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  1. Ah, you all were talking strategems, my mistake. I was thinking DX-4 Drones. Me sucking at reading again, my bad 🙂
  2. Did they FAQ this to be VEHICLE? The book I have reads BATTLESUIT for Repair Protocol. If so, makes the SS substantially better. I had in my head that you were speaking of Repair Protocols, apologies for not reading well, lol. Anyway, same deal I think saviour Protocols is INFANTRY and BATTLESUIT only. Otherwise you could use shield drones for Longstrike, no?
  3. Tau are in an interesting place in 8th. It's easy to build a top tier competitive list, and it's easy to build a doormat list that your opponent will rofl stomp. It's less easy to build something in the 50% - 75% competitive range that seems to be the OFCC list ideal. However, there are ways for you as the player to greatly impact the stompiness of some of the units. Most of Tau's hyper-power comes from synergy. 5 pulse rifle warriors unbuffed at 18" range is 5 s5 ap0 shots, hitting on 4s, woundong on 3s, no biggie for almost any opponent. Those same 5 FW fully buffed with drone and HQ support makes them 15 s5 ap0 shots, hitting on 3s re-rolling 1s, wounding on 2s. That becomes problematic for most opponents. Take the riptide, it's our best unit, but maybe only nova charge every other turn, or maybe dont use C&C node stratagem with it. Your good attitude will be your best weapon at OFCC, and your ability to strategically hinder your own army's capabilities may be your second best weapon if your opponents army warrants it. Build the list strong, make it weaker through intentional poor synergistic play, adjust to good synergistic play if opponents army and play warrants a power increase is how I would approach it. Good luck and have fun most of all!
  4. Also, he should be aware that Stormsurges don't have the <Battlesuit> keyword, so can't be affected by the DX-4 Technical drones (though he may already know).
  5. The only thing I see is splitting the 10 man strike squad and 10 man pathfinder squads into 5 man squads is more efficient when it comes to morale checks.
  6. I have pledged for a full 10mm CD army for minihammer. Less than 24 hours left on this one, they hit full funding and a few stretch goals so far. They are also very accommodating on substitutions, which is good. I can't see needing 130+ CD warriors or almost 90 blunderbuss guys. I'll be asking them to sub some Bull Centaurs for a lord on Taurus and some of the 8! units of Dwarfs for some Kadim and more war machines most likely.
  7. I posted this in the tempting kickstarters thread as well, but thought the AOS and Fantasy people might like to see it also. Nice old-school style CDs and Hobgoblins.
  8. I posted this in the tempting kickstarters thread as well, but thought the AOS and Fantasy people might like to see it also. Nice old-school style CDs and Hobgoblins.
  9. Some very nice old-school Chaos Dwarfs here. I like that they are doing 28mm and 10mm. I will probably try and get a full 10mm army.
  10. It took way too long to paint and I see every flaw, but I was happy enough with it to finish it. That's my biggest failing with painting, finishing the job, but I'm trying to fix that.
  11. If the trade for the Kroot from Blackstone doesn't go through for whatever reason, I'd be interested also.
  12. You looking for astrogranite edition humans?
  13. I've been toying with an idea for my Tau army for a while, and I'm hoping someone here on Ordo knows enough about this stuff to either help design it, or tell me it's not doable. The idea is to make marker-light tokens using either 32mm or 40mm bases. I'd like to cut 5 small holes in the base for LEDs, and have one button to control them. Ideally, it would be a 6 click series. click once, light 1 turns on, click twice, light 2 turns on and so on, with a 6th click to turn all lights off. I picture there being a flat battery in the cavity of the base, like a CR123 type. 1. Is this doable without having a decently sized board of some type in the setup to control the clicking stuff? 2. I have no idea how to do something like this...
  14. I wont be able to make it tonight guys. 😞
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