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  1. No more than WHFB was a Homebrew. It's a developed game. Both are made by an organization, not an individual. And T9A does distinguish between official armies and Homebrew armies.
  2. @TheBeninator and @Wentwizard Good suggestion Oreogolem, bug plead with the staff. Hmm. Well, Okay, base Miser of Sululag is 665pts as general with no upgrades. The current character limit is only 65pts less than this (600pts). Any chance I can just start with this guy as the Warlord? I'd be willing to take a penalty elsewhere (like in not having a Retinue for my Warlord) and/or some other overall army penalty for exceeding the normal character limit. The previously discussed ban on gigantic characters was never added. And within a normal 2k game (not our modified point level), miser would fit. Plus, this means I only have a Wizard Apprentice....a nerfed DL magic phase for the first few games seems like a pretty reasonably trade off. Mainly, it would just make building the army a lot more simple, since I can just keep playing the same character every time. Plus the model looks really good, I think.
  3. Looked into it more. Can't fit 3 characters in 4500pt lists when it's Miser and Sentinel as 2/3. I mean, I can, but they become really bare bones. So scratch this idea for our league.
  4. A couple of points here. -I thought the point of distinguishing between Warlord and General was that the higher point characters purchased later would able to be General, but wouldn't have those slick warlord upgrades. Seemed like a good way to balance it. Warlord was sort of a lesser commander that, at some point, goes to the king to become a part of a larger army. -I want to run my Miser, but your warlord xp tables will be incredibly broken with the Miser. Especially that Unbreakable rule, as dying to CR is his kryptonite - with unbreakable, he'll become something you can't kill without an overly focused approach. -A Miser properly outfitted for a 4500pt list is about 1000pts. By having a reoccurring warlord bought within 600pts, you prevent from fielding the Miser until the character allowance is Warlord + 1000pts, which should mean that I can't field it until my opponents can cope with it. -In case the 1000pt price tag makes you nervous, Miser is really offensively weak, so much to the effect that he's not really fielded in tournament lists. He's like a really big punching bag. Should be fun for casual play, though I'm told the common tactic against is to just ignore him because, again, he's really offensively weak.
  5. Should do an odd number of sides for bases, you know, so they don't quite line up...
  6. I guess I just really like your peasants. Anywho, your call.
  7. A beached whale would make a really good unit filler for a zombie unit. Zombie whales...
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