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  1. I do believe that the default is 25 posts per "full page".
  2. Latest iteration of the list is that the list is staying on it's shelf and being replaced with something else because of the perceived 'fun' that standing across from a Castellan is.
  3. Just to toss this out there, I was at OFCC in 2013; I ran Nurgle Daemon Princes, Nurgle marines on bikes and Epidemius back then, considered to be fairly strong at that time. I attained 2 favorite opponent pins (would have been 3 but one guy said he gave away his pin to another opponent because he couldn't find me, found this out after we ran into eachother leaving the event) that weekend while going 4-0-1.
  4. What does that mean that it "mostly worked out OK"?
  5. I appreciate a lot of the replies here. I do want to make sure that lists I bring wouldn't cause grief in the games and realize that as the captain I can always make sure that the castellan goes against a list where it's not optimal (horde lists for instance). However, I do have other models and armies (as evident by the Daemons list I threw out). I saw one mention of Mortarion and am curious the thoughts on him in an all DG list? I love bringing big models, I feel they give a 'wow' factor to the table and just make the game feel bigger than it is. I have horribly lost Mortarion T1 and I've se
  6. Knight codex wasn't out last year at that time though correct? I figured my multi-Knight list would be considered too much. The funny thing about the Stormsword though, in a recent game I just played, it shot the Castellan off the board. That was with the Castellan spending a boatload of CP to rotate and leverage the Raven strat, but still lost in the end.
  7. So it would appear that the existence of a Castellan is too much... is it the same response to a Shadowsword in a Guard list? Secondary to that question, what's the consensus on the following list? Daemon Battalion (Nurgle): Poxbringer Poxbringer Spoilpox Scrivener 2x3 Nurglings 1x30 Plaguebearers (icon and instrument) Daemon Battalion (Mixed): Be'Lakor Changecaster 1x3 Nurglings 1x30 Bloodletters (icon and instrument) 1x25 Pink Horrors (Icon) 1x6 Flamers Supreme Command Detachment (Khorne): Bloodmaster Skullt
  8. I'm looking for feedback on my and my team's lists for the upcoming OFCC event. I have my list complete, and wanted to get an idea on if it's too comp or just what. The list is built with the idea in mind that FW Metalica has been known to party often with the Knights of House Raven... but as always, Mars is keeping an eye over how closely that 'relationship' is getting. (basically it's a Mars/Metalica/House Raven list) 13 total CP - 1995 pts FW: Mars - Battalion Belisarius Cawl Tech-Priest Enginseer 3x5 Skitarii Rangers (2x Transuranic Arquebus, Omnispex) 1
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