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  1. First Man 3.75/5 After the death of his only daughter, an emotionally distant father alienates his family and his people in a desperate attempt to escape from the pain of loss.
  2. When the Proud Boys and Antifa light up a blunt together.
  3. The Rock is slated to play Green Lantern. Aquaman was played by that crappy alien from Star Gate Atlantis.
  4. What we do in the Shadows Only half way through the first episode, but it feels like a 3.5/5. I really enjoyed the movie, and this is holding up really well to the concept. Set in New York, instead of New Zealand, it is a mockumentary following vampires through life in the 21st century.
  5. Turn Signals on a Land Raider's Emperor's Pointy Sticks
  6. Tywin is going to make Mecha-Godzilla.
  7. INVICTORy Will Be Yours! Picture this – you’re an 8-foot tall, genetically engineered, transhuman killing machine clad in inches-thick armour that augments your already formidable physical strength. What could possibly be cooler than that? Well, the answer is clearly WEARING A DREADNOUGHT! Welcome to the fun, action-packed world of an Invictor Tactical Warsuit pilot! So, we’ve established that an Invictor Tactical Warsuit is made of purest win,* but what will it do for your army? Let’s check out what you’ll be working with… Belisarius Cawl designed the Tactical Warsuit from a stripped-down Redemptor Dreadnoughtchassis. In practice, this translates as a beefy profile that can take a real beating before its characteristics begin to degrade – and even then, it’s still a significant threat. Unlike the dedicated Dreadnought-class walkers, the Invictor Tactical Warsuit wasn’t created merely to act as a bulwark, providing its battle-brothers with heavy fire support or a devastating melee presence.** The use of lightweight, sound-dampening materials combined with the Invictor’s streamlined design allows for increased speed and relatively stealthy movement, making it the perfect war machine to accompany Vanguard strike forces on covert missions. On the battlefield, this grants the Invictor an agile starting Move characteristic of 10″, as well as the ability to set up in a forward position. Even without its primary armaments, the Invictor Tactical Warsuit can cut down waves of lightly armoured targets with ease. Between them, its fragstorm grenade launcher, two ironhail heavy stubbers and heavy bolter ‘sidearm’ (which it can shoot like a Pistol to blow away enemies within 1″ of it!) fire a total of 10-15 shots per turn! By equipping your glorious war machine with an incendium cannon, you can augment this damage output even further by hosing your enemies down with liquid fire – preferably while screaming ‘PROMETHIUM DEEEAAATH!’ In fact, an incendium cannon alone has the potential to match the firepower of a Devastator Squad armed with four heavy bolters – and it hits automatically! With a 12″ range, by setting up with Concealed Position, you’ll be burning bad guys from turn 1. There’s also no safe distance to charge an incendium cannon-toting Invictor from, as it will always be in range of the charging unit!*** Alternatively, if you’re looking to support your forces with some armour-busting firepower, arm your Invictor with a twin ironhail autocannon, which can dish out up to 12 Damage in a single, fearsome volley. Enemy Transport Vehicles and Walkers will be shredded in short order by such firepower, but against high-Toughness or more heavily armoured targets, even your Invictor’s ironhail autocannon may not be enough. This is where your Invictor fist comes in! With the ability to set up much closer to the enemy thanks to Concealed Position, your Tactical Warsuit can use its 10″ Move to be right on top of your enemy before you even open fire. Soften up your prey with your Invictor’s autocannon, then charge in to finish it off with a total of five Attacks in combat (yay, Shock Assault)! If you really want to put the fear of the Emperor into the heart of your opponent (via the medium of an Invictor fist through the chest!), field two, or even three, of these multipurpose war machines in a Concealed Position on one flank. From there, you’ll be able to launch a devastating attack on enemy lines as a group of menacing, turn-1-charging war machines. If you do, consider adding in a unit or two of Suppressors to shut down enemy Overwatch with their accelerator autocannons before your Invictors crash home to obliterate the survivors. This strategy will be especially effective in conjunction with certain Chapter Tactics, such as those of the White Scars (Advance and charge), Black Templars (re-roll charge rolls) and Space Wolves (+1 to hit with five Attacks). Alternatively, your Invictors can hold their ground from their Concealed Position, forming an unyielding advance guard that you can swiftly reinforce with supporting units before taking the fight to the enemy. To aid them in this task, set up a Captain in Phobos Armour with your Invictors for re-rolls to hit (especially if they are armed with twin ironhail autocannons). He’ll also be able to make a Heroic Intervention to lend his strength against any enemy charges until your reinforcements can join them. The defensive benefits of the Salamanders (ignore AP-1), Iron Hands (ignore wounds and improved Damage table) and Crimson Fists (+1 to hit when outnumbered) Chapter Tactics are very well suited to this strategy. But that’s just the start – it’s called a Tactical Warsuit for a reason, as there are loads of ways to use it! The miniature itself is also super-flexible in how it can be assembled, so multiple models never need to look the same. The fingers of the Invictor fist (and many of the Tactical Warsuit’s other joints besides) are articulated, meaning the miniature’s pose is highly adaptable. You could have a trio of Invictors in three different stages of delivering slaughterous death – one punching, another with heavy bolter in hand, and a third pistol-whipping some poor, unsuspecting victim! You’ll be able to pre-order your awesome Invictor Tactical Warsuit (or Warsuits, as you’ll no doubt be after more than one!) this weekend, so start plotting how you’re going to use yours on the battlefield.
