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  1. "Grim Darkness Solidified, the war against cancer" PS: where'd you pick for the venue?
  2. Hmmm... nevermind this thread. I splurged and now I'm the one with excess magic cards. I don't feel right asking for charity MTG anymore. Thanks to @Purajh and @Brandon for their kind offers of support. If anyone wants to trade a pile of excess cards for another player's excess cards, I'd be down for that. You know, "one person's trash is another person's treasure," sort of trade. Though if someone does have excess black cards they just don't want, I would be happy to take them.
  3. Didn't know that this really existed, but the 100,000 dollar bill:
  4. Lol. I love snails and slugs. They just strike me as very innocent. Granted, I'm not a farmer.... I also feel that if slugs or snails were giant, my perspective on them would change drasitically. They'd be horrifying I were an ant.
  5. Hey Arnold!'s Arnold and Family Guy's Stewie Griffin have similar shaped heads...
  6. No, I mean they'll have tons of foot traffic, but most of it of the criminal element. It's not foot traffic that you'd want. Dunno why, but that providence park stop seems to be where all the people get off [the MAX] that I suspect are probably drug addicts/dealers, or otherwise criminally inclined. As a pedestrian, the businesses in that area have the least friendly attitude towards pedestrians (and usually really abused restrooms). I kinda wonder if a game store could survive there. Might work if they charged admission...but, then again, I'd never go to a game store that charged admission.
  7. 1: Cave found in Romania with 48 unique species in it which all use Chemosynthesis instead of Photosynthesis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movile_Cave 2: Naturally occurring boiling river: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanay-Timpishka Both links make me think they'd be good D&D encounters.
  8. Finally picked up the books for third. Really liking 3rd rules. Don't have 3.5, but between 3rd and Pathfinder, some pretty big changes. For starters, just about every lengthy Pathfinder rules debate is resolved with RAW in the 3rd Ed books. Very well written rules. One big change is that third isn't really well designed to run on a grid. Pathfinder does everything in 5ft squares, 3rd does not. Another big change is that spell casters can only cast 0-level spells once per day, while in Pathfinder they have unlimited uses. On the other hand, the 0-level spells are more impressive in 3rd. And just about all of the classes have less abilities in 3rd. A lot more skill choices in 3rd too. Like hiding and moving silently are two separate skills in 3rd, while they are the same skill in Pathfinder. Personally, I like the separation.
  9. Nothing wrong with the store. Ian, guy that runs it is great. Got into an alteration with some players where one of them, while angry, grabbed my models. I decided 6 months was enough time for me to forget the affair. So July. I did cheat once to attend the the store birthday.
  10. Work in progress. Plan is one more dwarf and two more hobgoblins. Paint to match my Smiling Skulls SM. Display board is mainly to help me not lose the models...
  11. Some progress. Hive tyrant Plastic tyrant guard And conversion tyrant guard Got rippers on 40mm bases. Finally realized that they're 3 wounds each instead of 4 as I had though. 3 rippers per base fits nicely. And a ranged carnifex in progress.
  12. I'm in Hillsboro/Beaverton. I go to GG. I also game at WOW. And recently I went to Retro Game Trader's "Club Room" to play magic the gathering. Even got to see @Brick Bungalow's brother. It was a pleasent experience. There is a Warhammer store right near my house, but I've sworn off them until july. They have a pretty good location and it's a good place to play. EDIT: I supposed I'm not an OFCC person. Somehow missed that.
  13. Poor Mox. That sounds like a terrible location for a friendly game store. Or anything that wants foot traffic. Really cruddy part of town (in terms of people encountered on foot, not the cost of the buildings). If they drop the "friendly" part, they'll probably do fine in that area....but I don't think they can compete with GG if they cease being friendly. That said, we could certainly use another game store. If you stop looking at it as a competition and start looking at it as a way of supporting GG by making their overcrowded weekends a little less crowded, that would be welcome addition to the town. GG has become very "full" lately. I definitely think Portland can support another game store, even another as large as GG.
  14. Got a 600pt game tomorrow at GG ++ Patrol Detachment (Tyranids) [24 PL, 3CP, 386pts] ++ + No Force Org Slot + Battle-forged CP [3CP] Detachment CP Hive Fleet: Kronos + HQ + Hive Tyrant [9 PL, 157pts]: Monstrous Rending Claws, Power: Catalyst, Power: Onslaught, The Ymgarl Factor, Two Deathspitters with Slimer Maggots, Warlord, Warlord Trait: Soul Hunger + Troops + Ripper Swarms [2 PL, 33pts]: 3x Ripper Swarm + Elites + Tyrant Guard [13 PL, 196pts] . Tyrant Guard: Crushing Claws, Rending Claws . Tyrant Guard: Crushing Claws, Rending Claws . Tyrant Guard: Crushing Claws, Rending Claws . Tyrant Guard: Crushing Claws, Rending Claws ++ Fortification Network (Tyranids) [14 PL, 208pts] ++ + No Force Org Slot + Hive Fleet: Kronos + Fortification + Sporocyst [7 PL, 104pts]: 5x Deathspitter Sporocyst [7 PL, 104pts]: 5x Deathspitter ++ Total: [38 PL, 3CP, 594pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
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