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  1. Mephiston (Re)Reborn! We’re incredibly excited about the updated Mephiston model, and we wanted to share that joy with one of our biggest fans. We sent the model to Paul Murphy, the host of the Forge the Narrative podcast and a longtime Blood Angelsfan, then filmed the reveal to capture his reaction. Check it out! Mephiston is the Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels Chapter of Space Marines, but his other title is the ominous-sounding Lord of Death. He was the first (and only) of his peers to master the Chapter’s curse – the Black Rage – gaining immense power and the admiration* of his brother Space Marines, even if some question whether the price was worth the prize. Now, he’s conquered death itself by crossing the Rubicon Primaris, making his title even more appropriate. The impressive new miniature is inspired in part by the classic Mark Gibbons artwork from the Angels of Death Codex, with added nods to the increased size and physical power of Primaris Space Marines. Mark your calendars – Mephiston will be available to pre-order on the 30th of November, alongside the next chapter in the Psychic Awakening series, Blood of Baal! We’ll be taking a closer look at both Mephiston and Blood of Baal in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, you can read up about the Lord of Death in Darius Hinks’ Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius! * We all know Space Marines know no fear… but when it comes to Mephiston, most are probably at least a bit unsettled.
  2. So, I was at the pot shop and the nugtender does something sets something down and then turns to one of the other tenders and says "I have spoken."
  3. Once they get their crap together, I think they are worth getting. They have quite an extensive catalog, but they also have poor security, at the moment. I watch more hulu than Netflix. I watch newer shows on other streaming sites. I'll pay for D+ as soon as they get their act together. It is suffering from first gen launch issues.
  4. Sad snarkiness aside, other reviews I've seen or read related to utilizing 2 and 3 in minis have all basically said it is for use in Art exhibits with specific lighting to produce a photograph like the ones we've seen pushed.
  5. I think we all wanted the Termagaunt to be a black cutout shape. I don't think any of us were surprised that it wasn't.
  6. They are releasing Episodic, not in a block. They have aired 2 episodes, so far. I think the season is supposed to be fully aired by New Years.
  7. I haven't read LWaC since high school. Honestly, forgot about it until I saw the cover. El Topo is from that same time frame, isn't it? There must have been something going around common in the collective thought.
  8. I call it now, FW is getting control of it, and will be producing updated models for the factions.
  9. Oh, it's Deadpool raises baby Cable, the series.
  10. Lol blasted by jawa ion guns Jawanese getting fleshed out is fun.
  11. Was that when he was entering the smithy?
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