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  1. I think my "AoS Cygor" belongs here:
  2. T9A old layout of how things get done 🤣
  3. It's saying those models are legal for matched play, but GW is officially discouraging TOs from allowing them in organized events. It's a way that they can officially support them without really supporting them. GW is really big on being able to say they support all their models, past and present.
  4. South Park did a Dune satire...so funny. South Park Season 23 Episode 8 - Turd Burglars
  5. On a somewhat related point, T9A's site has only obtained 53% of their target donations for the Calendar year. If planning to do the escalation league in January, seems worth mentioning that they might need some financial support, right about now.
  6. Yeah, me neither. I try hard to follow the laws, though. Though regarding "unpaid" bottle deposits, all I know is that I didn't pay directly. When you but cans of soda at a vending machine, resturant, or bar, the deposit is included in the price without any mention. You can legally return those, as I understand. And I paid for my cans with Oregon as my listed state, so I think it's on Amazon to pay the deposit if they aren't putting it on my invoice. Anywho, my point is that the price was very good. And mentioning the deposit thing in case anyone is in a position to make sure Amazon is following Oregon law. I'm not, but Ordo is very diverse.
  7. Well, how does it work on the internet? My understanding is that Amazon is supposed to cover that based on the state I, the purchaser, am in.
  8. Harbinger BSB mounted on Beast of Prophecy / Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut
  9. That seems like a rather extreme misinterpretation of what I said.
  10. The lack of that kind of paint scheme always turns me away from Flames of War. Playing flames of War with historical colors is as appealing artistically as playing 40k with unpainted models.
  11. Historical Wargamers and non-real setting wargamers are different kinds of hobbyists. The skill sets are about the same, but the two groups of hobbiests have always been rather divided. Not sure where the line is exactly, as we definitely have overlap, but I don't think it's fair to compare them like that. But if you see the Historical minis as the same "quality" as the 40k minis, then use those in 40k. I certainly don't mind mixing and matching whatever works. I was eyeballing a box of Warlord's Spartans for use in T9A. Might still go that route in a future project. I did do some research and the warlord spartans are a smaller than the humans of the Warhammer setting, though I don't know how much that matters to me in T9A.
  12. South Park: Order of the Stick of Truth. PS4. Got it and it's sequel very discounted on the PS4 store. Love this game. It's a near perfect RPG. Turn based combat, engaging plot. Good character creation. This is also be the first game in a long while that really deserves its mature rating
  13. Yeah, amazon is sure amazing sometimes. Local store, Winco, has my lovely Monster energy Drinks at $1.96+$0.10dep. Amazon has 24 of them (in the flavor of my choice) for $33.99 with free two day shipping and, apparently, no deposit. Just arrived in a very well packed box, with a listed carry weight of 30lbs and about 6 "heavy: lift with care" stickers. I save about 65 cents per can, plus fuel/energy related to transporting them to me. And the cans are stamped for deposit, so amazon must have put it in the cost, so now I can return them and regain another 10 cents per can, though returning cans requires fuel/energy. No wonder the local businesses are having trouble. PS: In fairness, Winco usually has their Monsters for about that price, plus deposit, and I'd gladly pay it. Just not "on sale" right now.
  14. I think 40k Hobbyists are a captive market. We don't like change. Want proof? We play 40k exclusively indoors - nothing in the game concept requires indoor play, but we insist on playing in an environment that doesn't change. We resist changes to model design, changes to model material, and so forth. Our captivity may be a self imposed prison, but that's the hobbyist. We could resin coat/dip the minis to make the painted miniatures waterproof, weigh down the bases to make them more resistant to wind, and go backpacking with our army and play in nature. But we don't, that's just not 40k hobbyists. I think GW selling their own supplies is a good option, as I've been to games shops that just don't have very good supplies in town. GW suppies just can't become the only option, as they're like gift shop version of supplies. But it's not reasonable for GW to tell the parents of players to "go to home depot" to get supplies for christmas gifts for the 40k hobbyists. Regarding the cost of models, if you've not noticed, just about all the model companies cost about the same. Been this way for a bit now. $50 for 10 models is $5 each, and that's only a bit more than Reaper's discount minis, and it's probably cheaper than Privateer Press or Malifaux minis...40k's high cost isn't in model prices, it's in army prices. The model's are priced fine until you decide that you need a hundred of them for your army. And most hobbies are like this. The hobbyist seeks a safe environment to work their hobby, one with as little change as possible. It's like why PC gamers don't switch operating systems very often. Change happens, and the hobbyist adapts, but they don't like change, usually. That is at the core of what I dislike about the present 40k: Too much change too quickly. The Jump from 7e to 8e was very large in terms of rule changes. And they've been releasing a lot of new sets and army books, far faster than previously. And they've really started to change the fluff. And they've pushed the focus of the game's audience to tournament players exclusively, which I'm not. I'm a hobbyist, I don't like change. But that doesn't make the current game bad - it just makes me not want to play it. And I haven't been...
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