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  1. My next project will be one point of mounted hearthguard. The models are assembled from Gripping Beast's GBP05 Arab Heavy Cavalry kit and bits from other GB kits and manufacturers. I replaced their plastic spears (which have a tendency to break) with wire spears. Since these models represent my elite warriors they should be well equipped, so I added sheathed swords to their left hips and sheathed knives to their right hip. Each model will also be equipped with a small round shield held in their left hand. Moorish mounted hearthguard are equipped with javelins, so equipped some of the models with an extra javelin. The mace comes from Fireforge Miniatures' Medieval Russian Infantry kit I don't care for the look of the horses' knotted tails, so I either replaced the tails or carved off the knotted portion and repaired the tail with greenstuff. One of the weaknesses of this kit is how the torso piece and legs piece join together. Once assembled you can see a small gap and the model's skinny little belt is barely discernible. I fixed this by using greenstuff to fill in the gap and sculpting a thicker belt and buckle. I also used greenstuff to patch gaps in joints, add scarves, bulk up some of their tiny little hands, and elongate the stubby little fingers on some of the hands holding weapons.
  2. Filthy godless heathens we may be, but at least we arenโ€™t the sheep-humping Welsh. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Thanks. The models on the bottom shelf are my SAGA Age of Vikings Irish and the units that I added to play them as a SAGA Age of Magic Horde warband. The models on the middle shelf are my SAGA Age of invasions Britons and the units that I added to play them as a SAGA Age of Magic Great Kingdoms warband. The models on the top shelf are my soon-to-be-evicted TNT warbands and my growing Moors/Umayyad/Lords of Wild warband.
  4. It took me over 3 weeks of painting in my spare time, but the my first unit of Tuareg (Moorish) cavalry is finally done. With the addition of this last unit, my display case is full. I had previously relocated a half shelf of Mordheim & Frostrgrave warbands to wall mounted display cases to make room for the first few units of Moors, but I see now that I will need to find a new display case for my This Is Not A Test warbands as well.
  5. I finished painting the first two mounted Warriors. Despite the quality of the Perry casts, I think they turned out pretty good. I spent hours with a hobby knife and greenstuff, cleaning up the imperfections on the 8 riders. Even so, once I put primer on the models, many more little bumps, cracks, and deformities were revealed to me, so fixing the flaws while I painted added extra time and unpleasantness to my painting of these models. There's a scene in the movie 300 where the Spartan villain, Theron, forces Gorgo, King Leonidas' wife, to have sex with him. As a prelude to act, Theron tells Gorgo: "This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this." This quote kept popping into my head as I painted these riders.
  6. I assure you its a fair description of the models they sent me. Most likely, the molds for these particular models are worn out and in need of replacing.
  7. The next unit I'm going to tackle is a unit of 8 Warriors mounted and armed with javelins. When I play the warband as Umayyads (Age of Vikings), this unit will replace the Tribal Hunters (Age of Crusades mercenaries). The riders are Perry Miniatures' Bedouin Cavalry. The casts are crap, so they required quite a bit of clean-up and GS. Their horses were even worse, plus I didn't care for their poses, so replaced this unit's mounts with Footsore Miniatures horses.
  8. Here's a close up of the Tribal Hunter Leader. When I use the warband in Age of Magic, I plan to use the model as my Desert Nomad's Ranger (lieutenant).
  9. Here is another Challenger model for the Old Feud scenario. The model is an Abrakhan Merchant Guard from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings model line. The only modification to the model was the removal of the raised snake pattern on the the sword's blade. In the Old Feud scenario there are 6 archetypes to choose from: The Brute, The Counselor, The Traitor, The Soldier, The Princess, and The Mystic. While my first model could serve as a Soldier or possibly a Brute, this second model is clearly best suited for the role of The Brute. Also, the model's Arabian Nights eunuch guard attire make it better suited as a Challenger for my Age of Magic Desert Nomads than my Age of Crusades Moors. Then again, in both my Viking Age Irish and Age of Invasion Britons warbands, I blurred the lines between historical and the fantasy, so I see no reason to treat my Moors any differently. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. I finished the last four Tribal Hunters. Rather than take a separate group shot of all eight models, I've reposted the orignal photo of four hunters below the photo of my newest additions.
  11. Love the Arcane Engine. The Jade turned out great. ๐Ÿ‘
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