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  1. Stoked for the faction books! I'm looking forward to all the new things.
  2. If anyone is interested in making a drive up to Vancouver, BC, we're holding Malifood on Saturday April 13. Super fun, let's all learn M3e, drink beer, and raise money for the food bank! More info on Facebook at the link below: Malifood M3e
  3. Just making sure everyone else knows! 😉
  4. Anyone you trust not to release any info to the public, it's not a bad idea to get anyone not in the beta to sign and submit their own NDA so it's not on you if they do. Also I'm in if you can make a trip up to Vancouver some time! 😃
  5. Signed up for the beta. Looks like, logistically, this will be a much smoother transition than m2e was. I'm excited to see what's coming!
  6. I got those sleeved backing the Paladin kickstarter. Just have to wait until they release the new sizes, or I think I heard they are going back to kickstarter in the near future. The sizes you're looking for are called "Mordred" and "Morholt", one pack of each is plenty.
  7. Alt raspy box now has raspy and a Christmas tree (ice golem) both in resin instead of plastic. Same price if you buy during their black Friday sale, otherwise price is going up over $100 in future! http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/133083-winter-wonderland-issue/#
  8. Agreed. Gifted has been slightly more amusing (I like seeing vampire Bill again, and the guy from Incorporated), but so far it's feeling a bit like a rehash of Heroes (save the cheerleader, save the world).
  9. Meh, 1.0 had a what, 3 year delay? A few months is really NBD, and I've had plenty of way smaller kickstarters delayed far more. We'll get 1.5 when he's satisfied it's perfect and that's totally fine by me. :)
  10. Recently finished our first full play through of the game (mostly core box with a few small expansions like flower knight). Got our butts kicked by the Watcher, fight was not even close. Feel like we have a better grasp of the game now and what buy and not to buy with our resources. Just started another play through, this time using the People of the Stars/Dragon King expansion campaign. Off to a good start!
  11. It's all in the timing... Need maybe a week of decent weather... wish me luck!
  12. Don't think I'll make it as my house probably won't have a roof on it around then. Have fun!
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