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  1. Christmas came and with it came a bunch of titles from friends and the wishlist. Also, a change of pace needed after grinding PvP rep in Warcraft. Conan Unconquered - This is Age of Empires meets Tower Defense and it is done fairly well if that sounds like a good concept to you. There are multiple layers of research and resources to work through while keeping up with waves of enemies spawning and rushing your defenses. You have active control over your recruiting and your armies at all times so you can explore, build and expand as well as defend when the waves come at you. Supports single-player and two-man co-op. It is pausable and you can give orders (build, move and buy) while paused but nothing else happens. Resource management in co-op is fairly well done as well so high marks for this if the concept is up your alley. 4-4.5 out of 5. Planetbase - Build a base and survive on an airless (or corrosive) world. Essentially this is trying to mimic Mars or Venus or possibly dark side of Mercury. Fairly simple once the mechanics are well understood and it becomes an exercise in rote tedium of repeated expansion using optimal ratios of buildings. Achievements are intended to force one complete play-through on each of three world types with replayability only in so much as it takes you to optimize the rotation for that planet-type and get all the acheesements.
  2. Over the holiday I managed to binge 5 seasons of Boston Legal and 4 seasons of The Expanse. I had never watched either (or read any of The Expanse). Boston Legal - Overall I'd say 3.5 or 4 stars (out of 5). Denny Crane is too over-the-top most of the time which is as often a distraction as an amusement. It is always comedy as social commentary with a liberal lean (which suits my politics so I only found it occasionally preachy). The first three seasons were pretty solid however the 4th showed its age and the 5th was almost unwatchable but I was willing to wade through the 13 episodes (only a half-season) to see them wrap up the characters in a final pair of episodes that were fairly redeeming for the season. The Expanse - Excellent for effects, decent for writing. 4 out of 5. I like the hard-science bent but since I have a masters+ in the subject many of their orbits are clearly wrong (not deducting points for that but making the observation). They have done well with their weightless scenes but not so well with their decompression which makes sense because they want characters to have last words, etc. and they allow that in contrast to using helmet-to-helmet contact appropriately when radios are scrambled, etc. For seasons 1 and 2 I was enjoying it for what it was and probably overlooked some of the things that bothered me in later seasons. By seasons 3 and 4 I was noticing that the main characters seemed to claim they were trying to react to what the universe was throwing at them but my take was that they were causing a lot of their own problems (Capt. Holden in particular).
  3. No, I was saying that Sturgeon's law applied back in the 80's and 90's but that the crap was not worth bootlegging and smuggling so it was not here and as a result there was a false impression that the quality of anime was higher because drek was not available.
  4. Ok, let's not forget the obvious.... 20+ years ago all anime in the US was being smuggled in and bootlegged and copied. People were not going to that effort for the stuff that was mediocre. There was a selection effect in place. Now it is easy and more stuff is being imported.
  5. You're ignoring all the people who have been abducted from the Bermuda Triangle and spirited away to other planets for experimentation! 😉
  6. It is also a silly use of statistics intended to demonstrate that with the right biased question you can produce an answer that is intentionally misleading. IK's link on the subject is interesting and one I had not seen before but that doesn't change the initial intent of the comment.
  7. I don't know if life is the leading cause of death at this time. I believe that due to skyrocketing birth rates and world population it can be claimed statistically that life does not introduce the certainty of death as less than half the people ever born have died.
  8. You can't force someone to serve you a different ad. You could block their ad and replace it with something else but then you'd be the one serving the new ad. If you wanted to do a lot of layout hacking you should be able to pull only the ad space from another page, thereby getting them views and redirecting ad revenue but you'd have to pick a page with a single ad so that you could actually replace ads one at a time (most pages barf if they cannot load all their ads which causes problems with your plan that you have to work around).
  9. I was just trying to figure out what wuss was wearing a jacket at 22° Celsius.
  10. I do not currently but you have no historical answers available. I have found that canvas is far more durable.
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