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  1. So I usually don't have a felt playmat for 40k, just use wood and terrain. However, since this will fit on a standard table, I'm tempted to go with felt or something. I'm just wondering what cheap recommendations you have. I'm just thinking straight black felt is fine too, but is there different types, durability, etc. Other suggestions? 3x3 is what I'm told I want. Concerned that it will be rolled up or stored far more than used. So any suggestions for materials that don't bend or hold that roll would be nice, or I store it different.
  2. Apparently the World of Tanks crew is in Portland this Friday. I'm guessing this might be for the Xbox 360 launch (nothing to do with the PC), but still cool! Also, you would need to be in the beta to post on their site to RSVP. http://forum.worldoftanksxbox360edition.com/index.php?/topic/17593-portland-player-gathering-friday-jan-31-2014/
  3. So I bought in, after talking with Bryan and such. I ended up with the following, bought at www.coolstuffinc.com: 2 Core sets 1 X wing 1 Tie Fighter 2 Interceptors 2 B Wings That will give me 3 X-wings, 2 B-wings, 5 ties, and 2 interceptors. Since these will likely go against each other I think that sounds like a reasonable list. Supposedly that should give me 100pt lists? I was advised against the a-wings. I can add more later, but $113 that is cheap...retail too! What are the list generators for? Help with strong combos or just to make some in general? Are they reliable, or
  4. Would this be enough to get started 2 - Core sets (2 Xwings, 4 Ties) 2 - A-Wings (like the idea of tie mobility on Rebel side) 2 - Interceptors (same as above, but like having an X-wing) 1 - B Wing (love those ships) Would that be worthy? I liked Interceptors and B-wings in the fluff, but are they strong? I really don't want to buy a ton of stuff, but without just gorging them on equipment, is that 100pts worth for both sides and reasonable comp? Also, since I'm not getting actual Tie and Xwing blisters, which pilots do I miss out on? It matter?
  5. Strength D weapons are not as one sided as Apoc, but they are close. In Apoc once a team is down 1-2 D weapons compared to the other side, it starts to go downhill quick. Haven't played escalation yet, but watched 3 games played out. And the same process showed up. Once one Str D weapon was down, the other side started cleaning house with impunity, let alone 'not taking one' is just sad. AV 15 also makes the baby jesus cry. If you want power hungry include it, if you want more balance, don't, my 2 cents.
  6. Chaps, if you need an opponent, or fail to find adequate comp, I'd throw down some crons with ya. Most of my good toys are out still for painting, but I can scrounge up 2k if needed. I should be there 4:30-5pm ish.
  7. I'll be there tonight, brought 40k, or looking for a board game. If your planetary empires needs a fill in, could help there too.
  8. Cmon, that's better than.....VROOOOOM, wow he's going to turn left, now he's doing another left, I wonder which way he'll go next!
  9. I don't suppose someone bought the six pack $250 Alien frontiers and wants to sell one of the sets with it?
  10. Man, I really wish I had done this last kickstarter of Alien Frontiers, I'm thinking this one needs to be on my shelf now... Torn, do I pick up the public release when it releases, or wait for another kickstarter for goodies, heh.
  11. Depends on the game. I see Alien Frontiers played all the time, Zombicide and numerous others get played a lot. That said, there's also plenty I've seen that once the hype died, they just weren't that desirable to jump into. For me, Dreadball is one where I like Blood Bowl better, so I never saw Dreadball take off in the groups I'm in (not to say it didn't take elsewhere), but just my 2 cents.
  12. I don't know if I can make it tonight now. :(
  13. Yeah, it's funny how the different styles of tanks can offer such different gameplay. The lights are a blast. Btw, not sure what happened last night, my mic was on the fritz...still having loading issues too.
  14. It has a demanding learning curve, but once you understand the mechanics (spotting, penetration, tank types/roles, etc). It's very strategic too.
  15. I think the base size is all that matters. I've seen plenty of good looking proxied ships. Especially to start learning, I doubt anyone would prevent it.
  16. Burk, he means World of Tanks is launching on the Xbox 360 (Not PC). That is in beta, and it's GREAT btw!!! The beta had an OPEN weekend, so anyone with an Xbox 360 could have joined. If you join the beta at any time you get a free premium tank too when it launches.
  17. I ran a league 1-2 years back. Maybe we should try and spur something even in the short term? I haven't played in forever either....one of those games that it's sad they stopped making rules for the game (officially anyway).
  18. Yeah, I saw Small World 2 on the site for $9.99. Was tempted to buy it, was also tempted by Catan and such. Just been too cheap... Have you played it yet?
  19. So, I figured I'd come to the collective group and ask a simple question. What games do you love on your Android device. I'm looking for all time wasting apps that absorb lots of your time. I'm really looking for board games that you love converted into android (or turn based). Free is best, but if it's a must, I would consider a purchase. I heard Catan was getting a multiplayer option soon (in beta), and some other games. Ok, let the posting begin... I'll start. Bryan got me hooked on Chip Chain. Great game with a unique design.
  20. I plan to be there. Blu want a game? My list will be softer than usual, all my tesla destructors are out for painting ;)
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