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  1. Save the date guys! http://tshftopen.com/ Details are abound on the website, please check it out. We are traditionally the largest event in the PNW attendance wise for 40k. We're looking to continue that, and get you those sweet ITC points. We are the event where you can win those awesome Cruisehammer tickets! Anyone who plays all of their games, plays with a painted army, and is a good sport can win one of these tickets. Your ticket includes 2 lunches as well, and some sweet swag! See you guys there! Check out our Facebook too, you can ask us questions there. https://www.facebook.com/TSHFT/
  2. Tell you what, You find a way to fix the terrain that tournaments have for 50+ person events that doesn't disrupt my job and I'm in. Terrain is stupid in this edition. We might as well play with shoeboxes. Guns shred armies now and blocking line of sight is the only chance some players get. Build whatever you want at home man, but us TO's have to live in the real world where we're already short on terrain. Feel free to cut us a check for new LoS blocking terrain that's pretty enough for you.
  3. Looking for the power fist for the Imperial Gallant Knight. Prefer the whole arm, but the fist will do, anyone have one they'd trade or sell? Thanks guys.
  4. Honestly, all of these feel pretty reasonable for OFCC. 2 Vendettas may be a touch too much.
  5. Hmm, that's pretty good. That's gotta be why Cypher wants to take Gullyman there.
  6. Cypher is Alpharius. Calling it now. The Lion is a traitor and is locked up in the Rock by the Watchers in the Dark to keep him under control until "Cypher" can reveal his heresy to the Imperium. Now for your wild and totally unsupported speculations. Let it run wild. If you can provide even circumstantial evidence, get that [big bad swear word] outta here.
  7. It'd be tough to fit in IG and a whole War Convo, go for it though! Sounds cool.
  8. Hey Bryan, any more news on approved army lists/sources? 30k? FW lists? Etc. Thanks!
  9. YES! Gonna get me some Storm Shields!
  10. They were. But who knows what the HoG will do?
  11. It's probably not a psyker, seeing as Black Templar and Greyfax couldn't handle both a witch and a xenos.
  12. GW has a mystery on their website rumor page about who or what a picture is revolving some belt straps next to some feathers. It's definitely whoever this red armored figure is.
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