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  1. Ordering it today or tomorrow. I did get an email from Forge World yesterday, telling me it was back in stock, so I'm pleased with that.
  2. Thanks, Pax. I knew this, from getting burned many years ago. Thankfully, I have a pretty good international plan on my cell phone these days, necessary for my recent overseas trips.
  3. I called Forge World in Nottingham this morning. The website won't let me order the Sanguinius model, not even pre-order it. This is somewhat annoying, that they would have something all over their website, featured on every page, and included in several promotional bundles, but then when you succumb to the hype and try to send them a big pile of money, they come back with "sorry, temporarily out of stock". Of course it's temporarily out of stock, that's why they call it a PRE ORDER. So anyhow, the nice lady with the sweet English accent promised me they would email me as soon as it becomes av
  4. Back in the day, some of us were trying to make up a "counts as" force using the models in the bucket, as I recall. There has to be enough models in there for several armies, now.
  5. What is this "Cannon" heresy? The bucket is an ancient and revered relic of the Age of Strife. It has at least 3 of my Blood Angels in it!
  6. I can't do this Friday, it's the set up for our annual Ruffed Grouse Society banquet and I am an officer so I had better be there. NEXT Friday, however, I am going to check my schedule and see if I can make it work. What's the usual list size, etc, for the War Porch?
  7. Not too far, when are you having these get togethers? I would love to come and play one of these days. I would also love to get my tufts back. I was basing a couple of models this weekend, ones that I painted something like 6 years ago and haven't touched since (baby steps toward getting back into it) and I was looking for tufts. I had no idea I had left them at your place! That was the last time I had an army on a board, that day at your place.
  8. I have always hated scouts in BA armies, because of the Death Company spam factor back in 4th edition. I pretty much eliminated scouts from my collection. Sounds like, if I want to play competitively, I'm going to need to buy and paint some new models. That's kind of sad, considering I have something like 15,000 points of fully painted Blood Angels.
  9. My issue with either the double battalion or the brigade load out is troops. With assault marines no longer troops for BA, and me not having any of the new Primaris marines, that means 6 squads of tactical marines. A lot of look-alike models, kinda boring. I'll mess around with some more theory-hammer lists and such in the next week or so before I try putting something on a board somewhere.
  10. Hey, Ordo, nice to see you again! It's been years since I dusted off my Blood Angels for some play. I went and bought the 8th edition book, and the BA Codex. I have a few beginner questions: 1) is there any place to play anymore in south King County? I think there is still one GW store left, the one in Kent? 2) are BA's any good in the current game? Does everything have to be allied detachments to be competitive or can a "pure" BA list do OK? 3) How critical are Command Points? How many would you expect to need at 1000 pts? 1750? 2000? 4) I think I can squeeze a brigad
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