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  1. Toy Story 4: Overall, I liked it. Unfortunately, I have been watching China, IL (it's a TV series I like), which has an episode which likens toy story to being about slavery - so I had that in my mind while watching the film, which did kinda ruined it. Should have probably watched the episode and the film further apart, but it really wasn't planned. Regarding Toy Story 4, There's sort of a dip towards the middle where they don't have very frequent jokes, or sillyness, or action, just slow plot development. I got the feeling that some of the children in the audience also came to this conclusion. My suspicion is that the film was designed with both an adult and a child target audience, hence why they spent time developing a more meaningful plot into a kids film. I think their execution of the plot may have been a bit too complex for children, so they kinda failed on that point. Additionally, I may have missed Toy Story 3. Not really sure, but good excuse to re-watch the series again, anyway.
  2. Been thinking about it, Harry Potter is basically a story about the adventures of the top 1% that secretly controls the world...
  3. Ever seen starship troopers? Bug tactics tend to rely on lots of models dying to shooting before they make melee. 100+ models is pretty normal. Might even be low model count. Downside for tournaments is mainly having more models to paint and more to transport. Tyranids aren't as bad as DE, but they are still one of the hardest to transport model lines. Good luck to your player.
  4. Is there any difference between close minded and narrow minded? Finally noticed that I've been using them interchangeablely.....but I'm not certain they mean the same thing.
  5. Yeah, one of the big faults with 8e's PL system is that GW doesn't adjust them when they reduce/increase the points of a unit.
  6. The Orville (Season 1) 3/5 It's like a halfway point between Star Trek Next Generation and Futurama, except both of those shows are much better. On the other hand, there's sort of a void that it fills with regards to space shows. On the science end, this show doesn't use any: It just travels from sci-fi trope to sci-fi trope (which may have science basis, but I get the feeling watching it that the show is based on the tropes, not the science). On the humor end, it has jokes, but they are few and far between. The show is...good enough, I guess, yeah, that's a good way to describe it. It's good enough. I'd much rather have another Futurama or another STNG, or both, but this show is good enough for the time being.
  7. Looks legal. Probably ofcc friendly. Though if really looking for some OFCC fun, I recommend the Onager Gauntlet on the Coldstar. It's not very effective, but turn 1 charges with TAU are definitely amusing. If you go that route, might want to make the other battlesuit into your warlord, just because the coldstar would likely be disposable at that point...
  8. Probably already mentioned elsewhere, but with all the pinned topics, I didn't see it. GW released an "Epub" version of the WD which features the current assassin rules, in case you missed them. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/White-Dwarf-March-epub-2019
  9. Totally agree. Medusa, though, as stated by others, doesn't fit the other things stated. Griffon does. And they do look pretty similar. Anyway, was just a thought.
  10. Current list is illegal. TAU have a 0-1 cap on any "commander" models per detachment. This doesn't work. They'd need to be in different detachments. It's kinda a silly limitation, but the profile difference between TAU commanders and basic suits is so great that you'd never field non-commanders if it were an option. The 0-1 commander cap is kinda a lazy solution, but it does encourage list diversity.
  11. Any chance you mean that it's a Griffon? That one was a plastic/metal kit pre-2000s.
  12. Depends on the matchup. An opponent that tries to keep the game at range will struggle against TAU, and stormsurges in particular. Regarding LOWs, GW is mistaken to consider the stormsurges a LOW. It's an expensive Heavy slot, or should be. Stormsurges are T7. They have lots of shooting, but not more than you'd be able to buy with the same number of points of other TAU. In terms of utilities, stormsurges have 4x single use destroyer missiles each, which is the only TAU shooting option which deal mortal wounds - everything else for TAU requires volume fire to get past invulnerable saves. And remember, TAU have no psykers.
  13. paxmiles

    Pax's 3e Crew

    If you are wondering about the delay, I can't find the putty for the bases. It's in my home somewhere...several things of it.
  14. I think @Brother Glacius means that there is no "online" forum to discus Ordo.
  15. That's my read too. Thanks. Too many games in my head, making me second guess what I read.
  16. 40k's reinforce costs are making me second guess my reading of the 3e rules regarding summoning. Summoning has no impact on soul stones, right?
  17. Looking at battlemats for malifaux. Can get one with a grid on it, like to have the mat double as a D&D map. Think it would cause problems if the table is broken into 1" squares?
  18. Model is for Malifaux, but would also make a great D&D human female with a Sword and Shield. Pack comes with 3, I decided I only need 2. Trade/sale includes box, base, 1 malifaux shieldbearer on sprue, and all the 2nd edition malifaux cards included in the box. If you play Malifaux and want to view current rules for this model, it is found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AAD0hhkrWwYaqXEOjhyGFQjoa/Malifaux Third Edition/Resurrectionists/Stat Cards/M3E_Res_Revenant_ShieldBearer_C.pdf?dl=0 Entire kit costs $21 new, I'm looking for $5 for this one model which represents only a third of the entire kit. I'd also be happy with a trade for another malifaux model of the Resurrectionists faction.
  19. paxmiles

    Pax's 3e Crew

    Shieldbearers arrived today. Assembled 2/3 without issue or instruction. Decided not to assemble the 3rd one. Don't really like the pose and I'm already overbudget on soulstones. I'll try selling/trading that model. Besides, 3rd one is the one with a blank shield, so it's more usable in other games anyway. Anyway, Really like these shieldbearers. Great looking D&D adventurers with proper tower shields.
  20. Ah. Had to look it up. Socially, simple's opposite is complex. Looks like there's another one where social use differs from dictionary use. I've been using "simple" right, but "complex" I have not. Sorry if my misunderstanding confused you.
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