  8. I would be more excited if not for concern about 9th ed. I want to be excited, but I have low hopes of this edition (read: books) having any longevity. It appears that they are working towards keeping it around, but I've felt that way about past editions.
  9. That was reporting done in July. However, Julys sales were down.
  10. Multiple times, in the preview posts GW stated, in no unclear terms, that it would be up for preorder this weekend. For as long as I can recall, preorder has been posted on Saturdays, between 8 and 10 am. Not 3 am.
  11. Epstein, punk ass bitch. Big G better not let investigations into his operation cease.
  12. It was a line from DWP. "I already gave you one, but you treated me like I was Jehovahs Witnesses and threw it out. Now you want me to give you another one?" Not that these were examples of it, but I do enjoy how the show breaks 4th wall.
  13. "The Clintons and the aliens will inherit the earth." - The Bible
  14. Sons of the Great Khan Your quarry awaits, proud scion of Chogoris. Ride the plain, bear the fury of the storm, give chase to your foes and put them to rout. Today, we take a look at the new White Scars Codex Supplement – let the hunt begin! Who Are They? Since the days of the Great Crusade, the White Scars have been the Emperor’s outriders and huntsmen, placing enormous importance on lightning assaults. With the new White Scars releases, you’ll be able to take in the thrill of the chase and the joy of the final kill. On the Battlefield This is the definitive guide to the White Scars Chapter, packed with their history, culture and strategic organisation, along with bloody accounts of their glorious hunts across the stars. It features datasheets for units unique to the White Scars – a Khan on a bike and the Master of the Hunt, Kor’sarro Khan – and Chapter-specific rules for the White Scars and their successors. First up is a new rule that is ideal if you need to make a devastating charge – it’s called, appropriately enough, Devastating Charge! The Assault Doctrine already improves the Armour Penetration of Pistols and melee weapons by 1, and when it’s combined with this +1 Damage, you’ll absolutely annihilate even the most durable enemy units. There are six Warlord Traits, distinct to the White Scars, that allow you to personalise the leader of your hunt. The Khans of the Chapter take great pride in slaying the Emperor’s foes, and Trophy Taker rewards you for taking down the most dangerous of prey. The only worry is whether you’ll run out of enemy Characters or space to display their heads first! The Codex Supplement also contains a brand-new psychic discipline for the White Scars – the Stormspeaking discipline. White Scars Librarians, also known as Stormseers, are able to control the very elements themselves, using Lightning Call to bring down devastation from the skies and rack up the mortal wounds on an enemy unit. They’ll need more than an umbrella to survive this storm! The vaults of Quan Zhou, the fortress-monastery of the White Scars, are filled with beautifully crafted weapons and equipment. This is represented by a series of unique Chapter relics, which can only be taken by the White Scars, and special-issue wargear, which can also be taken by successor Chapters. Make it easier to harness the power of the elements, so that you can strike down your foes, by equipping your Librarian with the Mantle of the Stormseeker, which makes it easier to manifest psychic powers. The book also contains a suite of Stratagems that reflect how the White Scars wage war. For example, their skill as riders is expressed by Born in the Saddle.* Along with the White Scars Chapter Tactic, this means a Biker unit can advance, shoot and charge in the same turn – a perfect example of the lightning-fast warfare that the Chapter is famous for. This is just a taste of what’s in the Codex Supplement – it’s packed with everything you need to use an army of White Scars or their successor Chapters. