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  1. I was hoping this would also double as an HQ for dark mechanicus.
  2. The only points drop I felt was a no brainer would be axe and shield wraith blades. Somehow they missed it...
  3. Well then someone doesnt get to be in charge anymore lol.
  4. His regen of command points is the whole point to taking him but they are limiting such abilities so does he continue to farm points or no?
  5. How will an Autarch from Ulthwe work?
  6. Actually you can have mine sir!
  7. I'm getting this and if anyone wants to trade out some of the infantry let me know. I need more of the primaris basics and the wraith units.
  8. Yeah for death watch that's what I need. I'm also fond of the new assault cannon tarantula. It seems like a good buy and is an actual gun platform lol.
  9. I will go with the Levi dread then. I need anti tank so cannons sound good. I appreciate all the help.
  10. Thank you for the answers. I'm just trying not to use a knight because lets face it they are everywhere. I want to have some options you might see vs. always see.
  11. When I started playing this edition it just so happened that normal codex dreads were appearing on the battlefield. I personally feel that they aren't all that great but I still enjoy seeing them. I have been going over some of the different books and such and settled on IG for quite some time. At this point I am a little of the sturdy Flak armor and wanted to try out creating a DW army. To me the best part of DW is the standard infantry that is provided but I believe dreads actually can do quite well with them. Upon reading the FW rules for all of their dreads I actually noticed how much punch they pack for their point cost. I am trying to determine which ones to buy that would best compliment DW with the tactic of the teleportarium aka infiltrate. I have a few choices but I wanted to see what you all thought and perhaps how to equip them. Chaplain Dread: This guy looks amazing as a model and seems to have some beardy rules as a character. I wanted to put him near a unit of storm bolter veterans and use him as CC support and a fire magnet. I was thinking of giving the nasty dread inferno flamer and standard Dread CC weapon but I wasn't super sure if the flamer was tactically sound. Dodero Dread: Although they look a little wonky, I like the 5+ invul they can offer. I wanted to put them near a squad of backfield primaris but I have no idea what load out to give. I like the look of the autocannon looking guns but perhaps heavier weapons would be better? Leviathan Dread: Also wanted to teleport him with a CC weapon and something else. I am unsure of what heavy weapon to go with. Relic Contemptor: I have seen more than a few people run double assault cannons but I actually am not sure of what this guys role should be or where to go on weapons. Those are my choices so far. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!
  12. I would be interested in KD game content for sure!
  13. Sure these would be great. Not sure what you would like for them but I will try!
  14. Yeah that is a sin sir chopping up those models
  15. Although I will not deny what you are saying is true. I don't own a healthy bit box for fantasy and cannot provide the appeal I believe is necessary to make a strong looking warband/warbands. So I guess I would also be looking for large Empire Bits Boxes as well.
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