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  1. In search of 7, inexpensive, classic space marines for my space wolf army, armed with bolters. Space wolf models a bonus. Wolf head, marine's helmets Wolf pelts attached to armor. Fur loin cloths attached to armor. 10 inexpensive fenrisian wolves. Located in Gresham Thanks
  2. In search of 'rocket engines' for my Ork Dakka ship. They don't need to be 40k specific, i want the variety. Star Wars/GiJoe/Transformers/Playschool/etc. Looking for 8-10 medium sized ideally. The Orks found a completely stripped Millennium Falcon on FB Marketplace and dragged it home. Now it needs engines, hyperdrive, outboard motors, whatever will get this thing off the ground and in the air. How the boss let it slip by that there were no engines was a mystery. Currently running steam pipes under cargo bays and chain fence along the walls.
  3. Landraider for sale. Got in trade, discovered wrong loadouts for chaos Hurricane bolters and twin assault cannons. Primed black. Cant post pics due to site size restrictions and my phone. $50 obo Willing To ship $8 flat rate priority shipping.
  4. Paypal is fine 😉 I'll take this to PM. If you are local, we can meet at your convenience
  5. Keep me updated. I have placed a large number of collectibles on FB Marketplace and going to the emergency room every other night for my shots. Still going to cost money, but helps short term. Thanks for reaching out. I'm still waiting on a reply from the state on what will happen with my insurance and Medicare.
  6. Price drop to 100 dollars from 250. Plus shipping. 47 various metal, 2nd and 3rd edition Chaos Marines, 6 Las Cannons, 6 Autocannons, 1 Missile Launcher, 4 metal back packs. No plastic bits or base. THIS IS NOW A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. I have been without my insulin for over a week now. I need 100 to cover my expenses. I am located in Gresham, please be willing to come to me
  7. Just opened Tooth and Claw this morning. Want to trade the 3 aggressors with bases for the 5 Intercessors that came in that set. All models are new on sprue. Would also consider the 5 Intercessors from Wake The Dead. Is this a fair deal?
  8. I can always take a look at them. Im fully capable at working on models over time.
  9. Pax, I may consider a trade for Knights, Landraiders, Death Guard, Zombies, Space Wolf models? A few of the higher priced models I can't normally afford?
  10. 50 metal Chaos marines. The list... 3 Squad Leaders with Power Fists. No backpacks or bases. 3 Squad Leaders with chainswords. No backpacks or bases. 2 Marines with flamers. No backpacks or bases. 4 Havocs with Aurocannons, 1 spare autocannon. No backpacks, arms, or bases. 2 Havocs, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 backpack. No arms or bases. 9 Havocs, 6 Lascannons, 4 backpacks, no arms or bases. 27 Chaos Marines. No backpacks or bases. Finished sales on ebay are all over the place from $6-$20 plus shipping. Looking for $7 per Squad Leader or Havoc. $5
  11. Brother Glacious, what's a set of Salamander doors sell for? Thanks
  12. Simple request. Can anyone spare a Terminator left arm Death Watch shoulder for my Greater Hero? I lost my spare. Thanks. I'm in Gresham.
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