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  1. Contrary to our perceptions, the world is getting better. We naturally focus on the negative, but things are still better than they were ten or a hundred years ago.
  2. No, Frostgrave is it's own beast. The closest equivalent would be Mordheim - warbands of a handful of guys with a wizard leader and a couple elite henchmen search for treasure in a frozen city.
  3. Also, all of their games built on the Dystopian Wars engine - including Firestorm Armada - took hours to play, and not in a good way. I always felt like they were at least twice as long as they should have been. I understand that the final version of the game addressed some of the pacing issues, but by then I'd moved on. (Not to mention they got the Halo license and biffed it. Which is a damn shame.)
  4. Yeah. Bolt Action and Warmachine/Hordes kind of hit this spot for model numbers, and it's one reason I gravitated to them after I burned out on 40k. But they don't have AdMech 😞 so I'd like to see that kind of game more often on the 40k side...
  5. OTOH, I'll bet the guys in the top two photos didn't have to spend as long painting figures...
  6. I think I've actually seen someone do that 6mm Saga setup. Heck if I can remember where, though. I have played Bolt Action and Chain of Command with 15mm. That actually works very well with standard 28mm measurements; the ground scale looks a lot closer to figure scale.
  7. Napoleonics, like Warhammer, are their own sub-hobby, really. I'll second everything Ish has said, with one caveat: massed battles in Napoleonics tend to mean well in excess of 100 figures a side, even in 28mm. Black Powder, for example, defaults to a standard unit of about 24 infantry figures to give a 200-250mm frontage, and further assumes that each side fields around 8-12 units, and then that you've a table that can accommodate maneuver with that much lead on the table. (This is why I use 6mm for massed battle...) That said, Black Powder is also an extremely flexible rule set! They assume you'll be tinkering with the rules to fit your desired outcome and your own constraints. The only thing I try to avoid when I build units is the impression of a couple of men taking a flag for a walk... If you want to dip into the period somewhere between hundreds and hundreds of figures and sharp skirmishes, I think you should look at Sharp Practice from Too Fat Lardies (40-60 to a side). In any case, I've played some glorious games at this scale, both at Enfilade and at our local Ambuscade convention. (Enfilade is sadly canceled this year, thanks to COVID.) One standout is anything put on by Alyssa Faden. I'm sticking with 6mm for massed battles, but if you decide to dip in at a smaller level, I'd be happy to paint up a few Prussians or some such and join in.
  8. Francis I would like a word. Several, actually, after the Battle of Pavia...
  9. Or Infinity. Someone pointed out that their draft rules look very similar to Infinity's in terms of typography, design elements, and so on. Hoping they fix that...
  10. They're explicitly using it as a preorder system, not the usual deep KS discounts you might be used to seeing. One reason is so that people have a reason to get it through their FLGS instead of just getting it all cheap through KS... I'm going to see if any local stores are willing to back it at the retail level, and go through them if possible. Otherwise, I'll... uh, either get a full army ($310) or two starters ($140) and start demoing.
  11. After watching the gameplay video they just put out, I am somewhat more interested in Warcaster.
  12. Because people are willing to pay that price for GW models and IP. How much would you pay for a MAD-7D Marauder model the same size and complexity as a Reaver Titan model? How much would you pay for a Reaver Titan figure on the same size as an Iron Wind Metals BattleMech figure? Final point: The new starter set costs less than the Dark Imperium set for 40k. Is it of equivalent value? More? Less?
  13. I've gotten a few games in over at the GW Eastport store, and I understand there are a few players at Geeks & Games in Oregon City.
  14. I feel like they're trying very hard to diversify their income streams, with more success than they have in the past. Monsterpocalypse send to be doing well enough, and it's certainly offering a unique product compared to any other game on the market right now. I'm not sure where they're going with Riot Quest, but it's fun to play... Warmachine 5k feels like it's going to have a much harder hill to climb. I have faith in PP's design abilities to creat a good game, but I don't know if they'll be able to back that up with production and marketing. They've had a lot of hiccups on that front over the last few years. And, as said, it's competing against Infinity, 40k, and Kill Team for that thematic space.
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