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  1. Watch out all you Eloi, my Trogs are ready to hit the streets of post-apocalypse Seattle. Also on the wasteland menu for today is a side order of Toxic Jelly. Nine more wasteland creatures done, many more to go. 🙂
  2. It Came From The Wastes! is the newest TNT supplement. Inspired by low budget monster movies, this supplement provides rules rules for battling really big wasteland beasties. LINKY
  3. As I paint the six Trogs and the Trog King, I take breaks to assemble and prep other models for paint. The Whizkid's Ooze arrived in the mail yesterday. Getting them off their bases was a chore. I had to saw through the very bottom of each model to free them from their original bases. I attached each model to its new base with a tiny dab of super glue, and then added scattered bones and texture to the bases. Now that the texture is dry, I am going to pop the models off of their bases. This will allow me to quickly primer and paint each base. Once the bases are done, I will reattach the models, brush gloss varnish onto the Ooze, and call it good.
  4. For the last few days its been too hot to paint, so I've been using my nightly 2-3 hours of hobby time to assemble and prep models for painting. Last night I worked on my Wastewolves, These models are OOP Dire Wolves from Redbox Games. I mounted them on 32mm rounds and used bits from Green Stuff World's Dump Yard Plates and resin bottles and cans from Tabletop Art's Beverage Bottles and Cans set, to add a wasteland feel to the bases. I still need to glue sand to the bases to add texture.
  5. It's funny that you mention rotating the model. I had the same idea and had experimented with it for a bit. Problem is, the bones take up too much space, so repositioning the model in this way left the model shoved to the front of the base with a big (mostly) empty area behind it. You can have a model near the front of a base if there is scenery on the base behind the model that is the model's height or taller. To make the bones/remains on the ground gimmick work, I would have to put the model on a much larger base with room enough both in front of and behind the model for basing details. Adding some skin/hide to the animal skull and rib cage is a great idea. I hadn't thought about the scarf or even about connecting the model to the current pandemic. Clever. Being an anti-masker or someone who doesn't take communicable diseases seriously would seem to fit Plague Carrier's M.O..
  6. You broke the seal on this forum. Prior to your post, nobody had posted in the Bellingham Warhamsters sub-forum in 176 days (a week shy of 6 months).
  7. My original idea for a Plague Carrier was to use a converted GW plague bearer (I have a few left over from my Mordheim Carnival of Chaos project), but after digging through my many boxes and bags of unused minis, I happened upon the minis from the Black Crab Miniatures 2: Necropolis Scum Kickstarter. These miniatures were inspired by the drawings of Black Crab Art artist, Moritz. I haven't had the occasion to use any of these wonderfully morose and wretched miniatures, but using one to represent the bringer of plague and death to a post-apocalyptic wasteland seems quite fitting. The mini is 28mm scale, but its a tad large, so I mounted it on a 32mm round. This gave me room to put a sizeable pile of bones on the base to further emphasis the idea that this fellow is the bringer of death. I added to the model a satchel containing a severed arm and foot (from the Mantic Games ghoul sprue) to add a bit more creepiness to this model.
  8. I already have one of the Psychic Husk models made by World's End Publishing, the company that makes TNT. However, 'Dangerous' creatures appear in packs of 3, so I need two more and I'd like some variety. I haven't spent any time looking for them yet, but I imagine there are ghost or spirit models that would work. Instead of painting them ghost-like, I'd paint them like a corporeal model with pale skin and black eye sockets.
  9. Yup. Giant ants. The author does plenty of borrowing from other works. Sometime it's very obvious, other times a little less so. The Preservers are one of the 6 warband types in the core rulebook. Clearly, he borrowed the warband's underlying philosophy from the classic post-apoc novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz.
  10. These are the random encounter tables I've been working from. Creatures marked WIP are models that I own, but haven't yet been painted. I'm still shopping around for the models marked 'WANT'. My obsessive nature compels me to collect and paint some of these beasties, but not all of them. Eight creatures types from the Nuisance table and six creature types from the other two tables will give my games a good variety of creature types. 😉 My rad dog models can pull double duty as Chupacabra or Wild dogs. They could serve as Plague Carriers and Waste Wolves as well. I've replaced Mud Crabs with Giant Rats. Giant Rats are in the TNT bestiary but they didn't make it onto the Nuisance Creatures table. I've very pleased with my most recent additions. I've purchased 3 Overwhelming Swarms - Ooze models to use as Toxic Jelly. These models were made by Whizkids. The plan is to put them on proper bases, apply a coat of gloss varnish to make the models look wet and gooey, and call it good. Easy-peasy.
  11. I finished the last 3 Wild Mutants. Below is a group shot of all 6 models.
  12. RN Estudio sells 3D resin casts, 3D sculplting serves, and they will even print your STL files for you. They appear to be based in Spain. LINKY I purchased some Punkapocalyptic minis from the online retailer, Noble Knight Games. These minis came in Punkapocalyptic packaging but don't appear in Punkapocalyptic's online store. RN Estudio sells these same minis, so my guess is that RN Estudio does design and possibly production work for Bad Roll Games (the maker of Punkapocalyptic). I purchased the following two minis for my TNT Raider warband, The Jackalopes. I'll report back on the quality of the 3D casts/prints when they arrive.
  13. In TNT, Nuisance level creatures are encountered in groups of 4-6 models. With the addition of these 3 mutants (made by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio) I will have enough models to field 6 Wild Mutants. When fielded together, 5 out of the 6 Wild Mutants will be shirtless. Apparently losing your shirt is one of the first things you do when you become a Wild Mutant. 🙂 Aside from a football shaped head, the model on the left bears no obvious sign of mutation, so I added a horn to its forehead. The right arm of the model on the right ended in a spiked mace-like appendage. The mace-hand was kind of lame, so I replaced most of the arm with a tentacle.
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