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  1. I have updated the main post with the changes. Thank you to everyone for the well thought out and kind suggestions and explanations of your specific situations. I really do like my own ideas LOL however I am humbled and inspired by the knowledge, wisdom and experience of my fellow gamers here at ORDO. I hope I did not ruffle anyone too much, I know this will be an incredible event and will be EXACTLY what we all need after the current lockdown.
  2. For the benefit of all involved I am revising my previous plan. Thank you to everyone who has voiced their opinion, and thank you for everyone keeping a cool head about it. I would like to bounce some ideas about factions around at the ORDO senate meeting but for now please know that the restrictions will be relaxed significantly. I will finalize the specifics after this weekend. Team size is going to remain at 4 as in previous years.
  3. Bellingham Warhamsters, (and everyone else) sorry for the delay of info, the COVID issue has me working nearly 7 days a week right now. So my intent to collaborate with several other people in Ordo on the changes has not really happened. So here it is, ill give you the short version of the changes. My hope is that they are not anything which would keep people from playing the army they love and playing on the teams they want to be on. This post is NOT the official packet, I will release an official packet soon with all finalized changes. If any of these changes are extremely burdensome to any player or team PLEASE email me directly with the concern jarredh@gmail.com . I will consider any issues carefully and adjust accordingly. The biggest items which may impact your armies and teams are as follows... Team size will be 5 players per team (including the team captain), this adds some very fun and interesting strategy with parings. This combined with terrain variations on the tables will help with super tough parings. Each Faction can only be used once per team. Individual factions are as follows... Space Marines - Blood Angels - Dark Angels - Space Wolves - Deathwatch - Grey Knights - Legion of the Damned - Adeptus Custodes - Adeptus Mechanicus - Astra Militarum - Astra Telepathica - Adeptus Ministorum - Sisters of Silence - Questor Imperialis - Inquisition - Officio Assassinorum - Adepta Sororitas - Orks - Necron - T'au Empire - Tyranids - Genestealer Cult - Eldar Craftworld - Drukhari - Harlequins - Ynnari - Heretic Astartes - Chaos Daemons - Questor Traitoris - Deathguard - Thousand Sons As a reference, each book point cost section will list the factions that are available, and each book may feature armies with specific common keywords that can be taken as well. Armies may include several detachments with different factions as long as they share a keyword. For any given single detachment, the common keyword cannot be Chaos, Imperium, Aeldari, Ynnari, or Tyranids, unless the Detachment in question is a Fortification Network. When mixed faction detachments like this are taken, remember that for army construction all constituent factions used will be used by the player and not available for any other players on the team. Remember that daemons cannot be used as a Faction in an army and then be summoned via another players reinforcement points, or taken in two different armies. Once one army has units of the daemon faction in a list, they are locked out of the team composition for the other players. Note that only one player on a team may summon daemons if the daemon faction has not been used in a list and more than one player has reinforcement points left that are eligible to summon daemons with. The same goes for other factions Page 11 like using assassins via ‘Operative Requisition Sanctioned’. Only one player may use the faction. This also counts for Space Marine supplements as they all count as faction Space marines.
  4. Thank you to all for the feedback and assistance in making sure this event goes off smoothly and everyone has a great time. If you have your team all set up please send me a PM here, on FB or via email at Jarredh@gmail.com. I will add your team name to the roster. You will still need to buy tickets, this is just to get an idea of who is bringing a team. Also let me know if you are in need of a player for your team, I will add that info next to your team name. Last thing, please consider booking a hotel room for the weekend. We are all hoping the COVID19 situation is resolved by July so if you have the financial means please consider booking it early. Info on that will be announced shortly if its not up already. Official announcements: This is the ONLY place I will post official announcements, rules updates, missions and other things useful for playing in the Team Tournament. I will copy and paste some things to FB with a link back to here. 4-11-2020 Teams will be made up of 4 players per team No faction restrictions will be set for teams Terrain specifics will include several adaptations borrowed from the LVO (and other events) where I have seen them work really well. These will be outlined in the tournament packet but basically will include...No line of sight through the 1st floor of ruined buildings, If it sits it fits for flyers, use of enclosed ruins terrain on some tables, cargo containers and hills will count as "hills" for purposes of cover and charging, and using wobbly model rule to help with assaulting models inside ruins. These adaptations are widely used in casual play and tournaments to make the terrain we all have already be playable in 8th edition. New codex releases, rules updates and faction changes from GW will be used for anything which is released by GW, on or before July 11th 2020 OFCC Team Tournament is back again! 5 rounds, 3 rounds on July 25th and 2 final rounds on July 26th 2020. 4 person teams, all new missions (with some historic elements still included). For those who do not know me, my name is Jarred and I live in Troutdale, OR. I have played in two OFCC tournaments (one in 1998ish and one in 2019) which I have enjoyed very much. I am honored to have been chosen to be HoG for this event. What is the same? Same amazing location Same terrific friends Many of the same sponsors and great prize support Same focus on "Fun games for all" Still 4 person teams Same 1st round "Grudge Match" parings by request Whats new? ***New stuff is being edited and will be announced by 4/13/20.*** New terrain setups for each table section New terrain rules (some borrowed from the ITC) New strategic parings for teams New friends to be made Get your teams together and signed up early for some great bonuses and extra prizes! Please note: Signup instructions, missions, team rules and all other tournament info will be coming shortly.
  5. It’s been many years since I played Shadowrun, I would love to drop in and play. I’ll keep an eye out for posts or please message me if you happen to remember.
  6. I would be happy to buy your ticket from you VonVilkee. If that is not within the rules, I can get on the waitlist.
  7. Is there still a spot? I would like to sign up but I don’t see the link on the original post.
  8. Is anyone interested in trading some sisters? Here is a list of what I have...prices are approximate trade value, however I’m willing to work out some deals. Would like to do trade/sale at WOW. Seraphim x5 - $30 for the unit Hospitaller x2 - $20 each Battle sisters x6 and sister w/ chain sword - $35 for the unit Battle Dialogus x2 - $20 each Also I am not sure what the weapon and array are but they seem sisterish. See pic Interested in trades for Primaris Marines, Tyranids, Necrons, or Eldar
  9. Can’t seem to upload more pics then the one. Maybe someone else will add the pics of the FFA game.
  10. Tuesday had several great games. Tyranids VS Guard And a FFA Custodes (Gabriel) VS Marines (Pete) VS Necrons (Matt) VS Tyranids (Jarred/Me) incredible games and lots of fun.
  11. I would like to try for some games this weekend, like possibly Saturday late afternoon. Would anyone be around that would like to kill some Nids? I could also try for Sunday morning but I have some other commitments after about 1:00pm.
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