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  1. Might want to check with Rune & Board in Hillsboro, too. Their website says Tuesdays for 40k.
  2. I do, but it's assembled and primed silver. If you're interested, I'm happy to part with it.
  3. Two: Nordlond Sagas for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, a very Viking-flavored take on D&D 5th edition. Ends on October 12. Less gaming, but no less geeky: Save Cameron's Books, a campaign to save a local bookstore that's being evicted from its current location in downtown (because the lease is up). If they don't find a new location, they'll have to close. I'm a fan of independent bookstores, so... Ends on November 7.
  4. Stark Street Pizza is a great old style pizza parlor. My favorite before I went low carb.
  5. "I don't know," is always a valid answer. It's better than giving the wrong answer.
  6. I'm a librarian. Answering questions is so engrained it's nearly instinctual.
  7. Duffy, Christopher. The military experience in the Age of Reason, 1715-1789. Interesting look at the soldier's eye view of war in the 18th century, from recruiting and barracks life to fighting in battle. A nice change from the usual military history focusing on tactics, strategy, and politics.
  8. Tillamook Forest Center is worth a stop if you're on Highway 6. Ditto the Tillamook Air Museum, if only to gawk at the size of the building. I like the Leach Botanical Garden, but I'm not sure how much it would appeal to a teenager. It's probably a bit out of the way, too. If the weather's clear, though, Powell Butte has some good hiking and views. If you head out the Gorge way, I recommend the Gorge Interpretive Center in Stevenson, WA; the Hood River fruit loop; and the Western Antique Air and Automobile Museum in Hood River. (Especially the fruit loop, since we're heading into apple season.) One of my favorite drives is to do a loop out highway 26 to the Hood River Valley and come back on I-84. Lets you hit Timberline Lodge, too.
  9. They're definitely rocking a Necron vibe. I want to see some kind of bone giant or something, though.
  10. I've always had a bit of trouble painting over the Platemail. It might work better if you wash it then do a light matte coat before trying other paints.
  11. Not interested myself, but I shared this with some local Warmachine players.
  12. Apparently they just bought a little game store in Newberg. Maybe they were just tired of dealing with Portland City Hall - or maybe once you're in the game biz, you can never really get out...
  13. I have the Carrion Empire box, and I'd like to trade the Flesh Eater Courts half if anyone has the Skaven half to spare.
  14. Maybe try doing the casing in dark silver and the aquila in a white that matches the armor. Actually, these are reminding me of rebel snowtroopers on Hoth. Maybe take some cues from that.
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