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  1. Gotta say, reading that with tired eyes in the morning can only leave me imagining what a cheesecake Pringle would be like.
  2. I just wanna know how they got the kilt on in the ultrasound. And I gotta say, those have gotten lots better resolution in the last 20 years.
  3. Part of the reason for chosing SR is the presence of the racial tension but even so the rules have always been a shambles (the Matrix in particular, but every edition has had a laundry list of things needing house rules). It's a tough choice. I was looking for something that would not require a whole bunch of house rules but I realized if I try and do a conversion it is a full set of house rules anyway. Both system have new core sets out in the last 12 months. Catalyst (CGL) continues to abuse Shadowrun, their writers and their customers. Given their behavior in the open panel at GenCon last year (with the embezzler-in-chief laughing as he admitted that they didn't know if the European backers of their most recent kickstarter would ever get their product) I am not in any hurry to give money to CGL and the changes they made to dice management followed by their defense of those changes on their official forums demonstrated that they really don't understand dice rolling distributions or how modifiers affect them. That said, a lot of people are liking the "streamlined" system. I'm struggling to keep an open mind about it but Inquisitor66 can tell you I am not doing a very good job of it. Too much baggage and group preferences which are counter to the way some of their changes read. Cyberpunk Red got some glowing reviews as well but it is hard to tell if that is because it is so good or it just was not the editorial tire fire that SR 6e was. The actual core for Cyberpunk Red is still 6 weeks or more away although the intro box came out around GenCon last year like SR 6e.
  4. I was thinking recently that I wanted to get back into Shadowrun but having looked into the "new and improved" Sixth World I think I would rather choke on my own Argle Bargle. As a result I am looking for options. That means either a conversion of Cyberpunk Red (a system I am not as familiar with) or an older Shadownrun edition (which means lots of house rules and clean-up anyway). Anyone familiar with Cyberpunk Red or a Shadowrun conversion of Cyberpunk?
  5. We never had kids but like many potential fathers I wanted a boy because I didn't want to have to lock my child in a house to avoid letting them date until they were 30. I suppose the pandemic makes that easier though.
  6. So get in the car and go ignore social distancing suggestions now! Hugs and kisses for everyone!
  7. I have picked up a copy of The Dark Tower I (Stephen King) recently at the suggestion of a friend. I have not read much Stephen King and I am enjoying the different writing style. Not far enough into it yet to have a solid review though.
  8. This was on sale a few weeks ago on Steam and I picked it up at essentially 50% off. I've been playing it as an outlet when work is overwhelming (I work in healthcare). I played BL2 but not the pre-sequel. This installment is a bit more linear than BL2 was (might have to do with not getting into BL2 until there were a number of expansions). It is, perhaps, a bit *too* narrow but is otherwise very entertaining. I have enjoyed the gameplay and the one character I am playing is nicely structured and can support a couple of different play-styles pretty readily. The dialog is generally pretty entertaining and many of the quips are still every bit as amusing but the core storeline has some points that I don't like. Better weapons are more readily available to the player but the storyline develops a bit more slowly and it takes longer to unlock extra weapons, artifacts and eridium transactions but they have also changed what you can buy with cash and eridium so while you expect it to be coming the delay does not severely hamper you. Overall I am enjoying it and woud give it a pretty solid 8 of 10.
  9. Depends on how in-depth you want to go on the language. I used Rosetta Stone to prep for moving to Mexico and found it lengthy but effective for preparing for immersion. They have also changed their pricing model so now if you purchase any language you get all languages (at least so says my wife). They also include additional features like online community and weekly exercises online if you want to get into a subscription model.
  10. The original founding was in 1934 but they renamed in 1961. I suspect that the new name in '61 was intentional but they have never admitted that to me (they are one of my clients).
  11. You think he forgot to carry a 1 or two?
  12. Congrats to both of you, Romans. Tell Becky she has a choice to make... My cousin was born in early July and all Shanon ever got for his birthday was fireworks. You guys need to decide if you want to encourage that or avoid that and then she need to either start Lamaze early or cross her legs accordingly. 😉
  13. Hostess' contract has run out?
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