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  1. After his appearance in Tropic Thunder, I believe he'd do it. Or get Matt damon to play thom Cruz
  2. Ooh! While fighting Namors forces. "How do you like your crab eggs Benedict?"
  3. Then in future avengers movie, Deadpool can ask strange "how do you like your eggs Benedict?"
  4. I'd like to see a segment of dr strange 2 where strange is plane hopping, and shows up with ryan Reynolds on set, green screen and all, being called Cumberbatch, sam raimi say "action" and strange go back to planehopping
  5. I've wanted an infinity mirror SG at 28mm forevs. Almost started a Gould eldar army in 5th ed. Awesome to see the scale actualized.
  6. Star Wars rise of skywalker I haven't watched it. It's that bad.
  7. Anyone else worried about 2020:2: Die Harder
  8. Yeah, but it wasn't the Underdog. Sends very conflicting messages about who to support in the film.
  9. Oh, so 2020 is a disaster movie. Here I was thinking it was a dumpster fire.
  10. I really do prefer more science in my fiction. Also, points lost for regurgitating Lower Plains Canaanite storm gods.
  11. Ish, we had spoiler tags. Dunno how to trigger them in latest update.
  12. I like how it doesn't include dickwad goldenrod in the pic.
  13. I guess "voice" was a poor choice. Thanks, RD.
  14. Frederick M: Another one bites the dust.
  15. Colossus 7.5/10 70s scifi based on 60s scifi novel. Super computer is created to end wars. Shenanigans ensue. Webcams feature heavily. Plenty of dated things, but still an enjoyable movie.
  16. Claiming to be ITC friendly, and allowing a 3 knight list that has a mini-titan are two very different things. As skkipper said, not necessarily fun for an OFCC style event; which implies that there are things that are acceptable or unacceptable, by nature(looked down upon) or design(BANNED List). ^_^
  17. QFT Smashed nazis with vote today smash nazis with bat...tomorrow? Wait . . .
  18. Friend took her daughter, and they thought it was ripping off some game she plays. "Really disappointed by that." Upon further questioning, they didn't realize it was 40 year old content, nor the production hell it went through. After talking to them about that, they were far happier with the movie; the short comings and failures make sense with perspective.
  19. RIP Eddie Van Halen
  20. Dave's gone Skiing is an awesome song. Anyone listen to Toto enough to recommend an album like this, or is it a one off amazingness?
  21. It's cuz the marine crew jumps out, duh.
  22. "If my opponent can play the game..."
  23. 'Pumped up Kicks' is just an Indie cover of 'Jeremy'
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