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  1. It is! I've got a buddy with a 3d printer, thanks so much! I will name that particular vehicle "Great Scott!" in your honor.
  2. Howdy! Does anyone have the bits to make a M901? I have the M113 hull, just need the missile launcher bits. Anyone got some laying around from making VADS?
  3. Looks like we are getting a few folks together at Mox Portland for some 50 point 'learner' Team Yankee games on the 12th. We have soem folks showing up at 3, others at 6, so we have a wide time frame. Plus they serve beer and food!
  4. Good to know. Would folks be interested in playing some Team Yankee on August 3rd?
  5. It took me 2 months, but I finished my accompanying infantry. Are folks getting together on Tuesday evenings at Geeks and Games? They appear to have TY/FoW open gaming then.
  6. I'm ready to rock right now! Were we going to meet at Ordo, or at various stores around the area?
  7. You can paint them- my stack is big enough as it is...
  8. That is super rad, thank you!
  9. By the way, they do- they have a little store to visit! I heartily recommend stopping by.
  10. Will you be taking Debit cards at this sale?
  11. I do say! Maybe do my human territories as generic elf, with my capitol this sweet world tree?
  12. If you could do wood-elf specific, that would be great. Barring that, general Tolkien elf works as well.
  13. They are kind of a weird scale-35mm-ish. Definitely bigger than 28mm.
  14. I made a map of my Kingdom on Inkarnate: https://inkarnate.com/m/W29vyy--oathmark-elf-kingdom/
  15. Mostly GW wood elves, with some Runewars and other miscellaneous stuff. All mounted, by the way. The Wild Hunt is upon you!
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