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  1. Dunno what I'm doing for generals and characters and other such, but my mind has decided that I'm going the daemon route and I've started converting models and painting stuff. Gears are turning in my head.
  2. Would that work? You can tell, they barely fit (ramps retracted) on a 150x100 base. That's the space of 4x6 of 25mm square models. I don't know that they'd really work as unit fillers, kinda need something smaller than the unit itself to be a unit filler. Looked around at the other army options. I do think this is the best fit. Though I'm also thinking that I might be trying too hard to force these models into the game and maybe it's a mistake.
  3. @WestRider Site is here: https://rottenfactory.eu/store/index.php?id_product=113&id_product_attribute=0&rewrite=heads&controller=product&SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=2
  4. Website calls them Slave Orc heads. Don't have a use, but an interesting thought.
  5. Oh, the other possibility, is that I could just plan on the two siege towers being something for "Grand Army" and just plan for a single siege tower in normal games of 4500pts. That might be the easiest and most practical solution.
  6. I looked at it. Skaven stuff has too small bases (that base size is killing me, but I just love these models). I have considered running as gigantic spiders filled with goblins. Though, hope harvester seems like the best fit, so far. Plus, it's easy to think of siege towers as a bane against hope.
  7. Assembled model has a ramp on the 3rd level to disembark on walls, and rear enterance ramp on first level. There are ladders going up to each level. It really is an awesome model. Finished model should have guys on 3 levels, plus cannons or something on the parapet, depending on what it's suppose to represent. And, if hope harvester, should have have a banner that says something like "So walls give you hope?"
  8. Warhammer Siege Tower (Plastic GUO for scale) That's a 150mm x 100 mm base. Model isn't glued to base or fully glued. Need to find all the parts. I plan to repaint. But as you can see, definitely gigantic and barely fits on that base.
  9. Thanks for all the help. Between armybuilder and all your help, starting to understand the army better. Tricky thing. Definitely can't go proper khorne with this, but also grants me more options. Though another consideration is that without fixed models for my daemons, I don't have to adhere to the limitations a khorne would normally have and could even mix and match daemons under one paint scheme or even make some khorne daemons with alternate weapons. So by leading the army with a Harbinger of Chaos, I lose out on the General's Greater Dominion, and on sharing the manifestations of the general with my other harbingers. Which explains why my non-harbinger models have to pay an upgrade cost to be the general (was wondering). I have 3 options of non-harbinger generals without taking a gigantic general. Kuulima's Deciever, Omen of Savar, and Sentinel of Nukuja. That's Envy, Pride, and Sloth. On the other hand, Harbinger has great stats and low cost. So there is merit to ditching the Dominions and shared manifestations. Another approach is that I could ditch one of the siege towers. Not sure if they are overpowered in game, so maybe two is too many anyway. Then I could take any of the character general options. And yet another approach, Daemons may be the wrong army altogether. Warriors of the Dark Gods have a "Wasteland Behemoth" mount option for characters that could work quite well as a Siege Tower. And then the other end is that I could just be trying too hard to make something fit that just won't work.
  10. Was looking at pictures of legolas in the random photo thread and got to thinking about beards and diet. I've always thought that beards were more a genetic thing, but apparently they also have a lot to do with diet. Elves not having beards may be more diet than race. It's an interesting thought.
  11. Well, if you want one, looks like I have 3 left. I probably want to keep one. Not sure where the others went. I can bring one by WOW, if you actually want one. But sounds like you are are already set on dice bags.
  12. It's a well made bag with a working drawstring that just happens to be very well sized to hold dice. And until rather recently, dice bags weren't really a thing you could buy, so lots of gamers have Crown Royal dice bags mainly due to a lack of alternatives. But the bag isn't really designed to hold dice, it just happens to work very well for that. These days, a purchased dice bag is just as good, maybe better. Lately, I transport my dice in a galleon freezer zip lock. Don't last forever, but I like being able to see the dice without spilling them everywhere. And I have a lot of dice of various types. Dunno, might switch back to crown royal.
  13. Well, depends if you've concluded that the emperor is actually the incarnation of your deity or not.
  14. One of the GW fluff theories is that the chaos gods are the product of the emperor's subconscious mind. Anyway, I suppose I just er on the side of caution with regards to game mechanics.
  15. From a science perspective, they aren't bending rules, just that chaos is proof that we do not fully understand the rules. But from a game design perspective, no faction should be permitted to bend rules. It's a mistake in game design.
