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  1. The Vampire Diaries (Season 2) 3/5 More of the same. It's watchable if you can filter the rather massive amount of teen drama...I'm enjoying myself.
  2. So, options are now Orc & Goblin forest goblin giant spiders or Warriors of the Dark Gods Giant mammoth thing. Or could ditch the siege towers. Or could ditch 9th age.
  3. Well, that's the end of this project...looks like the siege engine is wide base first. Or rather, the normal size is narrow front, the upgraded size is wider front...annoying.
  4. Another rule question: how does base "facing" work with regard to custom models on rectangular bases? Like some of my characters have 50x100mm bases. Is 50mm side the front/back, or side, or can it be either? Same question arises with the siege towers/hope harvesters - obviously the front of my model is the shorter end, but is that how it would function in-game, or would it move from longer end?
  5. But it's not immunity, just a 2+Ward, or something like that? Definitely annoying and an uphill battle, but not impossible. Any who, just tinkering with ideas.
  6. Okay, looking at this Incendiary Ichor. Sort of a double edged sword upgrade. It's cheap and it gives strong resistances to fire, but makes my own attacks flaming whether I want them flaming or not. So sake of arguement, if the entire army had only flaming attacks, how impaired would I be? Like is outright immunity to flaming attacks a thing? Or would just be an uphill battle?
  7. The Vampire Diaries (Season 1) 3/5 For starters, I've kinda exhausted the available shows I 'aught to be watching. This one is a topic I enjoy, but with a much younger target audience than I'd prefer. I've been enjoying "Legacies" which is a currently airing sequel show, so now I'm going back and watching this sort of thing. Anywho, this one is a Teen Drama about a human girl and her harem of male vampires. First episode is terrible and bland, but the show does get better until the last episode of season 1 which ends exactly how I hoping it would. Still, way too much "teen drama," but I can filter. Off to go watch season 2. I love not having to wait for a new season.
  8. Dunno what I'm doing for generals and characters and other such, but my mind has decided that I'm going the daemon route and I've started converting models and painting stuff. Gears are turning in my head.
  9. Would that work? You can tell, they barely fit (ramps retracted) on a 150x100 base. That's the space of 4x6 of 25mm square models. I don't know that they'd really work as unit fillers, kinda need something smaller than the unit itself to be a unit filler. Looked around at the other army options. I do think this is the best fit. Though I'm also thinking that I might be trying too hard to force these models into the game and maybe it's a mistake.
  10. @WestRider Site is here: https://rottenfactory.eu/store/index.php?id_product=113&id_product_attribute=0&rewrite=heads&controller=product&SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=2
  11. Website calls them Slave Orc heads. Don't have a use, but an interesting thought.
  12. Oh, the other possibility, is that I could just plan on the two siege towers being something for "Grand Army" and just plan for a single siege tower in normal games of 4500pts. That might be the easiest and most practical solution.
  13. I looked at it. Skaven stuff has too small bases (that base size is killing me, but I just love these models). I have considered running as gigantic spiders filled with goblins. Though, hope harvester seems like the best fit, so far. Plus, it's easy to think of siege towers as a bane against hope.
  14. Assembled model has a ramp on the 3rd level to disembark on walls, and rear enterance ramp on first level. There are ladders going up to each level. It really is an awesome model. Finished model should have guys on 3 levels, plus cannons or something on the parapet, depending on what it's suppose to represent. And, if hope harvester, should have have a banner that says something like "So walls give you hope?"
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