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  1. I'm not overly concerned. I do own a FW dreadpod and it "stares" at me, lonely and unfinished, from time to time.
  2. Hmmm....looking at the errata. At present, none of the FW drop pods get access to the updated drop pod rule. It could certainly be argued that the errata for the codex was meant to apply to the Imperial Armour units for that army, but that's not what it says.
  3. For the TAU, there's an unusual gap between the BS and WS of the commanders and all other units. Logically, there should be a unit inbetween the rank and file and the commanders, but TAU totally lacks it.
  4. Forgot dice recently and was at the GW store. Asked if they had any dice under $35. They actually had affordable dice: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Citadel-Dice-Green Whats more, these dice rolled very average. Wasn't like past GW tiny dice that roll ones more than anything, these seemed pretty average. Very impressed with GW.
  5. @Stoobert I really like this thing:
  6. It's the edition. Multiple weapon profiles means being able to target multiple units. GW is trying to make sure the primaris marines have the best weapon choices. I agree, though, lots of weapons is impractical to play with.
  7. paxmiles


    @peter.cosgrove We're you one of ones that played HH?
  8. The main thing is that it's distinguishable from your non-Ogryn models. Doubt that will be an issue for the above model. Looks very cool.
  9. Acetylene (+oxy) would certainly be faster, but I was thinking more of a regular (small) propane torch. Not sure if it would be hot enough on it's own, or if you'd need the oxy too. And the goal isn't cutting, it's just to melt the sharp edges round, after cutting via another means. In reference to this earlier post of mine: For home use, I would avoid acetylene if you can. Crazy dangerous. And I agree, snips are much easier for cutting. Was just referring to ways to remove the sharp edges left after using snips. Since the sharp points are thinner than the surrounding metal, the torch will melt the sharp parts first, leaving your piece without sharp edges or burrs, but not really damaging the base metal.
  10. 12 page rulebook this time around. There's not a whole lot the ITC can change. Missions is the main thing. Change the victory conditions and the game is forever changed. But ITC doesn't really do a rules change. They just change how the game is won. It's like Tag vs Freeze Tag, they are very similar, but they are different games.
  11. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 3/5 Nothing wrong with this film, but spy films is kinda a tired genre. The filming is fine, the action is impressive, actors can act, plus it has a plot you can follow. It's just not the kind of film where they do anything new or memorable. This film doesn't add anything, but it also doesn't subtract anything. If you want a daily rotation of spy/action films, add this to the list of reruns you watch - it will fit in just fine. Mission Impossible Fallout 3/5 Same as the other.
  12. paxmiles


    There's a group that plays in Oregon City. Granted, most of those people would play other places if you had the time on other days. Don't recall who off-hand, but there is definitely a local presence of HH players.
  13. Finished the Enduring Flame series by Mercedes Lackey (3 books, all with "pheonix" in their title) For starters, there are no pheonixs in this series at all. I think it's just a catchy name. Reads as two books released as 3. Series isn't bad, but it isn't notably good either. Was a quick read. I was fortunate to have all three at the library at the same time. I will note that this is explores the neutral good antagonist vs a neutral good protagonist. May be the first books I have read in a long while that tried this.
  14. Technically, the torch approach will still work on galvanized steel. But it will create lots of poisonous fumes when you do so. I don't recommend it, but if you find yourself doing it anyway, make sure you have a carbon filter mask on and real ventilation (as in fans that suck the air out).
  15. Yeah, doesn't seem to be a common opinion, my like of gloss coats. Either way, your model looks very good.
  16. I like it. I'd add a gloss layer, but that's more my personal taste, as pretty much all my finished models end up with a gloss coat. Maybe it's a bad eyesight thing....
  17. Oh, and errata for the existing codexes, including improvements to CSM vindicators and their marines: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/warhammer_40000_space_marines_errata_en.pdf
  18. Oooo. SM update for other chapters: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/warhammer_40000_space_marines_summer_update_en.pdf
  19. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rook_(miniseries)
  20. The Rook (8 episodes watched, think it's over, was a miniseries) 4/5 I like this one. Protagonist is a very capable female with a super power, but unfortunately has lost her entire memory. She's lost, but not fragile or weak willed. More explained would be spoilers, as this one starts like memento where knowing what will happen will absolutely ruin this one. I think it's well done.
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