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  1. By the way, are we using modified rules for our campaign? Or were you just simplifying things for me in our demo game? Been going over the rules and there's more than a few things were weren't doing right. But you are running the group, so I'm assuming that you were adjusting the rules intentionally.
  2. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 129 I feel like the series should start here. Just starting to get good....
  3. The majority of my custom successor chapter DA are using Mk3 PA and I've got a good chunk of HH compatible terminators. Chapter colors are all wrong, but my point is that switching to 30k wouldn't be too challenging on the model end. I've played a little bit of 30k, in the past. Never really found a friendly group for HH, so eventually stopped trying. My main issue with HH is that they want too much cash for the rules, and they don't sell them locally. 7e isn't a favorite either, but I actually recall HH being more balanced for 7e than 40k was balanced for 7e. For example, in HH your special weapon marines are a 10-man squad with 9x special weapons and a sarge. Makes them much more on par with the super-heavies that 7e pushed. Basically it solves the 7e probably of OP units by making everything OP....Not the worst solution and certainly better than regular 40k was in 7e. That said, 4e or 5e would be a much more fun edition to play HH with.
  4. Picked up the necromunda rulebook and gang book at the Ordo Garage sale.
  5. While I've got you, was toying around with lists on the melee end of GSC, since your list seemed to have trouble with speed. The big trick I see with GSC melee is that the aberants have 5" move and there's no cap on them, aside from the neophyte to other things ratio. The other fun thing I learned, is that you can swap the free starting armor on the neophytes and put it on the models that don't come with armor (like the aberrants) without raising the list cost. My example GSC melee list: Not really heavy strategy, you just rush the enemy. Aberrants don't have any starting weapons, but they've got WS3+ and S5 base with 2 attacks, so for a starting list, they should still be fearsome. Defensively, they have T4 and 2 wounds each, plus the "stolen" hazmat suit makes them immune to the blaze condition. Only real outlier to the list is the neophyte labeled "Archer" which just sits on high and hammers with a Long Las. Those long las are amazing special weapons. Surprised your list didn't have any. Would have really changed our game in your favor, as just having a single one would have made my turtle tactic non-viable. I do like the GSC list. It's really flexible. Could make it ranged, melee, or mixed and still have a viable army. List also has really, really good Cool/will/leadership, at least compared to my chaos cults.
  6. Though the really cool one they did recently, was a faction box for the Star Trek Animated Series. Cards included are these: GG has several copies, sold in boxes like:
  7. Buying 3 ships brand new would be $45. With those particular ships, might be sold together in a faction pack, which are $30 for 4 ships. Game is really cheap, especially if you don't bother getting originals of the cards. Should be cheaper on amazon, maybe cheaper on ebay, and definitely cheaper in trade. And beyond that, the rules don't actually require any ships. You just need that square base/token to play, the ship model is purely a decoration, the models aren't used at all in the rules. I will note that the fleet builder you linked isn't complete. I've got cards that don't show up in that. Again, the game has rather lacking support. Lots of partially complete online resources for this game, between several you can usually find what you need. I find this one pretty useful just to look at the ship choices: https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/staw:Ship_Listing
  8. @Ish We have a facebook group for GG star trek attack wing, if interested.
  9. 130pts is the typical game. It's very similar to Xwing, except the company that makes them doesn't support the game very well, but that also means less things to buy, so meh. Xwing also has a tighter ruleset, while Star Trek has more exotic rules. More specific list creation rules (as well as updated rules) are here: https://wizkids.com/attackwing/star-trek-attack-wing-rules-for-tournaments/ Yeah, it says tournaments, but it's the same rules for most casual games. Some events also enforce specific faction rules, but most games I've played encourage mix-and-match fleets, which is good because the company doesn't have a balanced approach to faction support...
  10. Haven't attended in a while. Got a game coming up on Sunday. Finally got enough Borg to run a decent little squadron.
  11. That's not a photo. Even made a random link thread, just for you:
  12. Our debates don't really go anywhere, and you tend to get offended, so how about we skip this debate and just agree to disagree?
  13. Makes me want to make a Necromunda Christmas Gang...
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