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  1. I've finished the last of the Post-Apoc, Pulp Space Nazis. I have one or two more ideas that I'm tinkering around with, but for now this is it for the Space Nazis. The first is the saucer's sinister Master-at-Arms armed with his death ray, Eva. Next is the saucer's surgeon and chief science officer, accompanied by his robotic assistant, Lil' Adolf. Last is the mysterious, commander of Cyborg Hitler's bodyguard -a powerful psyker who likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and crushing ribcages with his massive mechanical fist.
  2. Weekends work best for me, but I can probably swing an occasional Tuesday night.
  3. Last week I received notice from Fireforge Games that my Forgotten Worlds Kickstarter goodies will be sent to me shortly. Last year, I made my decision to back the Forgotten Worlds campaign because their Living Dead Peasants are amazing, I figured I could use them in Mordheim and Frostgrave. But now that AoM is available, I have use for the Living Dead characters, knights, and warriors as well. What Forgotten Worlds' Living Dead model line does not yet have are large creatures or war machines, so I going to start looking at what other manufactures have available. GW is putting out a lot of cool undead beasties for AoS. Suddenly, I find myself very interested in Fantasy minis again.
  4. Very nice. They look ready to bash-in some mutant cultists and space Nazi skulls (none of whom will be "very fine people".) I have all the critters painted for the first scenario, so he next step is to set a date where we can all get together an play.
  5. I've finished two more saucer crewmen. Indiana Jones LINKY
  6. I've finished another two members of Cyborg Hitler's bodyguard. Below is a group pic of the four completed models. Below is a WIP shot of some more "very fine people": the saucer's Master-at-Arms, the commander of Cyborg Hitler's bodyguard, the saucer's surgeon, and a crewman with a heavy weapon.
  7. More bad guys for my Dog Days of Summer TNT narrative campaign. I have another 9 or so Space Nazi models lined up on my paint bench, waiting for paint. The first are three are crewmen who fell victim to rad zombies and were abandoned by their fellows. These minis are German Zombie Bombs from West Wind Productions' Secrets of the Third Reich model line. Like most of West Wind's stuff, they were poorly cast, but I bought them at a deep discount from a seller of eBay, so I can't complain too much. These next two are members of Cyborg Hitler's elite bodyguard. These minis are Scouring Gestapo Guards from Pulp Figures' Weird Menace model line. These wonderful sculpts are well cast and their simple, cartoony features were pleasure to paint. Pulp Figures is one of my favorite manufacturers. Whats crazy about Pulp Figures is its fixed US prices and how much it charges for shipping. The company is located in British Columbia, the province directly above my home state, Washington. Nevertheless, if I order directly from Pulp Figures they will charge me $18.40 US to ship each pack of 4-5 minis -no combined shipping. Crazy. Each figure pack costs a fixed $17 US, so shipped, each set of 4-5 minis costs $35.40. Rather than pay $70 for two packs of 4-5 minis (GW prices), I ordered the same minis from North Star Military Figures in the UK. Including VAT and shipping, I purchased both packs for $30 in total. Why order from the actual manufacturer that is 225 miles away when I can get the same models at half price from a retailer that is 4,621 miles away? Oh, and thank you Brexiteers. I continue to appreciate the favorable exchange rate. The pound dropped a bit lower than it is right now in 2017 and 2018, but according to the chart I Googled, before those dates it hasn't been this low since 1985.
  8. So you see, what this all boils down to is that it's Jim's fault.
  9. Not only was I an eye witness to how things "broke down", but as some of you may recall, in June of 2017 we created a record of Hamsters' spiral into corruption and chaos. LINKY Below are some of the highlights.
  10. Wait. Hold on. Are you saying that the vote that made me a Hamster was invalid? First you call me a crony, a hobby killer, and a bully, and then you tell me that I'm not even a Hamster??? Oh boy, you guys play rough up here. And I thought gamer drama in Seattle was bad. Since that's the way it's going to be, I am going to form my own gaming club. I'll call it the Bellingham War Gerbils. And we won't be Richard Gere/Lemmiwink kind of gerbils. Oh no. We'll be the tough sort of gerbils that don't take no guff from anyone. And our logo will be a cartoon gerbil armed with a .45, kicking a cartoon hamster in the balls. That'll teach you to toy with my emotions.
  11. I have no interest in playing politics or defending the club’s bureaucracy. I posted what I posted because I felt that people were jumping to conclusions and treating you two unfairly. My intention was to create a roadmap for resolving the matter fairly and in a manner that allows you to show some contrition. @VonVilkee: Which am I, a crony, a hobby killer, or a bully? Hmm? I suppose it’s possible that I’m all three?
  12. Munkie, did you spend the money to benefit the club as a whole or purely for yourself and few select members? I ask because if its the former, then we should stop throwing around the terms 'theft' and 'steal'. If Munkie's intent was not criminal, then it's unfair to label his actions as such. We should also hold off on that ad hominem attacks until all of facts are known. From what I've read thus far, it sound like the funds were used without permission and thus should be returned, along with an apology. Also, Munkie should provide the club's leadership with a itemized lists of the items purchased with the club's money. A list that accounts for every penny spent. Lastly, I recommend that the club's leadership look at what Munkie purchased with the funds, and if they like it, the club should consider using some of its funds to buy them from Munkie. And since Munkie is very sorry for what he did and wants to set thing right, Munkie should consider selling those things to the club at a discount. Munkie and the club leadership can negotiate the price, offline.
  13. I've painted more unpleasantness for the campaign. These ugly critters will serve as some form of mutant tick. With a body mass two to three times that of a grown man, lord knows what sort of creatures these enormous ticks find in the wastes to regularly feed upon (maybe they too are part of the Rad Zombie food chain), but if a wastelander comes blundering by, they have no compunction about adding some variety to their diet. The models are Hell Mites, made by Heresy Miniatures. It is my impression that Heresy Miniatures is a fairly small operation, but they have a lot of fun sculpts and they've always given me excellent customer service, so they have my recommendation. I want to start the campaign in June, but I still have quite a few models in need of paint. To prepare for campaign's first scenario, I need to paint 6 more Rad Dogs and 3 'special' Rad Zombies. The overall aim of the campaign is to hunt down and kill the Off Worlders (space Nazis), so added to my painting queue are 9 Nazi minis made by Pulp Figures and a few other assorted bad guys.
  14. I've added another critter to my menagerie of 'Rad' creatures. Apparently, wild dogs are not the only predators who, if desperate enough, will feast upon the flesh of Rad Zombies. This model is another mini from the Old West skirmish game, The Curse of the Dead Man's Hand.
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