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  1. Here are some Recon and AA assets, along with a bunch of transports. There is also a bonus Bad Cat pic for you! https://imgur.com/a/ShwEtmw Infantry are next.
  2. I just had a brilliant idea: are T-80's better as a support company for your Motor rifle battalion?
  3. Hmmmm. So 11 points for carnations and observer, 1 point for gaskin, a platoon of BMP-1's is about 6 points. Leaves room for about 9 T-80s. It may work, but it is still only 9 shots a turn with the same gun a T-72 or T-64 has. Also! Do you folks like Soviet artillery? The 5+ to range in is a pain, it it for anti- infantry work? Milan spam?
  4. Okay, with 6 posts in a week, this might be the most active Team Yankee forum on the net! I'd thought I'd throw a question to the group: How do you feel about T-80's? You get a Nato-ish tank, but are paying Nato prices, and still only 1 shot from the main gun. You can even pay MORE points, but you get an actually decent skill rating, and are hit on 4's! What say you?
  5. And with those 40 tanks, you might total 100 points!
  6. Thanks! I picked up some Americans, too, but holy poop are the turret baskets for the M1's hard to assemble.
  7. So, I picked up a bunch of T64s at the beginning of the lockdown, and now I present 2/1st Guards Tank Regiment, Part of 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division: Pics were too big, had to put them on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/cliiXZW Working on Regimental assets next.
  8. I played a small game solo to test out the rules. I really like the activation system- it isn't nearly as constraining as the Dragon Rampant or Hail Caesar activation systems, while leaving some room for command and control differences. I think this game sits very nicely in a continuum between Kings of War and 9th age. It is more interactive than KoW (and has individual casualty removal, if that's a thing for you), but isn't nearly so fiddly or mega-unit driven as 9A. I look forward to playing some more, especially once the rules for undead are released this fall.
  9. Location is at my house in Central Vancouver. Folks can attest that my house is reasonably nice, and my terrain is pretty good. As a further note, the 3 folks from our group who went to Wildwood got 6th, 7th, and 8th place in a 8 person tourney. We are easy-going folks.
  10. Hello All! As it turns out, we have an odd number of players for our Escation league. If anyone would be interested in 1/month, slowly expanding games of KoW in Vancouver, send me a PM! First game is this Sunday, with 750 points. Let me know, Nick
  11. What would you use the scorpions as? I guess you could stack two of them into a bone giant. Scorp-ception! The loss of the wurm riders is harsh though. I guess I could use them as Chariots. Also, I liked the skeleton cav. Move 9 and nimble, plus surgeable, plus def 4+ and nerve -16 made for a good objective grabber. That said, Revanant cav is objectively better. One big thing to note- lots of units are irregular, and don't unlock units now. For instance, all Goblins in the Ogre List. Nearly all shooters, as well. I am super stoked to start our escalation leagu
  12. Direct from mantic. Got the spell cards and tokens too. I am quite glad I'm building a new nightstalkers army; Empire of Dust had a bunch of models removed. In all fairness, it was crappy stuff only I was dumb enough to take, but still.
  13. This thing is massive- about 400 pages. The rules are pretty much the same, and the army lists have all the addons from the expansions in them. Warmachines got a lot more reliable- they all have 2 attacks now, but half the blast value. Other shooters got downgraded- very few shooters have a 4+ shoot skill anymore, and most shooting units are irregular (so they don't unlock monsters and heroes). Large Infantry and Large Cavalry give slightly fewer unlocks than regular-sized folks. Most characters seem to have a point or 2 less nerve now, and most lists have guys in them who double
  14. I have some unassembled stuff- I was waiting for the next edition (Due out in 2018!) Any word on the future of the game?
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