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  1. Longshot these days, but does anyone have an extra of this bit? CSM 2nd Ed close combat sprue plastic powerfist (left handed). Finishing out some old project backlogs and I find I'm one short.
  2. Ended up getting my Indomitus early. Breaking this out of swap thread. Thinking $80? Based in Hillsboro area. PM if interested
  3. Have a necron half I don't need. Open to offers. Have in hand as of this afternoon. PM me EDIT: PDX area, west side
  4. So, he painted my Deathguard and 1 IW Helbrute. I have more Helbrutes and Oblits, maybe more if the price is right- I now have a toddler, my paint time is low. Rather use my limited time to game. Here's some snaps of the dread he did:
  5. I don't do fleshy-armor hybrids, but my guy isn't taking commissions anymore. I just need a few jobs done. Iron Warriors. Some Oblits and a helbrute, maybe a Warpsmith. Anyone interested? EDIT: Danggit. In PDX- Hillsboro
  6. No, it's genetic engineering, part of which is a full body neural interface with power armor, allowing it to be.used as if it's not being worn at all. Most accurately, Sisters ae equivalent to stormtroopers with better gear. Aside from resolution issues, this is an incredibly patriarchal attitude from someone who is, as I recall, not only male but a white male. To me, that kind of tokenism is offensive and opinion driven. I don't like Eldar because I'm an elf, nor do I like SMs because I'm a fascist warrior monk, but poor girls only are drawn to a thing because of their sex organs? If GW
  7. I am actually going to expand on this: Fluffwise, I see it as the high lords forbade the Ecclesiasty from having men under arms, and the Ecclesiasty shrugging and saying "no loss, the women kick ass." To me, it's empowering because the Ecclesiasty is gender equal, in the grimdarkness of the grimdark. Sisters don't need support, and they'll do it in boobplate and heels because they're better than you. Also, female gamers only want to play female characters, Sisters are the army for girls and those who support female equality-sentiment's sexist. In my experience, girls prefer 'Nids anywa
  8. To me, pax, that's even more objectionable tokenism. I am cool with Sisters and boobplate because of the grimdark, personally- the Thor "no men under arms" decree that disbanded the Frateris militia, coupled with "THESE ARE WOMEN SEE THE WOMANNESS" of their elaborate armor. You're also wrong in equating Marines and Sisters flatout. It's Guard that they are intended as equivalent to, not Marines. It's disingenuous to claim "but to an outsider, they're both in power armor". Outsiders don't know what power armor is, to make the comparison. 40k is grimdark historic. Making it fit moder
  9. For sisters, a lot will depend on how the Valk rules are worded. If they can transport C: IA units, cool. Who is thinking the allies formation will be dead in8th?
  10. Dying to know if the Sekhmet have power weapons or power swords
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