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  1. Ah screw that TO guy! (Oh wait, that's me) 😁 I'm down to do some 40k learning games for you. You coming today at all? If not maybe one of these Tuesdays?
  2. Great looking model. The main thing is avoiding 90% 3d printed models, non-represented minis, etc. People want to play a game without cardboard cutouts. 😉 That's a very nice conversion and would totally be fine. As for WYSIWYG, that's your call. Definitely nice to be able to call something a CC weapon if she's armed with it (buzzsaw on the servo-skull?). However, WSYIWYG for this league is meant to be pretty lax (don't call a rhino a landraider, but you get the idea).
  3. I hope to be there. Also, be advised parking may be a bit of a challenge on nearby roads Tuesday.
  4. I don't know what Sunday at Wow will look like yet. Would be cool to get a head count, wouldn't it.
  5. Welcome to the group. The 40k community is strong in Portland along with many other systems. Most groups vary on their 'meta' or competitiveness. Most are middle of the road and really thrive on having a good game. At the Ordo Clubhouse that's what we usually focus on (a fun game). I've seen 'some' stores that have a higher meta with larger stuff. However, that's not typically the norm and your average player isn't bringing a win at all costs list (don't get me wrong, bring a very weak list, don't expect to have much more than 'fun'). We'll be running an escalation league here short
  6. Who has a few minutes for Google now a days, 😉, 🤣 Thanks.
  7. I would think making it transluscent adds a chemical. What color would be the closest to undyed and natural? Brown, green, is there an non (or less) pigmented color?
  8. Yeah agreed. The meta here is not about super heavy focus. Just wanted to make sure people were considerate of it at the right point levels.
  9. Agree. Knights players usually do things like armiger's or small detachment of softer with it. That said, we will be trying to make good matchups too! This is for fun after all.
  10. If glimpses has an event person I can contact and work with, I'd be happy to provide them everything they need (missions, scoring sheet online, etc). They just need someone to coordinate their games and nights to do so (and store approval). Of course, just be mindful bringing say a 20 wound T8 model pre 1k can be very rough for many armies. However, I'd totally play ya! I also just got 'Goin gaming' in Troutdale added also.
  11. Should be, but doesn't 'need' to be. Last year we ran it at 1500, end of escalation league. Being it needs to be painted for the tournament, really want to allow ability to escalate.
  12. THIS TOURNAMENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED This is for a 3 game ITC tournament being held at Ordo/WoW. More information will follow. A formal best coast pairings sign up will appear around April 15th. Escalation league participants will be given first priority to signing up before it goes live on Best Coast pairings! We should be able to house 18 players at least for this tournament! Cost will be: Free: for those who purchased Ordo 2020 dues (Reaver, Warlord, or Emperor) and played 5 games/weeks of the escalation league. $15: for n
  13. until
    Come get your 40k gaming on! Check the post below for points level being played each week! Also, a good idea to plan your game ahead of time on the game night thread. Tuesday is more likely to have the most 40k players, but can arrange Sunday games too!
  14. I 'might' be there for D&D, we'll see. Pray to the blood god for me! 👹
  15. 40K Escalation League - 2020 Winter Warzone “The road to OFCC” Welcome everyone! You’ve waited patiently, here’s the rules you've waited for! What: 40k escalation league When: 8 weeks of slaughter! Starting Saturday February 29th 2020 and ending Friday April 24th 2020. Where (multiple locations in Portland/Vancouver area): Ordo/WoW clubhouse, (Tuesdays 5pm+ and Sundays 3pm+) on normal game nights. Arrange games in game night thread on these forums. Goin' Gaming (Sundays, starts at noon) Gambit's Cards & Hobbies (Thursdays, starts at 5:30pm)
  16. I'm thinking an 8 week escalation league starting around Late feb or early March, culminating in a Saturday ITC tournament open to all, but still fun and casual. League players, get first registration to the tournament too. We had a blast last year, looking forward to another! Only thing i can't decide is start at 500 points or 750, to allow true escalation. However, this year I'm considering starting at 750, and ending at 1750 (which would be good for the tournament too). I need to talk to a few people for some logistics, but this IS happening 😁
  17. Simple green has always worked fine for me. Takes scrubbing with a toothbrush, but doesn't damage plastics, even if you leave it in for 2 days, etc. Does take some scrubbing, and the model is not 100% paint free in some places. But it's enough to repaint. That said, Bryan told me about Castrol Super Clean, think it was like 1-2 hours to soak then the paint just peeled off. PROBLEM, it's very caustic and cancerous, use ventilation and proper hazard gloves!
  18. Stay tuned...looking to run another club escalation league (likely in March 2020), to culminate in another ITC tournament in April on a Saturday! Pondering the planning now...
  19. Next time, I had to run my daughter on some errands.
  20. It's still very much on the fence, but i'll let you know 😁
  21. I might get to show up this Sunday. I'll let you know, but maybe time for that Infinity learning game? What would I need to bring, haven't assembled my dudes yet.
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