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  1. Was doing some reading on the evolution of serfdom in Russia yesterday. It disgusts me, and disheartens me, how little has changed internationally in over 5k years.
  2. Ish, you say things in seriousness?
  3. Zach de la Rocha interviewing Chomsky is like Donald Trump interviewing Duke.
  4. Dedicated AA would have an easier time taking out Gargoyles or Winged Tyrants than an autocannon armed guardsman heavy weapon platoon.
  5. I hear you have to order them from China, they are that overused in the competitive scene.
  6. Agree with Scott, better aesthetics in the 30k Speeder. It fits the tanks in the Primaris range, nicely. Just give them primaris helms, and don't fret the size of the pilots.
  7. Vera Lynn's death out weighs Uncle Bens.
  8. Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? Remember, how she said we'd meet again, some sunny day.
  9. 8th was a shooting edition. Saying shooting is hosed due to a change in Overwatch is just...
  10. My custodes are miffed about the bikes until given a reason not to be.
  11. They are a business first. I wouldn't expect a 20% reduction in New Army Costs°
  12. We knew it was a thing the moment Primaris were announced.
  13. Trader joes has cheescake kringles.
  14. Children are a renewable resource, oil is not.
  15. I feel like half of us picked up FDMs or Resin, leading to patreon and thingiverse being major resources.
  16. Sisters of Silence, too. Talons of Emprah and Death Guard chasing Fabius and his band of mishaps.
  17. But they don't get representation at the Ambassador? #knightarmiesmatter Sorry the initial joke flew over your head J. 🙂 That's all it was, me bitching about Knights and your event using mexicaninja as a launch pad lol I must say, I need to file a complaint with the senate at the lack of representation of Knights at OFCC2020. Quite disappointing.
  18. Are Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights armies?
  19. Golden pops smell like bad urine, to me.
  20. Admins, @MexicanNinja's account has clearly been hacked by @Lord Hanaur for trolling.
  21. I have two 4x5 benches that can now host two games with side boards instead of 1 game with them pushed together. I still have 1x1 mod tiles, we will see how that goes.
  22. Here's a post from Reece about it too. "Alright, the cat is finally out of the bag on the table size thing so we can actually speak somewhat freely about it. So, let me address a few things to clear it up a bit as some of you are already freaking out a bit or speculating wildly about the why of things here. First: do you have to switch your table size? No. As they say in the article, it's not required if you want to stick to a 4x6' although it is good to know that 9th was designed to be played on a smaller surface and the missions areas many of you have seen were designed with that in mind. They still function on a 6x4' for sure, but I wanted to put that out there. Second: why did GW do this? The answer is incredibly simple: it allows new players to build a table using Kill Team boards that easily fit into boxes. That's it. No conspiracy, a simple choice based on what they felt was best for accessibility to the game from a business perspective. Third: did we at Frontline have any input on this choice? No. We have absolutely zero influence in or usually even knowledge of product development choices GW makes. We only give feedback on rules. We were pretty shocked when we learned about this ourselves but the choice was made and we had to keep our mouths shut due to our NDAs. It was not fun to be in our shoes but that’s the way it goes. Fourth: will we be running our events on these new sized surfaces? Yes we will. Once I got over my shock and aversion to the idea, and I saw that it was much better for the long term logistics of event organization, I started to come around on it. You can fit a lot more people in the same space, you need less terrain and over time, it will make it a lot easier to get involved as a TO as the barrier to entry has been lowered."
  23. As it stands, seeing as how GW has reduced minimum play area by inches, their entire line of 40k playmats is unaffected by this.
  24. FLG and NoVa do playtesting for GW, and are jumping into the reduced size. What does that say?
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