  16. Not great with the fluffy descriptions, but my present, general idea is that we start with a gang war for territories. Each territory has a pre-designed scenario with defender being the current owner and attacker being the one trying to take control. I'll also try to work out a map for each one, one that players are encourage to approximate with placement of terrain. Next component is the "alien" mirrors. So, within our gang war for territory, each territory will have a weird alien mirror appear on it for a few turns (1 round for first week, 2 rounds second week, and so forth). I got some 2" square craft mirrors for this, though I plan to use some putty to make them look like proper alien construction. Not destroyable, but las weapons can "bounce shots" off of the surface to hit targets visible via reflection. Also some bonus xp for "investigating" the mirror via intelligence checks. This progresses until about week 4, and then creatures start coming out of the mirrors. 1 or 2 creatures for week 5's game, not sure what to use yet. Maybe necrons. Something suitably alien. Week 6, after the arrival of the alien creatures, each gang concludes that "we all need to work together" and is subsequently wracked with internal strife at the prospect of allying with their enemies. For this week, each player's gang is "randomly" slit into to opposing factions, which then fight to the death for control. A second player should control one half, while the gang's owner controls the other. The winning "half" becomes owner's entire gang for future weeks. This is repeated for each player. The surviving side is the one that was willing to "work together" with the other gangs. Week 7 is massive battle against seemly endless alien advance from the mirrors. In actuality, gangs just need to survive for a fixed number of turns. The Deathwatch arrive at the end of the battle and save everyone that still alive, wipe the minds of the gangers of the event, and then leave as if they had never arrived. Week 8+ goes back to the territory grab, as if the mirrors never appeared and no "working together" ever occurred. Players are encouraged to role play their gang, despite being told in advance how this campaign will function. I mention it in advance because players shouldn't be surprised, while gangs should be. Part of the point in the week 6 gangs being halved in size is to make the week 7 big game more manageable.
  17. Definitely think the rules would be balanced better if chaos and GSC were something you acquired onto an existing gang, rather than being their own gangs. I like my chaos cult, but I think they bend too many key rules (like being able to start with 3x champions in a campaign, or not having any Juves and getting free gangers via territory control). Don't get me wrong, I don't think GSC or chaos is overpowered, I just think they bend too many of the key rules.
  18. Enforcers are the the scum of the underhive. Or did you mean getting an enforcer squad so someone else could clean up the scum?
  19. I got a bunch of these at Goodwill, awhile ago. I'll check if I still have them and can bring them by wow if people want them.
  20. I've faced that 25mm round avatar in 8e. Really easy to confuse it with nearby guardians.
  21. The 10th Kingdom (free on Amazon prime) 3/5 I've always heard this one was good. Not often, but I hear good reviews from time to time. Never hear complaints. So it's been on my tentative to watch list for a while. Show is like a young woman's/girl's fantasy adventure. As a guy, this one isn't amazing, but it grows on you. I'd peg the target as 14-16 yr old girls, though I've never been a girl, so my guess is iffy on this one. Mostly kid appropriate. Definitely safe for 12+ girls. Only criticism would be that the only non-white characters are comic relief "trolls".
  22. Ever played 40k where the eldar player fields their avatar on the 25mm round it came with? I have. Really glad they made that model bigger.
  23. On the note of hack and slash in Outer Worlds, after totally wiping out every member of a certain faction because a few members said something in dialogue that slightly offended my chaotic evil protagonist; I was very impressed to find that the game actually accounted for them being wiped out in dialogue options. Game does suffer from omnipresent reputation penalties. On the other hand, mass murder of a specific faction has zero carry over to reputation with other factions. You'd think after personally killing hundreds of innocent people, the other factions might want to keep their distance... Game has a level cap of 30. In completing the entire game and murdering hundreds of NPCs, I got to about level 26 or 27. And despite not getting to the cap, I kinda feel like the game gives xp too easily. I spend most of the game using a 2-handed melee weapon, almost never using stealth, dodging or blocking. Heavy armor, lots of health, and lots of healing potion-inhaler. Normal Difficulty. I took 3 flaws on my character by the end of it, and did most of the game without companions (in the bigger battles, companions noticeably slow the PS4). I got 53% of the achievements and wasn't trying for any of them (game has very reasonable achievements). After going the route I did, next game is either sneaking or charisma or lots of shooting.
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