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  1. Except I have gaming ADHD so I might be bringing Space Tradin' Islamic Humanists instead of my Big Damn Heroes of the State Empire.
  2. It's not metal... but.. it's... ...soemthing
  3. Yay! Welcome back. It's still smorgasbord as far as what is being played. I'm down playing infinity tonight, and I know there's a game of 40k lined up. There's lots of 40k going on in general at the shop, it seems, though not necessarily on "WarHamster" night. Sherbert plays some 9th age every once in a while. Lots of board games. I am partial to Infinity, and there's usually 3-4 of us playing on Tuesdays, plus Andy is really good about organizing tournaments here. You coming out tonight?
  4. So very wrong.... ... yet so very right. Dudes, the new TYR album is freaking rockin'! We totally gotta go see them https://tyrband.bandcamp.com/track/empire-of-the-north
  5. This looks super fun! Tyr! Demons & Wizards!
  6. Oh, this was... probably 12 years ago! I had some of their parody 1st ed modules, but decide to homebrew. Glutton for punishment. I didn't know they were on a new edition!
  7. I don't know if there is still a Tempting Kickstarters thread ... I couldn't find it. 😞 Anyhow, this is a game that's coming out soon that I just backed. It's going to be wonderfully dark fantasy RPG... shades of Dark Sun, Conan, with a dose of Black Metal thrown in. The art is gorgeous.
  8. Hackmaster is hilarious and awesome. I started a campaign, and it is surprisingly playable for how absurd it is. Don't forget to track alignment infractions for all of your players on your giant wheel, and warm up your d10s to roll on that d10,000 critical hit chart. I don't think it is possible to play that game and actually abide by the all of the rules. In the end, it was an exercise in creative tomfoolery for me. Very fun, and illuminating.
  9. Hit the smiley-face. That's the courtesy list option. Can't wait! I might be able to bring a fully-painted army. We'll see.
  10. [big bad swear word] that's heavy.
  11. NEW SKELETONWITCH LAST YEAR!!! How did I miss this?
  12. I'm 50/50... hope to be there...but so tired
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