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  1. I've been having some good success with Yoyi brand PLA.
  2. From what I've seen in the community, and with my own experience, the Prusa is a top notch printer and it is nice having the company that is on the cutting edge of the printing industry. That said, the Ender 3 is very solid and the price is hard to beat. I have an Ultimaker 2+ and and Ender 3 Pro.
  3. Odd off topic but the tables I saw at LVO were good, but the ones I have seen at OFCC were better.
  4. I would never make shirts I don't have permission for. But if Ordo wants some different styles for OFCC, they know where to find me. 🙂
  5. Yup! At least I'm pretty sure we can. Some polos will be better than others.
  6. Nope! That is the power, and the downfall of the DTG printer. One shirt costs the same to make as 100. So its great for smaller runs of high color shirts or just small runs period.
  7. Hey everybody! I'm CaptainA, owner of TraderA, ex runner of Guardian Cup, mover to Boise, sometimes vendor at OFCC coming at you with my latest endeavor! My wife and I started www.t-shirtfam.com, a direct to garment printing business! We purchased a high quality machine that can print onto fabric. We specialize in t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. If you have a gaming club, team, or other low print run needs, feel free to check out our website or hit me up at contact@t-shirtfam.com. We can beat screen printing on color selection and low print runs. We also offer vendor programs
  8. My personal sadness in this is that ITC=WAAC in the minds of many players. The definition of WAAC amongst most tournament players is Win at All Costs - they will cheat, obfusicate, be unclear, ask for takes backs and not give takes backs, etc etc. I've played a ton of tournament games and i've played the majority of them against good people that were fun and lenient. Ive played some against jerks.. I've also played a fair shair of pickup and OFCC games. The majority of them against good people that were fun and lenient. I've played some against jerks. It doesn't matter what sys
  9. What I was referring to was that it is the ITC that is changing the rules. That is not the case. It is GW that is changing the rules.
  10. The funny thing is the ITC is The Book. The rules are the same, with only one minor terrain rule to help the damage output of armies in 40k. The missions are different and that is where you get the different feel of what is good and bad. Its the same as any comp system, in any comp system certain builds rise to the top as to what is the best in that comp system. There is a lot of talk about what is best and maximized, but people are always surprising the meta with armies that go agains the grain such as Thomas Oakey's Blood Angels that went 5-0 at Boise CUp. There is a big misnomer that ITC is
  11. Since this is the weekend of boise cup, I won't be able to go, but still want to be able to participate. Suggest a paypal me link or something similar so people can send more cash.
  12. Mary Poppins Returns - 2/10 No thanks. Went to appease the wife and wanted to die multiple times in viewing. By the end I was trying to keep my spirits up but knew I could only last 1 or 2 more songs. I was hoping the songs would end so I could get to the story parts, kinda opposite of what its intended to be. I have no plans to watch it again, even for the children. They can go to the other room and watch on a laptop with headphones...
  13. @paxmiles If someone is being rude and using the players packet against you, that is a violation in and of itself. The removing models is intended for the person owning the player to remove the models, not their oppoent. If you have say, a guardsmen being shot at by a full unit of whatever, you can take the model off without rolling saves. But if you feel you have a chance, you as the controlling player can ask for it to be rolled out. Sorry you feel that way about the ITC. I personally enjoy the format and find you will find jerks in whatever format you play in. I've played them in fri
  14. Also it should be noted that if a player is abusing the code of conduct for their advantage, that is itself a violation. The idea of the code of conduct is to help players know how they should treat each others, like"Norms" for meetings, it is more for the people that are abusers of the game, and not for the everyday joe. But the everyday Joe can learn things from the document like playing faster and speaking their intention about rolls and such.
  15. You got any pics of what that looks like post spray? Interested. Finished pieces would work.
  16. I'd look at putting a thunder hammer/storm shield on the watch captain. Makes him much more surviveable.
  17. This isn't really true. Each ITC event can do whatever they want, just need to have a winner of some sort. TO's don't need to use itc missions and can construct it pretty how they want. Now, many will do what FLG does for BAO, SoCal, and LVO, but that isn't the case in every situation as Nova, Adepticon, Renegade, and many more do their own thing and still classified as an ITC event. There is a min point cap at 1000 and scoring, but that is about it.
  18. Picked up that set and want to make a Kill Team table out of it. Thanks for the link. I'm always looking for good stl files for terrain that are unique. I love www.imperialterrain.com. Yeah, I know its star wars, but it works well for 40k!
  19. Da Fluger! RIsing from the ashes on a wave of green bodies. Da Fluger Charging your faces with waaging boyz. Da Fluger, Da Fluger, Da FLUGER! Good to see you back in the ork saddle.
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