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  1. Want to know how to maximize your paint scores for the Age of Sigmar OFCC Grand Tournament? The paint rubric comes out tomorrow and it will break everything down for you! Also coming tomorrow is complete scoring and awards breakdown! Tickets available at https://www.ordofanaticus.com/store/product/75-2019-ofcc-age-of-sigmar-itc-tournament-sat-and-sun/
  2. Also an FYI- the scores will be submitted via Best Coast pairings for ITC points.
  3. Just got these objective markers from 3D-DZYN. All players will get some with their registration.
  4. Hardware for Wrath is ready to go Best sports award was misengraved so sadly it is not pictured. We are at 13 players currently with room for 19 more so get off your rears and play! https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/mg2uf67g
  5. I need one of the games workshop metal blitzers, and two of the metal blac of the games workshop metal blitzers, and two of the metal black orcs so my team matches.
  6. Very happy to see this much interest. Looks like there is work to be done.
  7. I have been considering starting an annual Blood Biwl event in the Portland area for s while, and am looking to find out what kind of interest the community has. It's likely to be in January or possibly February and will have some sort of trophy at the very least, and more support based on interest. Please let me know your thoughts either here, by email at teamamericawhp@gmail.com or via PM.
  8. KJTW

    Resin BB bases?

    Something that resembles a pitch or has a distinctly blood bowl look. So far I have only found these. http://www.comixininos.com/blood-bowl-accesories/peanas/set-of-16-fantasy-football-bases-fourteen-25-mm-and-two-40-mm-taban-miniatures.html
  9. KJTW

    Resin BB bases?

    Anybody know if there are companies making blood bowl bases? I've been wanting to redo my team.
  10. Oh no... That was all him. The wrestling was rain dog in the hallway. Proof positive that fantasy players will always win out head to Head against the ba Head against the bad guys. ER... 40k guys
  11. Anyone want to part with BFG chaos or blood bowl orks?
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