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  1. @WreckingBallI'll see what I can do to free up some time tomorrow evening. I should know by noon, probably be aiming for sometime after dinner.
  2. Thanks to @Swensos83for an amusing match. I hope he was able to enjoy it in spite of the dice... I thought you all were kidding about how badly the dice hated him but I swear he must wake up every morning and pee in Nuffle's Cheerios. I had two outright kills (at least one was a Journeyman) and his own dice were equally unfriendly to him.
  3. Sorry, @Swensos83, life has been busy. What does your weekend look like?
  4. @Swensos83Looking forward, you and I have drawn each other for week 4. I'm available Monday if things roll and then I am busy until Thursday/Friday. Let me know what kind of availability you have. I am eastern so starting later than about 8p Pacific is hard for me.
  5. Looks like Div. 2 Day 3 is ready to be rolled but appears that the folks in power are out having fun without us?
  6. @Russell Castronovook, Div 2 is rolled and 3p this afternoon actually works well for me if you are still available. If not, let me know what your weekend looks like and I will see what we can make work. (You can also find me on Discord and I will post in the Bloodbowl thread on the Ordo discord if you want to message me there as I should be online all day).
  7. Looks like Rhuell and I were the final match of week2 for Division 2. A silly little match in which the dice took time to hate on both of us. Yes, goblins did 6 casualties to lizardmen by the end (well, ok, they did 4 and the pitch did 2 more) and my apothecary decided to take a smashed hand and cut off the arm to save the patient. (Anyone in the market for an apothecary, only used once?) @Russell CastronovoLooks like we're up for next match. Let me know some times that work well for you.
  8. @RhuellYou gonna be ready to play some Bloodbowl soon, Sir?
  9. @Rhuell You and I are paired for day 2. Looks like all the matches for day 1 are complete now and just waiting for the boss folk to confirm. What's your schedule look like?
  10. As mentioned, I was traveling for work. I am back now and have accepted my ticket. Let the pain begin!
  11. Not a problem. Just making sure I didn't miss something and leave people waiting for me. I am traveling for work next week so I won't be able to check things then.
  12. Tickets have not gone out have they?
  13. I think (hope) it is new rosters. If it is a continuation of old teams I probably need to change teams to survive the first matches where I will meet skills and have none of my own.
  14. Just a heads up... I am travelling for work the week of 8/2 and the week of 8/30. I will be totally offline those two weeks and will respond when I get back in case things pick up specifically in those weeks.
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