal. 5) I'm not sure much on BA or SM in general, but the Slamguinius or Slam Captain is super powerful and popular with Imperial players all over. Glad to see ya back in the nerd world man!
  15. Posted 05/03/2019 Abaddon Revealed 80 days ago, we made a promise* – that Vigilus would belong to the Warmaster. You’ve speculated, you’ve gazed into the depths of madness with the Daemon Engine and you’ve clamoured for more news on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page. At last, the countdown is over. Take a look at this: That’s right – Abaddon the Despoiler is BACK. As the observant among you may have guessed, when we teased a new Primaris Lieutenant back at the LVO, we weren’t being entirely serious…** Abaddon is an integral part of Warhammer history – the star of countless books, campaigns and tabletop battles, this legendary overlord is perhaps second only to the Emperor as an icon of the 41st Millennium, and he definitely gets out more. The Warmaster has been one of the chief architects of the Imperium’s current woes, and it’s only fitting that he returns now with a new model. The original Abaddon miniature was a classic, and in this new model you can see the inspiration from Jes Goodwin’s iconic designs. The Talon of Horus is every inch the barbaric and intimidating weapon that killed Sanguinius, while the screaming, twisting form of Drach’nyen is brought to life as never before. Even among the twisted arsenal of the Heretic Astartes, these implements of war stand out as truly terrifying. This incarnation of Abaddon is also a lot bigger, standing nearly as tall as a Primarch, towering over other Chaos Space Marines and making for an instantly eye-catching addition to any collection. This model draws from decades of art and lore to provide a definitive, rich representation of an iconic character. No detail has been spared in this kit, with every armour piece replete with rivets, battle damage and barding that speaks to the Warmaster’s millennia at war. We know that Abaddon means different things to different fans. Ask one person, and they’ll tell you about Abaddon the arch-traitor, a devoted servant of the Chaos Gods who seeks only to destroy and despoil. Ask another, and they’ll tell you about Abaddon the visionary, the liberator – the charismatic lord of a recast brotherhood. You’ll be able to customise the model to fit how you see Abaddon the Despoiler, with a choice of three heads. One, snarling and wrenched with fury, cleaves closely to the classic representation of the character. Another, wrought in the visage of Horus, pays homage to his dark heritage. A final head depicts Abaddon with a respirator, giving him a brutal, impersonal feel, tying him to the masked, savage warriors he leads in battle. Abaddon’s cloak is also optional, giving you yet another way to personalise your model. Of course, Abaddon’s return is bad news for Vigilus – and he will be released alongside the thrilling finale to the Imperium Nihilus series, Vigilus Ablaze… Vigilus Ablaze Vigilus now stands on the precipice of annihilation, as the war for control over the Nachmund Gauntlet enters its next phase. Chaos has arrived in force on Vigilus, spearheaded by the Black Legion itself. Hardened by millennia of relentless combat and fresh from blood-soaked subjugations in the Imperium Nihilus, they are a force of nightmares, combining the ancient might of the Space Marine Legions with unspeakable and unholy gifts. Where the previous Imperium Nihilus book focused on the varied forces of the War of Beasts, Vigilus Ablaze is all about Chaos, bringing to life the vast and myriad forces gathered to annihilate this once-impregnable world. A wealth of rules content will expand your options for Chaos armies enormously, with Specialist Detachments, new datasheets and more. Perhaps you’ll strike from the skies with a pack of Raptors led by Haarken Worldclaimer – or crush your foes beneath a clanking tide of hell-forged metal with hunting packs of Daemon Engines. Shadowspear and Abaddon are the start of a bold new era for Chaos. As those of you who’ve been following the Daemon Engine might have guessed, there’s an army of new models waiting to be revealed, including some things you’ve never seen before and new takes on units you know and love – like this guy. What’s this Havoc carrying? Looks like the Warpsmiths have been cooking up some new guns. Emperor, help us all… Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be guiding you through the best set of releases for Chaos Space Marines ever with regular in-depth previews right here. If you’re now looking to start a Black Legion army (and who could blame you?), make sure to pre-order Shadowspear this weekend, which will give you the core of your new Heretic Astartes force! * Well, technically, it was Haarken Worldclaimer. ** Though he does come with an unfortunate loyalist victim on his base.
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