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  1. You could still have 6x infantry squads. Troops aren't required on every detachment, just certain types. Just means you can't have 2x Brigades. Guard have plenty of toys in other slots. And it's fluffy for Mordians to be more than just infantry... Anyway, I suggested Necrons.
  2. It's the pieces that can't become "loops." So it's the tip of the toe and then the sections that are contaminated with holes. Small pieces. Anyway, it's not a big deal. It's just a small handful of cloth. I was asking more because I didn't know the answer, rather than because I needed an answer. @WestRider Thanks. I had expected this one to be something simple that everyone knew except me, because that's how most of my random questions resolve. I did look this one up, a little before you answered: https://recyclenation.com/2015/11/how-can-you-recycle-fabrics/ Basically, cloth can be recycled, but as @andy points out, mostly it gets re-used.
  3. This really is the best tree kit that any company makes. And I'm really proud of GW for making good generic trees. These have a place in any 28mm model collection, not just with GW stuff.
  4. Hmm...wasn't clear enough. I have socks that have holes which I've been stockpiling for a project that needs lots of sock "loops" (cut socks into a series of loops). But I still have some excess pieces that I can't use and really too insignificant for other projects. Been thinking about recycling lately, mostly due to that plastic bag thing, so was wondering if there's a way to recycle cloth or compost it, or if they think it belongs in a landfill. Does seem like recycling is rather vague on how to do it with a good chunk of common things.
  5. Nevermind. Found someone at GG that wanted the rabbit portion.
  6. https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/season-beatings I really want this Turtle model for use in D&D and am trying to justify buying this box set. Anyone want to buy the rabbit (Blessed of December) portion? They're book good looking models, I just don't have a use for it and I'm having trouble justifying $40 for a single turtle model. GG has a copy of this in stock (been there since 2017), so I'd get that. I just want the one model, so the rest of the box's contents would be yours for $20 (Rabbit, cards, bases, all of it.).
  7. Old cloth, like socks with holes: recycle or trash?
  8. Could ask someone to bid on your behalf. Someone you trust.
  9. Sake of argument, how long do you suppose until they get a new kit? Would be a shame to fully magnetize them, only to have them produce an updated kit...
  10. Yes and no. The first wave of films were 1954. Their target audience was certainly another group. But 30+ years later, kids like me were born and were watching films made for us about Godzilla. Our films are about destroying cities with your feet, or fighting other monsters, and about watching those screwy dubbed dialogue sequences (American Godzilla films ruin themselves by not making them in japanese and then dubbing a simplistic script over the original). My generation is the one where Godzilla fights again the Environmentalist's monster, "Biollante" (released in the USA in 1992)
  11. AoS local built his beetle with a magnetic rider. I always thought the rider looks funny, so without:
  12. I find the crotch padding really funny in this otherwise really unmasculine product
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