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  1. Wanted the following items. Corpse cart spear with body, New Skeleton warriors banner topper. And old zombies "hung" corpse bits. Have cash.
  2. So this thread is to serve as a hobby log and chronicle for building an 8th legion force. A little background on why I'm doing this army. This army is a tribute to my friend, Thomas "Stitch" Moritz. He loved the fluff and look of the night lords and was an adamant fan. Sadly his life circumstances prevented him from completing his own army before his untimely death. So In his honor this army will be dedicated to him. Here's the first WIP picture of a demi squad. More to come.
  3. You had a PotHole? You bourgeoisie oppressor! We had to rent out a hole from people like you. We traded away children to you for the privilege of that hole! Poor timmy...
  4. You privileged few with your "youth" and "childhoods" in my day we were expected to work the day you were weaned and like it!. We were so p**r that the concept of letters was too expensive.
  5. Chaos and imperium are valid soup keywords again in 9th correct?
  6. Title says it all, if you have it hit me up.
  7. Assembling and painting a Khorne Daemons list for 9th. I'm trying to stick at 1500 because points are surely going up. I can always add more later if it doesn't come out to 2k. Right now my list is ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Daemons) [83 PL, 7CP, 1,500pts] ++ + Configuration + Battle-forged CP [3CP] Chaos Allegiance: Khorne Detachment CP [5CP] + HQ + Skullmaster [5 PL, 90pts] Skullmaster [5 PL, 90pts] Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster [17 PL, -1CP, 210pts]: G'rmakht the Destroyer, Rage Incarnate, Warlord . Exalted Bloodth
  8. Wanted 1 2nd/3rd edition plastic imperial dozer blade and mount. Came with every imperial bvehicle accessories sprue I think.
  9. Decided to do a crusher as a palette cleanser after the fiend
  10. Looking for Bloodthirster axe bits and new keeper of secrets heads.
  11. Probably a black grey ash, and slate with assorted skulls.
  12. For the details I will probably do a pin wash of dark purple, and a light dry brush of tentacle pink on the edges. For the straps I'm going bondage black, bronze gold jewelry, tabards black. Yeah I need to get a better photograph set up. My phone and desk lamp aren't cutting it.
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