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the hunt, you will cherish this book as much as a White Scar cherishes the open plain, the wind on their face and a blade in their hand. Kor’sarro Khan Captain of the third company, Kor’sarro Khan is known as the Master of the Hunt. This is no mere honorific, for he is tasked with tracking down those enemies who have escaped the vengeance of the White Scars. Over the years, he has brought the heads of scores of such foes back to Chogoris. Having seen the new Primaris Marines in action, he saw a chance to become an even deadlier hunter and so he demanded the opportunity to cross the Rubicon Primaris himself. Filled with vitality following his transformation, Kor’sarro is not only hardier (with an extra wound) but he is able to make an extra attack in close combat. Combined with the new Shock Assault rule that all Space Marines get, he has an impressive six attacks on a turn he charges, is charged or performs a heroic intervention. The Master of the Hunt still carries his signature blade Moonfang but its rules have had a little tweak. Now with +2 Strength, he can more easily cut through any chaff that tries to keep him from his prey, while re-rolls against Characters mean that he remains a superlative hero-hunter. Kor’sarro is now accompanied by the cyber berkut Anzuq, a gift from the Chapter Master Jubal Khan. He can loose this hunting hawk upon a target, softening them up before the inevitable charge.** If you want to lead your White Scars across the plains, hunting down enemies in the name of the Khagan and the Emperor, taking their heads as trophies and returning to Chogoris in triumph then you need Kor’sarro Khan. Codex Supplement White Scars and Kor’sarro Khan are available to pre-order this weekend. In the mean time, make sure that the Master of the Hunt has some warriors to lead in pursuit of his quarry by picking up a squad of Primaris Intercessors.
  15. I've only ran them with 5th Ed Black Templar, so I loved the hell outta my 'raiders.
  16. GWs sales were down last quarter according to clickbate
  17. He's looking sweet! I really like how the spikes/spurs/spines align.
  18. Scions of Guilliman So far this week, we’ve had a thorough look at what Codex: Space Marines is all about, but what about the noble Ultramarines? Well, today is the day for the newly enhanced Varro Tigurius and his battle-brothers to step up to the fore, as we’re looking at everything that Codex Supplement: Ultramarines has to offer. Behold the mighty Scions of Guilliman… Who Are They? The Ultramarines are a stalwart example of the unstoppable fighting force that their Primarch Roboute Guilliman envisioned when he wrote the Codex Astartes, to define how the Adeptus Astartes would wage war. Over the last 10,000 years, the Ultramarines have been an immovable bulwark against some of the greatest threats to Mankind’s existence. On the Battlefield So, we know that the Ultramarines are awesome (and blue), but the question is, how does their esteemed reputation translate to the tabletop? Well, you’ve already seen how their Chapter Tactics work,* but their codex supplement offers a whole new layer of awesome abilities, Warlord Traits, Relics and psychic powers that can give them the edge they deserve in any battlefield situation. Let’s take a look at some of the perks that come with being one of Guilliman’s chosen sons (other than being the only loyalist Chapter able to show off in front of their gene-father).** If you read yesterday’s article on the new rules and units featured in Codex: Space Marines, you’ll know how the Combat Doctrines work. Well, such is the tactical mastery of the Ultramarines that they receive an additional benefit when the Tactical Doctrine is active – a handy advantage when moving squads or Vehicles armed with heavy weapons, and it also works well in conjunction with Bolter Discipline. As you would expect of such a storied Chapter, the lords of Ultramar are peerless battlefield commanders, able to read the ebb and flow of battle at a glance before instantly formulating a plan to turn the tide in their favour. To this end, Codex Supplement: Ultramarines includes a set of six Warlord Traits that exemplify the strategic brilliance of the Chapter’s officers. Master of Strategy, for example, enables an accompanying unit to take advantage of the Tactical Doctrine (which, as we’ve seen above, is even better for purging bad guys). Ultramarines Librarians will also have access to a bespoke psychic discipline that represents their indomitable mental fortitude – the aptly named Indomitus discipline. In fact, they’re so formidable in this area that they can slay their enemies through sheer willpower alone – after all, mind bullets are so last millennium! With more than 10 millennia of war under its belt, the Ultramarines Chapter has a vast collection of battle honours, artefacts and relics of war. Within the armouries of the Fortress of Hera, the formidable mountain stronghold of the Ultramarines, there lies a number of priceless weapons and artificer wargear that can be bestowed upon a worthy commander. You can therefore choose to give your Ultramarines Characters a Relic of Macragge instead of one from Codex: Space Marines. One such heirloom is known as the Sanctic Halo, and it offers its bearer unrivalled protection against harm – both physical and eldritch (hint: it’s basically an iron halo… BUT BETTER!). There is also a large selection of Special-issue Wargear – these serve as alternative Chapter Relics and can be given to Characters for the Ultramarines, or one of their (many) successor Chapters.