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  1. I took the week off and have been having a blast. Good community and honest-to-goodness slow, grinding progression.
  2. Yeah, I know. But if you just look at the role from start to finish this is something that The Rock has played before. Maori warrior, some moments of lunkheadedness, generally happy, go-lucky guy. I would doubt this script was very far along when Momoa was cast in Justice League but it still looks like someone was channeling The Rock when he wrote this script.
  3. Aquaman - 7/10? It's all CGI and they make Black Manta almost a throw-away character but this is probably the second best DC film I have seen in a decade (to be fair, I was really impressed with what they managed to do with Wonder Woman but have not been as impressed with the character since for reasons that will become apparent). You know why? They finally got over being dark and angsty. This part was probably written with The Rock in mind and that's a *great* thing. He was comical, he was vibrant and damn near four-color even when they tried ti be serious and brooding a couple of times. They can have Batman be dark and angsty but they need their four-color to play off of and this could be it if they can take this and learn from it and improve on it for the rest of their franchise.
  4. Except that the private servers are neither throwing away their code nor going away... They are eliminating their vanilla servers but they are keeping the rest. I suspect that Blizzivision knows that. The question is whether or not Activision is stupid enough to alienate their playerbase in hopes a flash-in-the-pan revenue up-tick. I refuse to speculate about that because that's all I could do, is speculate. For now, the model is simple. They are building a museum piece... It's 1.12 as true as they can make it running under a modern, battle.net-based client. They're using old models and graphics with original (1.12) numbers and they've even put batching back in with the 2004 time-window. This prevents any questions or arguments about what should be included or should not and they've managed to stick to their guns so far with this. No QoL changes, no balancing changes, no cash shop, no "you get retail perks for playing this"... With two weeks to go to launch it looks like they have actually managed to not let Activision push them into making it some monstrous hybrid of old and new.
  5. No, they will not. Nor will cash shops, transmog, new models, etc. etc. It's a museum piece and they have stuck true to that so far. It's possible that in a few month Activision will step in and reverse these decisions (and all the people who have been playing on private servers for 15 years will leave again and the game will fail).
  6. You're right. I'll never get the experience I want. You haven't even figured out the experience I want but you go right ahead and tell me what I want. Tell it to the hand.
  7. No, I didn't read it... I just linked it because I thought it looked pretty... (/sarcasm) Did *you* read it instead of just clipping quotes you liked? The term immersion does not appear (happens to be a strong component in my definition) but you happily ignore all the ramifications of . As I said... You gave your definition. I disagree with you and I don't think that you get the article that you so blithely dissected because you say yourself and then use a definition from the article that you've just stated you disagree with. You're no different from all the people who don't get the Classic WoW community in the first place and it's not my job to convert you but since you asked about it I told you what Classic WoW is, why it differs from retail and why I don't think retail is an MMORPG. YMMV. Peace.
  8. Given your definition of RPG we have nothing more to discuss. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game
  9. I'm not sure you grasp the concept of story-telling. Let's assemble the Fellowship and go to Mt. Doom and destroy the one ring! Click "find group", teleport to Mt. Doom and have the epic battle with... Ermm, we skipped Gollum since he was introduced in a side-quest in a zone you never went to... "Oh well, throw the ring in and have done with it then." At what point do are you still experiencing the game? You're essentially eliminating the need to have a world map at all so why not go play Overwatch against an AI opponent? That game exists and it is *not* an RPG. The difference between an arena combat game and an RPG is all the things that happen between arenas. The concept that, among other things, travel matters and gives you a sense of scale.
  10. Keep in mind that the biggest way that the game has eliminated the need to play it is by making everyone teleport everywhere. There's no reason to leave a city (or garrison) now. You can teleport to anything you want to do without ever setting foot in the wilds. As for the "additional content", note that you never paid a sub fee for Fallout 4, you never bought an expansion for it and you could, if you wanted, download mods for it. Arguably you could get much more for your dollar from Fallout than you ever could from Warcraft *unless* you spent all your gaming time on WoW.
  11. <examines the pecs> Where is the tattoo of Maui?
  12. No, not exactly. Argumentative is just willfully contrary, whether there is any intent to win the argument or not and with no regard for whether or not you believe it... Think of it as playing devils advocate for the fun of having an argument whether or not you have a valid position. <insert ROC comment here>
  13. We'll see. The classic community thinks that it will replace retail. For what retail is, it *should* replace retail. As you (Pax) said, you don't play it to play with others... That means that it would better meet your needs/wants if it is was a single-player, stand-alone RPG. Nothing wrong with that or anything and I play a number of those myself but for an MMORPG that defeats the purpose. WoW should be multiplayer the whole time and in Vanilla and TBC it was. You had a social community in all zones, not just camped in the capitol and porting to dungeons. They've moved to smaller and smaller continents and zones because they've eliminated those as player areas which is tragic.
  14. Classic is a museum piece in theory... It is (right now) just Classic. No expansions, no new development, nothing like that. Just Vanilla with an artificial progression schedule.
  15. For those not paying attention to such things, they are releasing Classic at the end of the month (in theory on 8/27 if you believe them). They have announced that you will be able to reserve names on 8/13 but they have still not been able to announce the servers so nobody knows where they would be reserving names. Classic is being released at 1.12 with phased content (but not phased loot, everything will be released at the 1.12 state). They have some issues which has to do with using the new Battlenet-integrated client instead of the original and what they are trying to do to implement batching (which was tuned to 0.4 seconds in Vanilla and has since been tuned much lower). They are also implementing what they are calling layering (a kind of global phasing) for some portion of the first content drop to allow for high populations which drop off and still keep a viable server population. I'm still on the fence about playing this one... I want to play a good, solid, robust vanilla experience but 1.12 had some terrible balance issues that were created to allow more people access to more content prior to TBC. It's also unclear to me that the community will be an improvement over the modern mess that is any MMO community which I have found to be a serious turn-off when I try to play WoW (even with a sub) these days. I've gone back and tried to play WoW in the past with a sub and found that the current retail game sucks for primary content (cannot speak to raiding). The open world is not used. Dungeons are antisocial speed runs. Content is neither well written nor engaging and it is done over and over out of necessity for the loot pinata, not because anything about it is engaging. This is an MMO intended to be run with all chat channels turned off. Why would I not just buy a stand-alone RPG and rely on AI or a game where I can play all the characters? At least then I would not have idiots in my group and I might even argue that the computer dialog is better.
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