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  1. Well, it would have to include the windows or it would not be a true Faraday cage. The wings you would need part of unless you were entirely fly-by-wire because you would need actuators for the flaps (and on a plane that size I expect they are not fly-by-wire just due to size and weight). Your engines, instruments and all cabin controls would all need to be protected.
  2. Encasing a whole plane is impractical but they may have done it. I know the plane-borne telescopes only enclose the instruments themselves but I would expect for something with this particular purpose they would also have protected all the electronics.
  3. So, I have been binging shows lately... Westworld (Season 2) - 3/5 - It's not bad but it lacks the punch of the first season. Season 1 managed to find a unique way to tell its story and include twists. Season 2 had a theme that was present and introduced us to a complex subplot but it failed to have the spark as the first season, reusing some of the same tropes and trying to layer new twists on twists from the first season which made them seem old-hat. Warrior (Season 1) - 2/5 - This one is nudity and violence for sensationalism with what could be a serious and gripping storyline that is ignored for the sensationalism. The fighting has some decent choreography but it is sparse with most of the violence simply being attacks on untrained victims. Season 2 has been picked up so maybe they'll do something with the foundation they have built but this one is not high on my list. Mr. Robot (Season 1) - 4.5/5 - It's not perfect but I really enjoy the writing. Rami manages to stay totally in character and still break the fourth wall routinely. The twists are well done and the show manages to have a sense of humor and still cover a dark subject.
  4. It's not about the engineering... It's about reproducing it. Remember... The only guy that knew how to make them was the mechanic/engineer shown and hie went missing shortly after that filming and nobody has been able to build another one since.
  5. Pax, the term Sin Tax applies to the category whether or not you think the issue being taxed is a sin or not. Ask people today and they will tell you that drinking in moderation and smoking are not sins. As for the majority, the majority has been discriminating against others since the first use of *fire*. In this particular case, people have decided (correctly or not) that using disposable plastic bags is bad for the environment and so they are discouraging it. The west coast is notorious for environmental law like this. Try living in rural King county where you cannot cut trees on your own property because a million people in the metro area have a guilt complex about the environment and don't know a damned thing about environmental stewardship.
  6. The concept of a sin tax has existed for decades. It's not about skimping on a service or even charging you more money. It's viewed as a way to discourage certain behaviors by making them costly. See taxes on cigarettes and alcohol as an example. If they were trying to make money they would make the price higher and they would charge for other things (like checking and bagging, here in PA we have a franchise with 1-2 checkers and 8 self-check aisles).
  7. I can't believe I've lost you I can't believe you've gone I need you to know that you did nothing wrong the first time I saw you just hanging there the checkout lady said "do you want to buy one of these?"
  8. That depends on whether you are worried about the loss of jobs and tax revenues or the loss of really good restaurants. I don't happen to be familiar with the Alder pod but I am familiar with the concept and know that food trucks can build a client base in a location and then die when they are forced to move because there is no way for them to notify their customers where they have moved to... Not like they have a window where they can leave a flier while the landlord remodels for the new tenant.
  9. Originally, it was the genius of Robin Williams and his improv that made that movie. I have seen coming attractions where Will delivers the same line. How much is straight from the original and how much is Will defining the role? Does it hold up?
  10. Presumably it is being picked up as secondhand discards from California based on the information on the tag. I am curious what qualifies that bottle for the warning though since it is a BPA-free bottle... Have not looked closely at prop 65 so I don't know what triggers it.
  11. You're on here so good enough for me. Why swear off the Warhammer store? I have issues with them for other reasons but that means I have sworn off them for life (since they only want people playing their games in the store) not until July.
  12. When did Mox Bellevue open, Yarb? The one I am most familiar with is the one down in Ballard (that I never went to because it was 2.5 hours from my house on the east side). I don't think I ever went into Mox on the east side...
  13. The thread about GG got me wondering. My wife and I are moving back to the west coast and the greater Portland area is one possibility (we both work from home so we really are pretty flexible). Most likely up outside Vancouver actually. So the question is, where do OFCC people go for minis play?
  14. So what you're saying is that at least the level of writing is consistent? 😋 Sorry, as someone who is just not a fan of George RR Martin I just could not resist.
  15. Didn't his description say that it was really about Thor and what happened when he made Banner come back after spending so long as Hulk?
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