*** Check out the Sunwrath Pistol, for example, which is essentially a permanently supercharged pistol and then some! As exemplars of strategy, it seems only right that the Ultramarines would have access to a bunch of Stratagems that reflect their mastery of war. Well, the codex supplement offers another 16 Stratagems to choose from that are unique to the Ultramarines and can be used in addition to those found in Codex: Space Marines. One of the most devastating is Tactical Expertise. It may only be usable once per battle, but it can affect your ENTIRE ARMY! When used at the right moment (just like an Ultramarines commander would – no pressure…), it can be a real game changer. Believe it or not, there’s loads more in the codex supplement that we haven’t covered yet – including Ultramarines-specific Tactical Objectives, the awesome background section complete with detailed Chapter Organisation and even an Ultramarines name generator!**** There are also a number of bespoke Ultramarines datasheets, from the noble Captain Sicarius of the 2nd Company to power axe-wielding Honour Guard and even their glorious Primarch and Lord-Commander of the Imperium, Roboute Guilliman. Long-term Ultramarines fans will also welcome the return of Tyrannic War Veterans as a dedicated unit. They’ll make a wonderfully thematic addition to any army that includes Chaplain Cassius (after all, he formed their order). They certainly live up to their names too – check out their Bane of Tyranids ability. We promised yesterday that we’d take a look at Chief Librarian Tigurius, as he’s now crossed the Rubicon Primaris and emerged more powerful than ever. Well, that time has come! As befits his new status as a Primaris Marine, Varro Tigurius has an improved profile, complete with an extra Attack, as well as another Wound provided by his Belisarian Furnace implant. The legendary Hood of Hellfire that Tigurius wears has also been improved. In addition to offering a re-roll when taking Psychic tests, it now offers a bonus to Deny the Witch and Psychic tests. The combination of a +1 bonus and the option to re-roll will mean that even the psychic powers with the highest warp charge values will be straightforward for the Chief Librarian to manifest. As before, Tigurius can guide the actions of his battle-brothers with his otherworldly foresight to protect them from harm. With all of the powerful new rules and units available to them, the Sons of Guilliman are set to re-enter the Era Indomitus with renewed vigour. Remember that you can pre-order Codex: Space Marines and Codex Supplement: Ultramarines this weekend. If you’re after some formidable psychic support for your Ultramarines army, be sure to pre-order the beautiful new miniature of Chief Librarian Tigurius too. In the meantime, why not pick up the glorious leaders of the Chapter – Roboute Guilliman and Marneus Calgar? Not only are they both incredible models, but they just so happen to be two of the most powerful Characters in Warhammer 40,000 – just saying! Check back with us tomorrow, too, where we’ll be honouring the Sons of the Great Khan with Codex Supplement: White Scars. * As you’d expect, they’re one of the most tactically flexible armies in the game. ** By which we of course mean GAIN ALL THE RE-ROLLS! *** Seriously, most of the successor Chapters are of Ultramarines genetic stock! It apparently has something to do with their gene-seed better standing the test of time and remaining free from mutation. But, as any other First Founding Chapter will tell you, such things are trivial details… **** Such as Maximus – always a classic! The trick is then to come up with a suitable suffix for your Character or squad leader, like Brother-Sergeant Maximus Orsumness…
  19. So, do LR, LRC, LRR have any type of Assault option like previous editions? Or is this "proof" of 8th being a Gun Line edition?
  20. Team Venom Green Lantern Corps Nova Corps Imperial Guard when in a Realm that owes fealty to the Shi'ar
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