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  1. Been a while since I watched that one but I can see that interpretation... As I recall it got a lot darker between Butcher's storyline and the new Super that shows up (trying to avoid spoilers). I didn't get to the point of pulling the ripcord but I did find it a bit more of a slog (although I agree it was probably better written).
  2. And see, this is the same problem I have with JL in a nutshell. Batman *can* fight and kill Superman. Why the heck can he *not* fight Steppenwolf? Aside from GRR Martin, *nobody* writes stuff where the outcome is indeterminate (and George's writing is so bad that the only logic to when characters die is "I was bored of him" so that's not an improvement). I mean, let's get serious... DCU is the one we were talking about 6 months ago with Wonder Woman '84. Did you have any questions about the outcome there? Was there something I missed where Maxwell Lord wished to be invincible and ab
  3. Are you on a shared server? If so then go steal them from one of the people ahead of you (since they cleaned out the Delves you need). If you're alone on your server (e.g. on your private desktop) then you just need to hit more delves. If there aren't many in the forest biome you are in then move to the next one, at least to explore.
  4. So many movies... Live and Let Die, Alien, Brubaker, The Running Man, Midnight Run, so many others... Amazing actor.
  5. How to overwhelm with information... First, let's admit that there are loads of switches and things that can be manipulated in Wargame and you are probably not starting with "Let's build a custom force deck" as the first one when you begin thinking about how to play. That said, the following examination of a custom force deck tells you *so* much about what is going on under the covers that I think it makes for a *wonderful* introduction to the details of play. Note where the conversation talks about the rock/paper/scissors play of infantry, armor and air and how lightly armored vehi
  6. Yeeeaaaahhhh, except you can't get me into the current league, @Burk, so I have to muddle along in my half-state in purgatory for now.
  7. Oh God, my eyes! Giving this away for free has really hurt chat. More mutes in 10 minutes than in the last 4 years.
  8. I should mention that I also just requested additional (non-BB) voice channels on the Ordo discord for this kind of thing as well.
  9. I would also be interested in getting in some Co-op Wargame. I didn't enjoy it as much PvP or solo vs. the computer because I was still learning when I quit playing with @Justjokin before.
  10. I thought that I saw you join the Discord just after I sent the invite so I figured you had resolved your issues, @Justjokin. Sorry I didn't follow up earlier.
  11. Fear the fish-folk. I hear they just say what you want to hear to lure the brood of Kroak into the sea and eat them.
  12. Found Weav's thread with the perma-invite in the Blood Bowl thread here so I am in now.
  13. Not sure if there is a better place for this topic so I guess here... Is the Discord link above validating that my e-mail here and in Discord are the same? And if they are not, what do I do? I am trying to join but once I get into Discord I seem to be unable to join and I am looking at a ghosted server where I cannot see any of the channels.
  14. My guess would be a short. What you have described is something you can see if you over-tax power on the motherboard. An older mobo supporting a higher end videocard on a slot that can just barely handle the power draw can and will eventually start shorting across the pins. This results in a clean reboot when it shorts. More strain on the card results in more power draw and kicks the short causing a reboot. Without identifying where the short really is this one can be hard to fix. That's just one of many options, of course... It's just the one that always bites me when I have upg
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