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  1. I finished painting my Rad Zombies. TNT Rad Zombie aren't supernatural, Night of the Living Dead zombies, but are rather humans infected with a peculiar form of radiation sickness that makes them zombie-like. With this in mind I purchased Pig Iron Productions' Infected models and painted their flesh with a mix of GW's Rakarth Flesh and Kislev Flesh with greenish grey shading. The tones and the shading are a bit subtle, so they did't come across in the photo very well. TNT's fluff states that "[l]egend has it that most rad zombies are Last Americans irradiated during the Great Fall.
  2. Ish, where's your report on the new edition? Don't make me go all 'Rankin/Bass Lord-of-the-Lash' on you.
  3. Well, dammit, get to it!
  4. Ish, how's the new edition?
  5. Blaster Magazine is a quarterly periodical written by coalition of 5 indi-game designers. They include the authors of TNT, Frostgrave, and Gaslands. Through Blaster, the game designers as able to provide fun one-off projects and new rules for their existing games. In advance of both volumes 1 and 2, the authors have streamed a Zoom chat where they discuss what they've been working on and what to expect from the upcoming issue. In the most recent Zoom chat Joseph A. McCullough, the author of Frostgrave announced that his contribution to Blaster volume 2 will include Ct
  6. On Saturday, my 'Battlefield in a Box' Toxic River arrived in the mail. I don't own any of GF9's river sets, so I can't compare the quality of the toxic river pieces to GF9's other products, but these pieces have some good weight to them and they look and feel fairly durable. The paint job is quite good and the each piece has a matte finish, which even though it's supposed to be "goo", I prefer. The set is bit spendy, but the shipping was free, it arrived fairly quickly, and the set includes enough river pieces to make a six feet of river. Overall, I feel like I got my money's wort
  7. Much of my "hobby time" has been consumed other projects, but I finally got back to my painting table long enough to put some paint on the Terror Turkey. The model is made by Bear's Head Miniatures. Bear's Head named it a Terror Turkey, but to me it looks like a Cenozoic era Terror Bird with the tail of a Mesozoic microraptor. I changed the model's tail so it looks more like it's namesake. I emphasized the turkey aspect even more by using photos of wild turkeys to serve as a rough guide for how I painted it. Ruleswise, the Terror Turkey will be a Mutant Horror with the Big
  8. Eight Rad Zombies and three Irradiators ready for primer and paint.
  9. These look amazing. They also sell tar pits/pools and a river of tar.
  10. One more critter checked off the Dangerous Creatures table. Similar I used a very simple technique to knock these models out rather quickly. This time, rather than using Contrast paints, I used multiple coats of washes: GW's Drakenhof Nightshade for the body and a Nuln Oil for the wings. Big Skeeters
  11. That f’ing Moon-Moon ruins everything. πŸ˜‰
  12. More progress. Greater Mutant Scorpion (aka my GW Contrast paint fail) Trog King \ Wastewolves (the middle wolf looks way too happy) Plague Carrier My TNT critter to-do list is shrinking. πŸ™‚
  13. Watch out all you Eloi, my Trogs are ready to hit the streets of post-apocalypse Seattle. Also on the wasteland menu for today is a side order of Toxic Jelly. Nine more wasteland creatures done, many more to go. πŸ™‚
  14. It Came From The Wastes! is the newest TNT supplement. Inspired by low budget monster movies, this supplement provides rules rules for battling really big wasteland beasties. LINKY
  15. As I paint the six Trogs and the Trog King, I take breaks to assemble and prep other models for paint. The Whizkid's Ooze arrived in the mail yesterday. Getting them off their bases was a chore. I had to saw through the very bottom of each model to free them from their original bases. I attached each model to its new base with a tiny dab of super glue, and then added scattered bones and texture to the bases. Now that the texture is dry, I am going to pop the models off of their bases. This will allow me to quickly primer and paint each base. Once the bases are done, I wil
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