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  1. My 8 year old just finished reading the complete Calvin & Hobbes. Made me very happy to see her enjoy something I also enjoyed at her age.
  2. I bet that the shield is glued on wrong. It should be attached so that it's resting on the ground and the dwarf is holding the top of it. It's possible the shield is from another miniature. What does the back of the figure look like?
  3. I second this. My family does it every year; we just got through a quarter cow, and we do a regular salmon share through Iliamna Fish Company. We also used to buy lots of 20 chickens from a farm out near Yamhill, but they stopped doing it... Word of warning, though: with the current supply chain problems, even whole or half animals are getting a little more difficult to find; we've been trying to source half an organic (etc.) hog, and have had some delays because of more demand than usual. Also, if you've never been to Gartner's Meat Market on Northeast Killingsworth, you owe it to y
  4. The 2020 GURPS PDF Challenge is entering its final hours. You get 12 GURPS PDFS for only $3, and a pretty darn good deal on other GURPS PDFs if you back for more. If you're at all interested in GURPS, this is a good way to get more.
  5. Clearing out the ol’ painting queue the easy way. Cash or AdMech trade only, and only within an hour’s drive of Portland. No shipping. I will not break up these lots. Necrons List price: $216 Asking price: $80 These are painted in the classic Necron scheme of “Rattlecan Silver Primer” Cryptek 3 Canoptek Stalkers 5 Immortals 5 Lychguard Codex: Necrons Seraphon List price: $248 Asking price: $120 NIB Skinks, NIB Start Collecting: Seraphon (the old one with Carnosaur) Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur (basecoated) 8 Saurus Knights (Basecoated) Order Battletome
  6. Let me rephrase: Which of these would be the correct rewriting of the rule? A) The distance a model moves is measured using the part of the model's base (or hull) that moves furthest along the model's path (including parts that rotate or pivot). B) The distance a model moves is measured using the part of the model's base (or hull) that moves furthest along the base's, hull's, or rotating/pivoting part's path (including parts that rotate or pivot).
  7. In the sentence "The distance a model moves is measured using the part of the model's base (or hull) that moves furthest along its path (including parts that rotate or pivot)" does the word in bold refer to the model or to the base/hull/rotating part?
  8. Contrary to our perceptions, the world is getting better. We naturally focus on the negative, but things are still better than they were ten or a hundred years ago.
  9. No, Frostgrave is it's own beast. The closest equivalent would be Mordheim - warbands of a handful of guys with a wizard leader and a couple elite henchmen search for treasure in a frozen city.
  10. Also, all of their games built on the Dystopian Wars engine - including Firestorm Armada - took hours to play, and not in a good way. I always felt like they were at least twice as long as they should have been. I understand that the final version of the game addressed some of the pacing issues, but by then I'd moved on. (Not to mention they got the Halo license and biffed it. Which is a damn shame.)
  11. Yeah. Bolt Action and Warmachine/Hordes kind of hit this spot for model numbers, and it's one reason I gravitated to them after I burned out on 40k. But they don't have AdMech 😞 so I'd like to see that kind of game more often on the 40k side...
  12. OTOH, I'll bet the guys in the top two photos didn't have to spend as long painting figures...
  13. I think I've actually seen someone do that 6mm Saga setup. Heck if I can remember where, though. I have played Bolt Action and Chain of Command with 15mm. That actually works very well with standard 28mm measurements; the ground scale looks a lot closer to figure scale.
  14. Napoleonics, like Warhammer, are their own sub-hobby, really. I'll second everything Ish has said, with one caveat: massed battles in Napoleonics tend to mean well in excess of 100 figures a side, even in 28mm. Black Powder, for example, defaults to a standard unit of about 24 infantry figures to give a 200-250mm frontage, and further assumes that each side fields around 8-12 units, and then that you've a table that can accommodate maneuver with that much lead on the table. (This is why I use 6mm for massed battle...) That said, Black Powder is also an extremely flexible rule set! They as
  15. Francis I would like a word. Several, actually, after the Battle of Pavia...
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