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  1. I have some unassembled stuff- I was waiting for the next edition (Due out in 2018!) Any word on the future of the game?
  2. TO WHAT PURPOSE HAVE I BEEN SUMMONED? Oh, Kings of War. Neato. We are just finishing up a campaign up here in Vancouver. We normally play one Sunday morning a month I know there is another group that is heavier into tournaments and such- I have their emails, but they aren't on Ordo. They run 1-2 tournaments a year here in Portland. Two day affairs at guardian, last year they were in summer. Guardian has some stock, and can special order. If you wanted to come watch some games, I can accommodate that. Next time is March 17th. TO RANK AND FLANK HELL I RETURN, WAITING FOR SOME FOOL MORTAL TO SUMMON ME AGAIN.
  3. ::looks at calendar:: April? So, if it takes a little while that's okay. Also, even with just the flame, I can jury-rig something. Thanks for checking!
  4. Does anyone have the 3 little bits that make up the pile 'o flaming skulls that goes on the back of a corpse cart lying around?
  5. Hey, are those nighthaunt still available? I've been thinking about using them for Kings of War...
  6. The last game of round 1 was finished this morning. We had Ogres running ashore against Twilight Kin: The Ogres didn't make it off the beach, mostly due to a Machine-gun nest the Kin set up in the central forest. Due to their win, Twilight Kin get a foothold in the ogre lands: Turn 2 to be completed later tonight- we should get a write up in a couple days.
  7. So, my list: Pharaoh on chariot Priest with surge and fireball Skeleton Horde (with Banner of Murder from the starter game of Vanguard. Gives them Crushing Strength 1). Guardian horde Skeleton cav regiment mummy regiment crossbow regiment catapult Bone giant I played Adams Orcs- 2 hordes of axe, horde of trolls, boar-rider regiment, troll leader, orc leader, shaman, 2 skulk troops, gaint My left was my infantry waiting for the orc axe hordes to come, with lots of lineral obstacles in the way. on my right, my giant and pharaoh played delaying games against trolls and giants. The middle was where the game was won- he put his boar riders and skulks here- I picked them off with shooting, my skeleton cav, and my guardians getting a charge in. With the center mine, I set up a bunch of flank charges in turn 4, and on his turn 4, my opponent conceded. My only loss was my giant, so no units permanently lost (it is 1/3 rounded down). My Guardian Horde got Elite. We have one game to go (to be played this week), and I will update the map.
  8. Hello all, I will be using this thread to chronicle the Kings of war campaign I will be running starting later this month. I have created a map of the "Mouth of Leith" area of the Mantica map (below). The Players are: Red- Charlie with Ogres Orange: Greg with Elves Green: Adam with Orcs White: Myself with Empire of Dust Black: Gil with Twilight Kin Blue: Andrew with Twilight Kin I have also copied the campaign rules for those who want to see how I put this together. I will be updating this top as armies fight for dominance! KoW Campaign outline v1.pdf
  9. Should be rad. I'll be the guy with Empire of Dust.
  10. There is a big tournament at Guardian games this weekend, you should stop by! I'll be the middle aged white guy!
  11. Is it the Vancouver part that scares people off, or the Sunday part?
  12. There seems to be a resurgence in interest in Kings of War. I am hosting some games at my place in Vancouver on Sunday, May 20th 10am-1pm. I even have loaner armies of Varangur and Salamanders, if you want to try those out. Anyone interested should let me know via PM.
  13. Oh Noes! Is there anyone who can step in? Right now I have 5 players, which is a smidge odd for a Mega game.
  14. Hello one and all, So, in order to get this on everyone's calendar, I am putting this out now. We are going to do a mega-game of Kings of War at Dice Age on Saturday, September 30th Noon-5pm. I already have 3 players per side, but we have room for more! I already have 12' of table space reserved, and can go out further. I am also making special abyssal terrain for the event. Let me know if you aren't part of the normal group and would like to attend. Right now, I am thinking 1500 points per player. Let me know, Nick
  15. Noes! Well, see you for visiting anyways. We do not have to stick to one list at all. I am aiming for a light, learning event rather than a cut-throat tournament feel. Just a reminder, this saturday at Guardian, starting at noon.
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